Her Pain, His Pleasure [CH 35-- END] [COMPLETE]


Mama Noy ♥️
Okay, I know I haven't finished any of my previous FFs but this storyline has been in my head for quite some time and I just gotta write it lol. It's somewhat similar to my Pain & Pleasure FF. The pair is very unusual but I see them fitting in my storyline :D So here's a little teaser =)


[thanks to Cecilia for the lovely teaser & poster! :D]

He's her fairy tale prince come true.
She's a nightmare he can't subdue.
He's everything she wanted and more
She's something he wish he could ignore
He's her prayer that has been answered
She's someone he wish he could shatter...

Her pain is his pleasure && his pleasure is her pain.

"Mr. O'neil?"

"Yes Pam?"

"Kimberly is here to see you again..."

"shit..." Dennis curse under his breath, trying to make up an excuse.

"Hell-- Hello, Mr. O'Neil, sir?"

"Uh.." he taps his pen on the table. His mind flutters with excuses, "fine" he exhaled loudly, "Let her in." he slams the phone down hard.

A split second later, the door opens and in walks Kimberly.

"Hi Dennis," she smiles from ear to ear, speaking softly.

Dennis rocks back on his chair, resting his head and stares up at the ceiling, "why, oh why God are you torturing me??" he asked himself. He rubs his head before looking at her.

"Yes, Kimberly...?" He gives her a serious look, "what is it that you want?"

"Well..." Kimberly walks closer to his desk, "it's almost lunch and I was wondering if you--"

"Look, Kimberly--" He abruptly cut her off, "I don't have time to go to lunch with you. I'm swamped with work." he quickly turns to his computer and begins typing furiously.

"I-- I know you're busy but--" she stutters, "it'll only take 15 minutes--"

"15 minutes?" he chuckles, "15 minutes with you will be torture," he rolls his eyes, "Just talking to you right now is torture."

Silence overcomes Kimberly as she stand in front of him.

"Look--" Dennis broke the silence, "Can you please leave? I have a lot of work I need to finish and I can't finish with you here disturbing my peace." He doesn't make eye contact with her.

"Oh-- okay." Kim puts her head down and slowly walks towards the door, "Maybe some other time when you're not busy we grab some lunch--"

"yeah.." He rolled his eyes and shake his head, "That day will never come, alright."

Kimberly chuckles uneasily, pretending his words don't hurt him, "Well then, I'll be going now," she looks over her shoulder, hoping to get a glance of his him looking at her. No luck. "Bye, Dennis." she walks out the door, closing it gently.

"Finally..." he exhaled with relieve, "When will she ever get the hint?" he rolled his eyes.

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I was just thinking about Pain & Pleasure the other day. Still hoping you'd continue it but if not, hopefully this one will make up for that. Hahaha :)

Anyways, wow, Dennis is such a jerk towards Kim. Wonder why he is the way he is towards her...


Expired Sarnie
You bad bad girl :thumbsup: ! It's really addicting. I think Kimberly is very sexy :drools: lol not the skinship sexy but when I spotted a picture of her with Aum in a pair of sunglasses, light blue jean and a white tee, she's so hot. I find girls who can rock the jean and white tee very sexy :worthy: lmao


Siwon & Donghae =
this is one of the stories where the main guy wont realize his feelings till he loses his girl right??

gosh... dennis is sooo mean to kimberly... i cant wait for more


Mama Noy ♥️

Some say she's crazy for loving Dennis for so long, especially the way he treats her. But she can't help it. He's made her fall head over heals for as long as she can remember. Everything about him, she absolutely just love, even his bad boy reputation. His looks, smile, hair, masculine posture, what's not to love? Tall and handsome. He's the complete package. Any woman would be lucky to have him. Kimberly hope that one day she can be the lucky woman. Something in her heart tells her he's the one. He may have this hard exterior, but she knows that his heart is kind as can be. One day he will fall in love with her, Kimberly knows of it.

"You went to see Dennis AGAIN?!" Ying slams the baking pan on the counter top.

"Well-- uh--" Kimberly pulls back her hair into a pony tail, "yes-- but only--"

"No buts! You told me you would go see him again!!" Ying puts her hand on her hips, giving her a stern look.

"I know but--"

"Well what?? Did he confess how much he loves you when you went there?? Or did he turn you down like all the rest of the times you went to visit him??"

Silence overcomes Kimberly, she doesn't respond.

"Gosh Kimberly, you do this all the time and you get the same result so why do you still bother with him??" she shakes her head. "He's an asshole to you and yet you still worship the man! He isn't God you know! He's just another human being, like you and I. Except he has a penis-- and he acts like a damn DICK! Why are you still nice to him Kimberly? Why? Gosh, any other woman would have said 'forget that sucker!" and moved on but you--" Ying wagged a finger at her, "But why are you still hung up on this asshole!?"

"He's not an asshole Ying," Kimberly quickly aids his defense, "yes-- I know he's mean to be but-- but i know that somewhere in his heart, he really wants to be nice to me-- he just..." a smile sweeps over her face, "he just doesn't know how to be nice to me. So.. in the meantime, I'll be nice to him for as long as it takes." She balls her hand into a fist and nods her head proudly.

"Or maybe he just doesn't like you!" Ying shouts, "Ever think about that!?"

Kimberly frown, "Gosh, Ying, just crush my dream, why don't you!"

"Well-- that's what you're gonna do! Keep dreaming! That day cease to exist! If he hasn't made you his girlfriend then, what makes you think he'll make you his girlfriend now? Tell me??"

Kimberly lets out a sigh, "Gosh, Ying, I don't know. I'm not a psychic." She cross her arms, "But-- I do know that I have faith in me and him. One day." She nods her head and smiles.

Ying rolled her eyes, feeling sick to her stomach, "You watch TOO many soap operas and read TOO many romance novels! Snap out of it woman!" she gives Kimberly a good shake.

Kimberly smiles, "maybe I do, but I can't help it I'm a hopeless romantic. I found my prince charming. I just need him to rescue me." She giggled like a little girl.

"Yuck..." Ying stick her tongue out in disgust, "Okay, BOSS. Enough with this talk, we go through this all the time. We have some cake to bake, so let's get to it. We've wasted enough time just talking about HIM...ehh.." Ying shivers at the thought of his name.

Kimberly hits her and chuckles, "Stop that!" She shakes her head, "I'll go gather all the ingredients and you can start the mixer." Ying sticks her tongue out at Kimberly and mimics her every word.


Kimberly's the most annoying girl Dennis has ever met. Hate was a strong word for him, but he sure do hate Kimberly. He blames his little sister, Yaya, for befriending her in the early in their childhood, along with his parents. If they hadn't forced him to be her friends, she would have never fallen head-over-heels for him. Now, even after 15 years, she still won't leave him alone. If anything, things have gotten worst and there's no way he can escape from THE THING (referring to Kimberly).

"Dennis!!" Dennis heard his name and scan the bar for the guys. "over here!" It was Barry screaming. He waved his hand in the air.

Dennis approaches the table to the laughter and the jokes. "Sorry I'm late guys. I got caught up with--"

"Caught up with Kimberly again!?" Barry teased. The whole table erupts into laughter. They were drunk off their asses already.

"Shut up--" Dennis punches Barry in the arm, "That shit isn't funny. Work, FOOL!"

"Awe! Come on man!" Krit shouts, "We were just playing!"

"When it comes to the Thing, you guys know I don't play!" He snatches Barry's beer and quickly finishes it. He really needed a drink to loosen up.

"She came to my office today, AGAIN!!" Dennis slams the beer on the table, "Man, she just DON'T get it!"

"Hey hey---" Barry puts his arm around Dennis, "At least you know that if you ever need some booty, you can call her up!" Barry winked at him.

Dennis elbow him in the stomach, "Stop with the shit! It ain't funny to me!" The thought of him and her sleeping together made him sick to his stomach, "I would rather risk getting a STD from a prostitute than sleeping with the Thing!" He rolled his eyes, grunting under his breath.

The though of her left his mouth feeling dry. He called the waitress over and asked for a round of shots. He didn't want to think about her. Not now, not later, not ever.

"Ouch! Harsh." Krit shakes his head.

"Hey--" Dennis takes his shot of Hennessy, "I only speak the truth-- Plus, I can get ANY woman I want!"

"Then why don't you get with Kimberly!?" Din ask. The table erupts into laughter.

"I'm trying to be serious here!" Dennis snatches Din's Hennessy shot and takes it quickly. "If I want her, which I don't! I could get her like that!" he snaps his finger, "I rather kill myself before I get with her!"

The guys start laughing again. It was pointless trying to argue with them when they're drunk and out of it.

"Whatever guys! Forget talking! Let's drink some more!" Dennis shouts. The waitress brought more drinks. The guys toast and drink the night away.

Dennis felt a vibration in his pocket-- his phone. He quickly pulls it out, thinking it might be Alicia calling him. Wrong. The Thing's calling. He rejected her phone call and shoved his phone back into his pocket.


Siwon & Donghae =
MEAN MEAN MEAN MEAN!! How can he call Kimberly "the Thing?" hes such a douche bag.. grrr.. like Ying said.. if it was any other girl they would move on.. but without that meanie JERK theres no story to it.. hehehe.. so yea.. I'm glad he's mean.. ahahahahahahahaha Just wait till he realize that he NEEDS Kimberly in his life.. ouuuuuuuu I'm sensing that Barry and Yaya are together?? hehehe FAI and JEED reunite!! lols I cant wait for your next update!!!:woot2:


Totally agree with Moey!

Wow, from Dennis being such a nice & sweet guy in Pain & Pleasure to being such a jerk face in this one! I absolutely hate him so far! Great start Noy! I want more. LOL.

I think I'm reading a story of my life again like in Pain & Pleasure. LOL. But the guy isn't that bad of a jerk like Dennis tho. LOL.


Mama Noy ♥️
MEAN MEAN MEAN MEAN!! How can he call Kimberly "the Thing?" hes such a douche bag.. grrr.. like Ying said.. if it was any other girl they would move on.. but without that meanie JERK theres no story to it.. hehehe.. so yea.. I'm glad he's mean.. ahahahahahahahaha Just wait till he realize that he NEEDS Kimberly in his life.. ouuuuuuuu I'm sensing that Barry and Yaya are together?? hehehe FAI and JEED reunite!! lols I cant wait for your next update!!!:woot2:
LOL. it's only the beginning. Things are gonna be worst along the way :shutup:
I'm a sucker for those storylines where pra'ek is a douche to the nang'ek!

Totally agree with Moey!

Wow, from Dennis being such a nice & sweet guy in Pain & Pleasure to being such a jerk face in this one! I absolutely hate him so far! Great start Noy! I want more. LOL.

I think I'm reading a story of my life again like in Pain & Pleasure. LOL. But the guy isn't that bad of a jerk like Dennis tho. LOL.
awee... I want to go back & finish Pain & Pleasure, but gosh, I don't know how to finish it. :/


Mama Noy ♥️

Kimberly press the phone against her ear, listening to his voice mail. Although he doesn't answer her phone call, just hearing his voice mail brings a smile to her face. It's no surprise he didn't answer. He never did so she wasn't hurt by it. But if he did answer, it was only to to tell her to stop calling him.

"What to do... what to do..." She ask herself quietly. It's Friday night and she's home alone but then again, it isn't a surprise. Her life is rather boring. It's almost as i like her life is on repeat. The majority of her time is spent at he bakery and at nights she spent them alone, getting lost in her romance novels. She rather be indoors or somewhere quiet rather than living the nightlife up. She came to the conclusion that the nightlife wasn't for her. The club scene just isn't who she is. All the loud music, flashing lights, scent of cigarettes and drunk people, it just wasn't her place. It's a lonely life that she's living and she wished she had someone to share it with.

Just then her phone vibrates on the table. A smile sweeps her face and her heart warms up when she sees the name appear. It's a text message--from Dennis. Without hesitation, she quickly opens it, anxious to read what he had to say.

"Stop fucking calling me!" She reads to herself, then quickly close the message. A sharp pain hits her chest, harsh words from Dennis yet again. She felt a lump in her throat and before she knew it, a tear rolled down her cheek.

"why do you hate me so much, Dennis?" She wiped the tear from her eyes, trying to pull it together. She got up from the table and walk into her bedroom. She sets her phone on the table next to her and walk into the bathroom to get ready for a shower.

20 minutes later, she was feeling better and refresh. She hops into bed and wraps herself in her blanket. Her book was by her side and she's ready to read until her eyes get heavy. As she picks up her book, her phone vibrates again. She looks at it as though it were possessed by a demon before grabbing it.

A picture text message-- from Dennis. She clicks the message and wait for it to load, wanting to know what he's sending her. It finally loads. Her jaw drops in horror as she tries to grasp for a breath of air. It's a picture Dennis and a woman, who she's never seen before, hugging up on each other, half naked AND they were both smiling.

Her phone vibrates again, startling her. She closes the picture of Dennis and the girl and open up the new text message.

"I hope you're enjoying this picture as much as I'm enjoying Dennis's company ; ) -- Lala." The text message read. She chokes for air as her eyes well up with tears and they stream down the sides of her cheeks.there's no controlling it. All she can do is cry as she stares at the picture of Dennis smiling mischievously with his mystery woman.

Can her heart endure the pain that Dennis is causing?


Dennis woke up the next morning with a massive headache. Hungover and lying naked in someone's bed. He wasn't sure where he was or how he got there.

"What the hell happen last night?" He scratch his head in confusion, trying to remember the last thing that happen, "Another drunk one night stand again..." he chuckles to himself, wondering who the girl is this time. The room looks familiar as though he's been in it before, but he couldn't remember who.

Just then the stranger wakes up and roll on top of Dennis.Lala. "Morning sunshine." Lala kisses his gently on the lips. "Last night was amazing." she smiles from ear to ear.

"I wish I could say the same Lala but I don't remember a thing." he chuckles, unable to keep his eyes off her perfectly round breasts.

"Oh you enjoyed it sunshine," she bit her lips, winking at him seductively.

"Is that right?" He grins mischievously.

"Of course, Darling," She wraps her arms around his neck, "in fact you enjoyed it so much, we went a 3 rounds..." she giggles, moving in to kiss his lips, "I didn't think you had it in you Dennis..." she growls softly.

Dennis's eyes widen as she kissed him, "3 rounds..?" he said to himself, impressed yet disturbed, "How the hell did I get it up 3 times?! Was I that horny last night?!"

Lala pulls him over, trying to get him to lay on top of her but his phone rings interrupting them. He quickly hops off of her and searches for his phone-- his mother.

"Oh Lala, my darling, I'm sorry. I gotta go!" he grab his clothes and quickly dashes out her room.

"Dennis Wait--" Lala shouts behind him but before she could finish, he was already gone.

Once he was out of Lala's house, he answered his phone, "Hi mom!" he shouts, trying to catch is breath.

"Dennis, where are you?" She ask him, "Did you forget about today?"

"Mom's business event party tonight..." he whispers under his breath. "Of course not mom! I'm-- I'm kind of busy right now .But I'll make it for sure... Don't worry Mom... I'll be there... Okay... I love you too Mom... bye..." He ends the call, "that was close..."

He scans the neighbor, wondering if anyone was watching him. He noticed his car parked across the street. "Did I drive here last night?" He shakes his head trying to remember but came up empty. He was too drunk to remember.

"Ah, whatever..." he walks to his car and quickly got in and drove off in a hurry. He needed to get home and take a hot shower.

30 minutes later, Dennis was out of the shower and feeling so much better. He took 2 asperin and hope that his headache will be gone by tonight. As he's lounging around his apartment, his phone rings.

"God, I hope it isn't Kimberly..." he dreads checking his phone but he reaches for it anyways. It was Barry calling.

"Hey man,Last night was not cool!!" Barry screamed through the phone.

"What the hell happen last night?" Dennis chuckles, "I don't remember shit..." he shakes his head.

"You don't leave the guys behind for some booty! Specially not Lala!" Barry was angry.

"Calm down Barry... calm down," Dennis still didn't know what happen last night. He couldn't put the pieces together.

"I'm not gonna calm down! All the guys despise Lala and you're still gonna call her up for some booty! Come on man! You should have called Kimberly before you called Lala!"

Just then he bits of his memories where coming back to him. He remember texting Kimberly last night and telling her to stop texting him. He remember taking pictures with Lala and her talking about sending it to someone.

"Hey man, let me call you back. I gotta check something real quick." he hangs out before Barry could respond. He opens up his message inbox-- nothing from the Thing.

The he checked his outbox messages- 3 messages sent to the Thing. The first one read, "Stop fucking texting me!" Then he opened up the picture, wondering what picture would he send to the Thing. Then burst out laughing, a picture of him and Lala.

"Funny..." he says to himself, "I remember that part..." he deletes the picture and then reads the last message, "I hope you're enjoying this picture as much as I'm enjoying Dennis's company ;) -- Lala." He laughs even harder, surprised that Lala would do such a thing like that. "Daring... very daring..." he said to himself, not feeling pity whatsoever.

"Maybe now the Thing would leave me alone," he smirks to himself.


As I read chapter 2, I hate dennis more & more. He's nothing but a manhore that likes to sleep around and get laid! What he did to kim with the text messeges was just f up! I was ready to strangle him, only if I could. Lol.

I love barry, he's so funny! I can totally see how his face reactions are when he was yelling at dennis...hot, hot & hot. Lol


Expired Sarnie
But you have to put yourself in Dennis' shoes. I would be annoyed too if someone stalked me like that when I have already made myself clear lol


Siwon & Donghae =
maybe kimberly just got to calm down and give him space.. insstead of stalking him.. try to move on or something.. maybe that jerkface will realize something.. you know when you have someone stalking you.. and then they all of a sudden leaves you alone.. you will miss it.. but as for this case.. I don't think he will be missing her yet... :numchuck:


Mama Noy ♥️

Kimberly prepares for the night. Dennis' mom has asked her to cater for the business party tonight at the hotel. Although she is sad about last night, there was nothing she could do about it. Technically, Dennis doesn't belong to her. She's in love with a man who doesn't care about her.

It's hard for her to focus on work with all she could think about was the picture of Dennis and Lala.

"Kimberly?" Ying calls her, "Hello! Kimberly?!" she snaps her finger, "Stop your daydreaming Missy! We got tons of work to do!" she rummage through the trays, "sometimes I feel like I'm the Boss around here!"

Kimberly finally snaps out, "I'm sorry. I just have some stuff on my mind," she shakes her head and gets busy prepping the food. She stops in the middle of what she's doing and thought to herself, "Dennis will probably here tonight. It's his mom's ceremony so he has to..." a smile erases her frown, "maybe I can talk to him about the text message... And maybe nothing happen between them last night.."

Suddenly she was motivated to work, ignoring what happen to her last night. "Think positive... be positive..." She says to herself, keeping her mind and eyes on the prize-- Dennis' heart.

An hour later, everything was finally done. It's almost 8 and the party is just getting started. More people were coming and Kimberly and her staff were hard at work, serving the foods and drinks.

Kimberly circled the crowd, serving the champagne and wine to the people. She kept an eye out for Dennis. She's surprise he isn't here yet and she was starting to get anxious. Waiting for him feels like an eternity! She disappears to the backroom to get some more champagne. A few minutes later, she returns to the crowd and from a distance she spots Dennis.

Her heart begins to flutter with excitement as she sees his gorgeous smile. He bares his pearly white teeth and she can't help but smile, "I'm gonna go talk to him..." she tells herself.

She takes a deep breath and makes her way towards him. Feeling confident and on top of the everything. With every step, it feels like a journey to reach her destination. He was so close yet so far. Finally she approaches him from behind. Her stomach gushes with butterflies and her knees begin to tremble.

She swallows hard before opening her mouth to say, "Drinks anyone?"


Dennis froze at the annoying sound of a girl's voice-- Kimberly. "Damn it... Mom hired her to cater for this party?!" Dennis shouted in his head, wanting to turn around and tell her off.

"Sure, I'll take one," an elder woman takes a drink from Kimberly. Followed by an old man. Dennis still doesn't turn around. His rolled his eyes, wanting her to just go disappear forever, but of course she won't.

Kimberly walks in front of Dennis and ask, "would you like a drink Dennis?"

He stares at her dead on, wondering why she hasn't left him alone yet. Any girl would not subject herself to that much humiliation after seeing a picture of the guy she love naked with another girl. "Is she that stupid..?" Dennis questioned himself.

"Dennis?" Kimberly calls him.

Without thinking he quickly snatches one of the drinks from her tray, almost causing it to lose balance and drop the tray. One glass of champagne did fall, which spilled on white blouse. He chuckle to himself, sipping on the champagne and watches as she embarrass herself.

"That's gonna leave a stain..." he thought to himself, "if only the whole tray dropped..."

"Are you okay Miss?" the old man ask.

"I'm okay, clumsy me..." she chuckled uneasily. Dennis watches as Kimberly walks away from her, the tray still filled with some champagne.

"what if..." A dirty smirk appears on the corner of Dennis mouth.

Dennis slowly follows her, watching her like a hawk. Once she had her back turn against him, he walks behind her and quickly bumped into her, causing her to drop the whole tray of drinks. All the drinks spilled and left shatters glasses on the floor. It drew stares from the people at the party.

"it's okay everyone," Kimberly tells them, "just a little accident."

Dennis ensures everyone that everything is under control.

Another one of Kimberly's staff comes to help. He hovers over them and says, "Next time you need to be careful and stop trying yo draw attention yo yourself."

He quickly walks away, smiling to himself. The feeling of success overcomes him and Dennis couldn't help but laugh to himself.
He leaves the party, going outside to get some fresh air. Once outside and away from the crowd, he lets out a loud laugh to himself. Glad to have embarrassed the Thing in public.

Just then footsteps approaches.

"Dennis...?" a soft spoken voice calls his name.

His laughter dies and he turns around quickly to see Kimberly in front of him.

"I'm really sorry in there," she apologizes again, "please don't be mad,"

He crosses his arms, his face is still stern, "You should be apologizing to my mom, not me. If it were my party and that happen, you would have been kicked out. Without a doubt."

Dennis walks away, pushing through her. His shoulder bumping into her very hard.

"Dennis wait--" she calls his name again, "I want to talk about the .. About the text message yesterday."

He stops immediately and turns around furiously.

"so... Uh... The naked woman in the picture... Did you uh... sleep with her...?" Kimberly stutters.

"That's none of your business!" he snaps instantly, "It also doesn't matter if I did or didn't. Just know that you're someone I never want to sleep with!" he shouts in rage which startled Kimberly.

Silence overcomes Kimberly. She puts her head down and said, "so you did slept with the woman in the--"

Dennis's blood boils as he grips his hands into a fist. He grabs her viciously by the arms and shouts, "it doesn't matter who I sleep with, don't sleep with or who will sleep with! It's none of your DAMN business! So stay far away from me and my personal business! Just because my parents and Yaya all love doesn't mean I will! I NEVER will..." his grip tightens on her arms as he pulls her closer to him. She's under his chin and he can hear her breathing.

"I repeat... I will NEVER fall in love a woman like you nor sleep with a woman like you... The thought has never crossed my mind nor ever will... Get that through your thick skull please..." He grits his teeth, staring at her coldly.

Dennis pushes her off of him and walks away towards the hall. He stops midway and turns around to look at her, "Oh one more thing-- once you're done helping my mom please leave ASAP. I don't want you sticking around following me like a lost puppy," he gives her a quick smirk before disappearing into the hotel lobby.

He adjust his tie before walking back into the party.

"Excuse me sir?"

Dennis turns around to find a gorgeous woman in red in his presence. He smiled generously, "Yes...? How may I help you" he arched his eyebrow.

"I'm sorry to bother you but is this party of Mrs. Tarada O'Neil?"

Dennis takes his hands out of pockets, "Yes, yes it is... And you are?" he takes a step closer.

She smiles nervously, "Oh uhm.. I'm Pressida. I work for Mrs. Tarawa O'Neil. I just started a week ago and I don't know my way around her. I'm new to the city, " she smiles shyly. "and you are sir...?"

"I'm Dennis... Dennis O'Neil.." he smiles mischievously, "Mrs. Tarada O'Neil's son."

Her jaw drops as she stares at him with such daze.

"So, Can I escort you inside Pressida?" he held out his arm, waiting for response. Then from a distance, he sees the Thing making her way back.

"Perfect timing..." he smirk to himself.

Pressida gently placed her hand on his arm. He turns his head around, feeling watchful eyes on him and he was right. Kimberly was watching the whole time. He flashes her a taunting smile and then gave her a wink before disappearing into the party.


Siwon & Donghae =
OMFG!! I'm also boiling with RAGE!! JERKFACE DENNIS!! GRRRRRR!! :numchuck: Kimberly... Just leave him alone like he wants.. He will be crawling back!!


Mama Noy ♥️
LOL. You gals are too funny!:D I wanted you galsto hate him now so later you gals will fall in love him. I did warn you gals Dennis was gonna be vicious in here! hehe