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So today I got a missed call.
Yes I know its just a missed call who cares right?
This one was funky though. It was a missed call from me? WTH!?
I have my own name and number saved under my blackberry so that I can e-mail and txt myself things that pop into my head.
My phone was with me while it was ringing but I couldnt pick up.
I glanced at the screen and my name and number poped up..
How can I be calling myself when I'm not?
I'm pretty sure I gave my phone this weird ass scared look and I'm sure people at work noticed hahahaha
my missed call was @ 1:32pm today...i guess i'll wait and see if i call myself again? kind of scared to pick up. hahaha
i've had my bb for over a year now and i've had my number for 5 years? this has never happened before.


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muaha. maybe, it was a 2nd line phone?

my story is something funny that i did it to myself. nothing bizarre

my sister and i have same # except the last two digits are different.
one day, i call her to correct my essay paper. i called, no one p/u. except voice mail.
so i'm like .. oh, okay, i'll leave a voice mail then.
i waited all day for her to call me back ..
i received none.
i thought, maybe i'll give her a call again, but stop b/c it's not that much of a big deal to have it correct either.

anyway, that i look on my phone .. i have a miss called and a save message -- i didn't look at the phone # either b/c my sister's phone will have my name come up too b/c the acct is under my name. long story short, i listen to my voicemail. and it was me .. leaving myself a message .. i laughed so hard at myself .. that was a little dumb to call myself and leave me a msg LOL ..

so now, i'm thinking about changing my # b/c of many reasons LOL


sarNie Adult
LMFAO oh dear only my moh could post something like this hahah
hahahaha of course. its so random right? lol

It was a ghost...yup..a ghost....heehhe jk
HELL YEAH i'm scarred what if it is? :ph34r: i cant really hide from it.

Ceci :loool: were you kind of mad that she didnt call you huh? good thing you didnt call to bitch at her. she'll just be like 'Huh?"
hahahaha i can just picture myself in your shoes. i'm pretty sure i've done similar things.
but really i wasnt calling anyone. my phone called me. :loool:


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^well. sometime it happen to me like .. --- i lean against my purse, with the phone inside. it'll dial and ring too.

but yeah, i'm glad, i didn't call her or tell this to her. it's too embarrassing :blush: