Hi hello!


sarNie Egg
Hello there world, 
I'm a late night lurker. My job is 90% of the time overnight (8P-6A) which means on my days off, I tend to stay up very late so I don't give myself heart palpitations. Which also means that none of my friends aren't up to keep me company, including my significant other. 
A little about myself, I'm female. 24. I used to watch Korean dramas. In high school, I had a big crush on this white guy whose family owns a big jewellery company in Thailand. For that very reason, I got into Thai music. (my soul reason for finding this little gem of a forum). I'm Asian, not Thai, not really that Asian, I grew up in a predominantly caucasian area, and my friends are predominantly caucasian. 
I'm just looking for some good chatting friends. I used to go on forums all the time, then life took hold of my attention. Now that things have calmed down quite a bit, I'm really just looking for people to pass the time with. 
If you're up for new friends, feel free to message me :)