His L♥VE, for her; the END:


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[ AUTHOR NOTES ☂: Hey; thanks again for tuning to read my fanfic :]I know; i've not even done with " Mama's Blue Daisy" but i'm so excited; so Yeah, & also Well my addiction for MTEAM is still pretty high; Lol, and since I'm not so satisfied with the Lakorn " Patapee Lehrak" I'm creating a fanfic in the most I don't know to explain way ever, and it's going to pissing off and sweet and sad; but it's a HUGE twist so please leave; feedback and comments if there the same thing ☃ THANK YOU :] ]

The Squeal of Pataphee Lehrak ♥
His L♥VE, for her


Mint Chalida as Cher Aim/Aim
Mark Prin as Pataphee/Din Adisuanrangsan
Mike Pirat as Mike Utatpo
Mint Natwara as Dao/Pueng David
Nadech Kugimiya as Akkane/Fai Adisuanrangsan
Yaya Sperbund as Ajjima/Jeed
Boy Pakorn as Wayupak/Lom Adisuanrangsan
Margie Rasee as Thichakorn/Kati
Aum Atichart as Jao Chai
Kimberly Ann as Thipthara/Nam Adisuanransan

Mrs. Adusuan
Mr. Adusuan
Khun Moke
Aunt Mali
Dr. Nat

Summary: ♡
After all that they've been through. . . All that hardship Cher Aim and Din was going to get married . . No-on the wedding; how dare he left her clinging; how dare he broke their wedding and for her . . The person he claimed his only love for her "DAO" the one that have to die because of his stupidity but some how another one popped out ruining his wedding with her. The love that she had- she ode had for him change; distrust; and to the line of declaring divorce was set on but for him it was different; Aim' s love have came back from Korea, after his success but what he didn't know was she is MARRIED; ruining his plan to propose to her like he had promised her. And when Dao's twin sister Pueng wants to have Din for herself destoring the strong love of two person. Will Din and Aim unfilfilling love; be shattered? When Aim slowly falls to her knees begging him not to go? This is the uttering love between the two person but with the twisted fate that both of them will have to face inorder to be with one another; because nobody knows if she will turn to him and tell him; she don't love like he did yesterday.

BEING SCENE; you've all watch Wayupak Montra right? Well at the end where Din was hugging Aim for the back or something? Well that's where my story wi start.

Opening song :

CH. 1.1 ♥

Din hugs Aim from the back as they look at the sun that is going down; she look at him as they both smiled.

" Aim . . " he turned her to him " close your eyes "

She teased him " why should I ? What if your going to kill me? " laughing

" oui; . . Okay na? Close your eyes " they both smiled to each other and she closed her eyes; he led her to somewhere, that smells like sweet cherry blossom and the warmth. He slowly let her hand go;

" open your eyes " when she opened her eyes; she was in tears " Din . . . " on one of his knees, he hold out a ring saying in English " Marry me please " .

She blushed widely and nodds as he stand up and spun her around; the room was filled with laughter and love; putting the ring on her hand, she land a kiss on his lips and whispered.

" I love you "

He twinkled his nose to her " I love you more silly "

Dancing around the candle lights, in her beautiful white dress; she smiled freely to him dancing slower and slower; he pulled her from his embrace.

" Aim . . Are you tired? " looking at him with her teary like eyes;

" no . . Let's just keep on dancing . . " he smiled and nodd; her arm around his neck and her weigh on him; her head planted on his broad shoulders; not mintues later before he even notice that something sticky and is running along his fingers, she slowly let go and falls off like a doll that was being dropp. . .

When she was in her conscious, she was in his embraces; on the floor all she and he can hear is his cry for her.

" Aim . . Don't . . do this. . "

Her voice as sad; slow; and her breathing gasp in between " Din . ." touching his cheeks with her stained hand " be strong . . "

His crying was all over his face; her emotion was all over her

" No . . You have. . to be strong . . Don't . . Dont leave me. . I'll take you to the. . hospital; " grabbing her up she stop him abruptly

" Din . . Let's stay. . Here. . " he put her down; she was breathing hard; gasping for every amount of air that she can; but she knows well; that now is the end for her; but she still smiled to his baby face.

" si. .lly . . Don't cry . . Ah. . Your a big . . Boy " he hold her hand and cry on it

" okay. . I won't cry " but inside his heart; his heart is crying out loud; her heart was beating slowly next to his as he sing her a song; she smiled,

" Din . . Don't let . . Me sleep . . I want . . To be your beautiful bride; "

" Aim . . Don't talk . . You'll always be beautiful ; my love"

" Aim . . Rak . . . Din forever " she lift herself alittle and kissed his lips as he kissed her back.

She nows laid in his arm; she now lay asleep in his embrace; he thought she was going strong . . But NO! It was never okay. Her breathing have stoppped for very long now; the sun was coming up; he stared at the opened sky; his tears falls like rain; he hugged her cold body;

Whispering to her " Aim . . Wake up. . Today's our wedding . ." she didn't answer and now he is in tears and cried through his word. " Aim . .AIM! AIM! don't do this; wake up; ! " her head to his chin " Chan rak tur! Do you hear me? CHAN RAK TUR NA! AIM! " he screams to his heart



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CH. 1.2

Screaming from his bed; he is woken from his dream; he was sweating and breathing the air like it was his last. He rub his face with his hand.

" it's just a bad dream . . Din it was just a bad dream;"

Mr. And Mrs. Adisuan was down the hall knocking on his door; Lom is at his winery; Fai is married to Jeed; Nam is at Parawat and he is here; home.

" Din . . Son are you alright? . . Open the door for mom" as Din stood up and open the door, he walked back to his bed.

" Din what's up with you? You've been doing this since when you came to stay here my son "

" Dad; . . I'm sorry; it just that . . Just that . " he couldn't finish his sentence but his mom knows exactly what he is talking about.

" Din. . That was years ago . . It was an accident" but was interrupted by Din.

" mom; it wasn't an accident . . It was because of me!! Because of me. . Because of this stupid person ! She have to die in my place. " hitting his chest, no hitting the heart that he never wanted; the heart that was given to him; her heart " I don't want it! I never wanted it! " then his heart began to hurt and next thing he was crouching and covering himself in pain and screaming of the pain.

" what's wrong?! Honey go and call Dr. Nat!, Din where's your medicine? "

going through his boxes and drawer she finally found it and putting one in his mouth; when he finally came to his sense; Dr. Nat was there already and his mom and dad went outside to leave him to have a good rest. He opened his drawer and took out Dao's picture .

" Dao . . "

Outside; Dr Nat was concerned about Din.

" Nat . . How is Din' s condition? "

" . . Aunty . . I . . All I can say is he needs a new heart; before anything else can go wrong"

Mrs. Adisuan put her hand in front of her mouth " is there any heart available ? "

" there are . . But they won't fit his. . "

" Nat . . You have to help find Din one; okay na?"

" I will; you don't need to send me . . It late already and tomorrow is a big day; you guys should get some rest"

Mr. and Mrs. Adisuan smiled and went inside.


Today was the day ♡

Everyone was busy running around doing last minute looks and touches on both brides and groom.

" Mom; no need anymore . . " looking in the mirror aunt Mali; Jeed, and Kati smiled

" Aim; my daughter; today is your day nothing is ever to much" looking over to Kati " and also Kati"?

Kati and Lom; Cha-Aim and Din are having a double wedding of goodluck in the future. Everyone was there to wish the couples goodluck as Milk and Preuk made there way to them.

" Mae . . Honey look at these lovely doves; "

" your right; remind me of us " as they both smiled. Cha-Aim, Jeed, and Kati smiled along.

" Nee; Milk how long have you've been pregnant? Huh? " Cha-Aim said cutely as Preuk hold Milk waist.

" Aim. . How did you know? "

" look at what you dress; you always wear heels and short clothing and now your in sandals and long dress "

" Cha-Aim nows alot isn't it Milk? "

" how many month are you? " Kati asked excitedly

" 3 month"

" wow; 3 month? I'm jealous!" Jeed say abruptly

" Jeed your not pregnant yet? You and Fai married before me and Milk. . " leaning closer to Jeed " or is Fai not a man? " everyone broke in a laughter as Milk pinched Preuk.

" Preuk! Your not scared of Fai punch ?"

" oiu; sweetie I was kidding" as they play with each other Fai, Lom, and Din join them.

" what you guys talking about? " Fai said hugging Jeed waist;

" Khun Preuk; and Milk are here to huh? . . Milk how long are you pregnant? " Lom said putting his hand on Kati waist.

" Lom! Nee sweet tongue how did you know;? " Milk smiled big to him as he tell his ways.

" hey; when will all of you girls be pregnant with a cute little baby? " Preuk said happily looking at Milk.

" I'm sure. . We' ll have a baby before any of them " Lom put both of his arm around Kati as pinched his arm.

" Mae; my butt; Lom! Me and Jeed will have one before you all."

laughing Din was the only quiet one; but he was the most excited one this day haven't come, and the one who couldn't wait at all only. Just as that happen someone surprise them.

" say whose pregnant ?"

" Nam! " all of them says and the girls ran to hug her.

" careful beauties " ?she says as she touches her stomach.

" your pregnant! "

All of them said in happiness. Jao Chai also came to wish them goodluck as the girl do there talk; the guy do there talk. On the water blessing everyone smiled to these lovely doves. In the morning it's the traditional and the evening is the wedding; the parent are the first to wish them goodluck.

" Lom; you have to love my daughter until the very end; " Kati mom's says smiling this wen on and on until it was Mrs. Adisuan turn.

" Aim; love and cherish Din; no matter what happen you two must learn to forgive one another. . "

She turned and smile to Din as he smiled to her. Turning his Hejaz back he caught a glimpse of the particular person. When he took off his wedding string on his head; whispering.

" Dao. . "

Cha-Aim, everyone, including him. Din looked; sounds confused he stand up from his willow pillow.

" Din what are you doing?"

Mr. Adisuan scold him but he didn't care; he got off of the stage and head for the door as he was being pulled by Fai, Lom, Preuk, and Tonsai.

" Dude what the he'll are you doing? This is your wedding! ?" Natee told him; everyone was in chaos shocked when he answered.

" I don't care " and breaking free; Cha-Aim tears went to her heart. Aunt Mali, Khun Moke, and Pine went to Cha-Aim side to comfort her.

" Aim. . I'm sorry . . Dad shouldn't have trust them with my precious daughter . . "

" dad . . Let's . ." as she tries not to cry

" yes . . Daddy's angel. . We are going home " as they stand up.

" uncle please don't leave " Nam stopped them.

" yes please don't leave; we've already started the ceremony" Mrs. Adisuan says in a panic

" ceremony? Of what?of shameful act? Your son left my daughter with shamed and no face to face other people! " ?everyone too was astonished to say anything but Din have alot of saying to say. He rained all te way to the street until he saw a clear image of her.

" Dao . . It's really you ! " breathing hard. . He rained to catch her before she went into the cab but he was too late and couldn't catch up to her.


When they finally found him it was late already; the evening wedding was beginin, everything went by fast now they are happily married- no they are just married and the blessing is giving. They moved into Din brought-Ed house. Pataphee and Cha-Aim are married but ignores each other; she ignore him and he ignored her. Cha-Aim is hurting inside; because in his eyes he can't see her; he can't see what he HHS done wrong, when she was out of the bathroom and looking for him; she finally know what she didn't know; hear what she didn't want to hear; and see what she never expect him to do. Her tears slowly slid to her face as he turn to see her, she wiped it off.

" since you've seen everything. ."

" there no need to explain. . " she couldn't look him in the eyes; she can't face him. " I . . I wont sleep with you in the same bed . . Until you are commit to love me. . "

walking out she went to there room and took her suit case out, he stood there like a dummy and into her room she cried to herself.

" what have I've put myself into? Is this gods punishment? " crying herself to sleep.

Hours later Din can't sleep he kept thinking, thinking of what he have done, about Dao and Aim getting up from his bed he walked out and down the hall to her room, seeing her sleep he touched her cherry like cheeks.

" what do you want me to do ? Aim. " ?starting at her beautiful face.


When Aim woked up, the sun was already up and she looked around she went sadden for awhile but stood up and went to the bathroom, coming downstairs Aunt Kanya and Uncle Siam have already made breakfast;

" Aim, your already awake " Aunt Kanya said looking sweetly at Uncle Siam.

" What are you doing? So early "

" we've prepared breakfast for you and Pataphee ka' as our special treat " Uncle Siam said doing his sweet looks at Aunt Kanya. Pataphee came down stairs as Cha-Aim avoids his eye contacts, pullin the chair for her, he sit in his chair looking at his food;?

" did you sleep well last night? "

She stayed silent for awhile " it was a good sleep " looking at the food for awhile ?" you can. . Can eat first; I'm not hungry" ?and walked to the backyard, he wanted to stop he but restrain himself, looking at his food he stood up and followed after her.?

" Pataphee your not hungry; Cha-Aim isn't hungry ?"

" stupid; they are hungry for something else " whispering; Aunt Kanya chuckle to herself.

Din went up to Cha-Aim.

" Aim, don't forget that we are married; if you have any problem why dont you just say it? "

She turned to look at him; with her unsatisfied look.?

" fine but you have to tell me directly . . Do you still love you girlfriend? "

This was such a random question; but he answered her truthfully. " your right, I still love my girlfriend . . " Aim was emotional shocked " but that- " she interrupt him.

" right now. . It's best if we go our own separate way" he"s MADD at her answer; her thinking and saying?

" what the hell do you mean? "

" there's no point of this marriage! You don't love me and in the future we both know that this love won't go on! Why not divorce right now!? And go our own separate way?! "?

There was a long silent; a long pauses that anyone can hear; Aunt Kanya and Uncle Siam was curios.

" Siam! What is this all about? " peering at the door?

" how would I know! "

Pataphee look and say his words bluntly.

" whatever you do, and think that is your opinion what ever you are thinking it's between you. " he walked away, leaving her to look and see how sad the sky looks today, moments later after recievin an phone call she got dress and went out; Din was at the window peeking.?

" dressing up that nice who she going to meet? "

Cha-Aim was at the airport picking up Mike, he just came back from Korea after his concert, he was well hides to the point where she didn't even know that it was him until he went up to her with a punches of sunflowers.

" hey love" he whispering to her ear, she jumped to her surprise and hugged him.

" Mike! You scare me " she said smilin

In a BAD timing Fai, Jeed, Lom, and Kati was there to at the airport. Lom and Kati was going on there honeymoon.

" E-Fai isn';t that Aim? " hiting Fai on the head and pointing at Aim & Mike.

" Your right. . it's sister in law "

Lom who couldn't stop his interrestness took out his yellow ipad & took a picture of them; making Kati curious.

" Don't even do it . Lom "

" Oui. Sweet ka. how did you know? Ofcousre i'm going to send it. What kind of man would let his woman go & hug other man just after they are married? huh. . "

" what if it was me! "

Looking at Kati " then. . i'll. . kick him in the BUTT> " she said smiling as she pinch him

" Lom when did you became this smart? " Fai mocked Lom but Jeed pinched his side

" what were you saying? "

"Nothing sweetheart. "

Kati & Lom went inside the plane & Mike & Aim also left leaving Fai & Jeed to fight with each other the way home. but for Din it wasn't good news;

" This is what she's been up too! Wheay! " throwing his iphone hard to the floor; he put his hand on the window currents.


Mike pulled a chair for her to sit as he pulled in his chair. he laugh in the mosrt unrealistic way ever.

" Nee. Aim; that is the most funniest joke ever! who taught you that?! " As he drink his smoothie; he met her eyes sh'e serious.

" Mike im not playing around . . it's true. . i'm married already and . . "

He interupt her " enough " he looked at her " if you don't love me anymore. . you don't have lie "

" Mike. . . don't be like that. . when you said that your going. . don't tell me. ."

Taking out the ring; he took her finger and put it on her index finger;

" it's fits perfectly; " he smiled cutley at her "We were made to be friend "

She smiled weirdly at him " Friend. ? "

" Friend. that's what the lady told me. " taking out the other ring. " she's says the one who fit that ring that you are wearing will be friend & the one who fit this one is soulmate. "

" Mike you scared me!" but he laughed at her sillyness


As Mike dropped Cha-Aim off house because she rode the taxi to pick him up. Opening the door for her and Cha`Aim get out.

" Goodnight my sweet friend " he kissed her hand

" Sweet dream Mike "

When Mike drove off Mark pushed the window currents and went down stairs .

" Why the hell are you home so late? " his scolding scared her but she ignored his word and walked passed him but he pulled her to the living room & throw her on the sofa.

" I am asking you a shitted question! are you deaf? " he yelled loudly to her and she stepped on her pride

" Because it's a shitted question!" and stood up to walk up stairs .

" why you . ." he walk fast & pick her up from behind and up the stairs

" Let go of me!! right now! ! Aunt Kanya! Help me! Aunt Kanya "

he stopped " Why are you annoying! Huh! Aunt Kanya & Unlce Siam is asleep already. "

" Let go of me asshole! Aunt Kanya !! Help me!!"

As Aunt Kanya & Uncle Siam; came running in with pots & pans

" Don't worry Aunt Kanya is here Aim. ." But stop and openend there eye really big

" Who called you Aunt kanya & Uncle Siam ?"

" Pataphee. . " covering there eyes

" Were sorry " and they both smiled & giggled.

" Aunt Kanya & Uncle Siam! dont go !" Aim yelled

" Oh. .! i get you.. you want to play the hard way huh? Okay! " he let go of her & carry her from her feet over hi shoulder as she hit & kicked him.




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looks super interesting... want to know more about dao situation... aim really want to divorce mak.. mak better brush up else he will really lose her...

update soon please.. =D


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yess more of mteam! loving it so far :")ourLOVE but grr that mark. i feel bad for mint's character.
I know; Mark is gonna be a PAIN; but your symappathy him later :] Lol; Thanks

this is too cute^^ i would really really love a real sequel to PLR too. great job<3
I know! omg; i can't believe there not having Sequel; but lucky were are there FAN!> :]Thanks you

looks super interesting... want to know more about dao situation... aim really want to divorce mak.. mak better brush up else he will really lose her...

update soon please.. =D

Dao. . your gonna hate her; but feel that what she did was because of love; I know but Mark WILL lose Cha-Aim; & who will he end up with; because She will be lost. AHH! Thanks i will update soon thank you


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he'll lose her??? 0.0 i don't want it to happen but that's mark fault.. so if he want her back.. either make sure he really know who he really love and chase her back..

i have a feeling that's not dao even though i feel pity for her... don't tell me dao's twin create all the havoc.. just think about it also feel frustrated =p


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CH. 2 Then; now there's a her in us.

Author Notes; Hey Thanks you for your supportative comments; this chapter is short' so yaeh be prepared

Into the master bedroom, Din throw Aim to the bed, and locked the door. Aim looked passed him with hesitations.

" Aunt Kanya and Unlce Siam won't help you. " he said looking down at her. " are you going to answer me nicely? " he said patiently

" with a person like you. . Nothing can EVER BE NICE! " he look calm, like he's use to her screaming and yelling and badmouth.

" you marry me yesterday. . " doing the hand pointing to her than to him " and you go out today from the morning until what time . . ? " scanning her from top to bottom, he touches his lower lips.

" I really wonder . . Tee rak . . How many times have you done it with how many guys? " she stood up to him and smack him in the cheeks.

" as long as their not as disgusting as you! It doesn't matter! " and walked passed the bed was throbbed by him to the bed as he pinned her down.

" what the hell are you doing?! Let go of me! Or I'll call for help! "

" tee rak; for heavensakes we are married. How can we not sleep together? Huh you sleep with all those guys. . Why not try me? I might me better then they all "

" sickmind! " she scolded him

" nae-nah; don't be a bad mouth " he mocked her words back. But when he saw Mike's ring, he was outraged, pinning her hand in one of his hand the took the ring off her index finger as she try to fight for it.

" huh? You love that guy so much that you even replace my ring for his?! " he throw the ring behind him. " I'll show you that I'm not an easy guy that you can toy with !" pinning her shoulder with her arm pushing his broadchest, her leg kicking his leg off the bed.


On the outside; Aunt Kanya and Uncle Siam was downstairs but can here their argument.

" Siam! Should we go. . " pointing upstairs.

" you go yourself! I don't want to " putting his hand on his neck and sliding it. " Lets just go to sleep. . " as they closed the front door.


He put his hand on her hand and looked at her " why are you resisting?! Is because I'm not the guy who send you home?! " she was in pain, but yelled back.

" your right! He's better than in everything " he locked his lips with her, as they both tugged around the bed.


The night wasn't long or short; Aim didn't cry, she's strong because she knows what it is like to be weak. Din have his arm around her stomach and her back to his embrace, he kiss her naked shoulder.

" Aim. . I'm sorry . . I "

" are you done? You've got what you wanted right? "

Aim took off Din's hand and pulled the 2nd layer of the bed sheet, wrapping it around herself she got up and walked but stumble to the ground, Din jumped from the bed with his boxer on and help her up.

" let go, I can walk by myself" as he let her go she was going to drop to her butt again but he scoop her up to his chest like a baby and carry her to her bedroom. Putting her on the bed she didn't face him.

" I know. . That you hate me. . But you"

" can you go out? . . . " there was a silence as he walked out of her room; and she crouch to herself.


In his room, he throw everything on the bed everywhere pillows on the bookcases, blanket and others everywhere it can flee to,

" whe-way! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! " holding the bed sheet; it caught he eyes, it was some kind of wine stain, leaning to get a closer look. " virgin . . ? " touching his head with pain " god damn it! Din! " as his cursing goes on; she covered her ear to prevent any heart answers.


Jan. 20

Days' went by fast, they both knows that deep down they won't be able to stand like this; not talking to each other; once Din wake up; he go straight to work; not eatting with her, and she waking up; going outside to plant her planting; and look at the gate each day to see if he was home. But today was a special day; he woke up early & cooked her favorite food, when she reached downstairs. Looking around.

" he isn';t here? " When she waked to the table; a big smile went on her face. " He does know how to make people happy. . "

" Ofcourse, because Pataphee is a gentlemen like that. " Cha-Aim smiled in a way that looks weird but cute.

" Who say so ? " she stopped her smiling & turn to look at him. His hand was behind his back.

" ofcourse you did; " She gave him the I don't know look.

" I'll go first. " pointing behind her and was walking away to the living room; he followed and stopped her.

" Wait. . " she turned back

" What? " and smiled

" For you. " taking outt he roses behind him. Aim was happy but instead pucked her lips to him

" For what occasion? Khun Pataphee " he smiled in to expressing his feeling; he leaned closer to her as she leaned back; clearing his throat.

" For being my lovely wife " sweeet stares flied everywhere.

" Siam; why aren't as sweet as Khun Pataphee?" aunt Kanya let out a sigh.

" Kanya; this isn't sweet enoough? " holding a flower in his hand. Aunt Kanya took it and hugged him.

" DIN! when did you became so earthy? . . with sweet words? " Jeed walked up behind & pinched his back.

" Honey. . Jeb. Jeb. " as Din put his arm around Aim's waist giggling alittle. Aim put the rose on the table

" Nee; Fai, Why did you came this early? "

" Me & Jeed have good news. " Looking sweetly at each other. Aim pointed out her hand immediatlely

" Wait; . . Is Jeed"

" PREGNANT " Both Fai & Jeed say as Aim clapped hand with Jeed & talked happily

" How many month; Baby mommmy?

" Almost 2 month "

" Ahh; I'm so happy for you! . . Let have breakfast together? "

" Okay ! Fai stay here with Pataphee. " hitting him on the arm; he nodds . Aim & Jeed went to the kitchen to prepare the food; as Din & Fai have there talk,

" See! didn't I tell you that it'll work for sure! " Fai smacked at Din by the head as Din trys to cover Fai's mouth.

" Shut up! Fai; what if Aim hear? We dead! " Fai looked at Din & nodded

" So. . Din who was the guy that send Aim home? "

" Her friend "

Fai sreamed " FRIEND? And you were that jealous? Damn; my brother. "

Fai sit down on the sofa outside

" No; i'm not jealous; it's . it's just. . . " can't find any other words

" Just what ? " Fai stood his head up; Din couldn't fit back as they do there talk.


The front door bell was ringing; Aunt Kanya & Unlce Siam went to open the gate; but when they did; Uncle Siam was at his knees and praying in a shaky way. Aunt Kanya laughed out loud.

" Siam! Hahaha! what are you doing? " Walking up to hit Uncle Siam ; She too was on her knees

" N'Dao. . . Please don't scare us! please go on your way; your dead already! Don't scare Khun Pataphee & Cha-Aim! "

She looked at them; and smiled looking up the house. Moments later Aunt Kanya came running out of breathe.

" Khun Pataphee !" gasping air eash time " Someone is here to see you "

Looking back from the sofa " Krai?" She came walking & smiling to Fai & Pataphee; sending chill to there spines. Pataphee stood & and raned up to hug her.

" Dao . . You- Your alive? " hugging her Aim came out with the apron & spoon in her hand.

" Khun - PATA" her hand drop from the sky; her smile fade, she stared at what she see; Jeed came out.

" FAI?! " her eyes widen & looked at Dao; Then Pataphee; Fai was also to stunned to notice anything.


At the table; they were almost done eatting.

" I'm P'Dao's younger sister' Pueng " she said smiling with her hot pink lipstick; Jeed whispered to Aim.

" i have a feeling of not liking her as much. . Aim "

" Jeed. . don't say that "

" Dao's sister? . . "

" Sorry did I frighten you guys . . i know that Uncle Siam & Aunt Kanya was sure surprised. "

" Not only Them; I myself is also surprised. .. you look like Dao . . ot's like the same person . . " he said in a calming voice as Aim looked at Jeed.

" How did you got here Khun Pueng? " Jeed said hastily

" Oh. . i worked with P'Mike " looking directly at Aim " and he said you live near; so I thought i pay a visit. "

She smiled in a way that Jeed wanna stand up & slapp her face for Aim. Aim stood up furiously picking up the plates and went to the kitchen. Jeed stood up but Pueng made her stay with them.


In the kitchen; Pueng came in.

" N' Aim, let me help you wash the dishes " as Aim looked at her with her no hand sign.

" It's okay; Khun Pueng. . your dress would get dirty"

Pueng sighed; walking up to Aim " Call me P' Pueng, Khun sounds so distance " letting out a little laugh; Aim smiled alittle

" Then let me help you " Aim hesitated

" It's okay . . Aunt Kanya . . will come & wash it " Pueng put her hand alittle infront of Aim face's.

" It's okay; i like washing the dishes " pushing Aim to the side alittle . " you can help me dry the dishes" as Pueng turned on the water, Aim looked helpless. Washing the dishes and without looking back; Pueng did a wicked side smile.

" Aim. . your so lucky; to get to marry a nice person like P' Din " turning off the water and turning to Aim with a plate. " Even P' Dao who was in love with him for many years didn't get to marry him. . "

Aim looked at Pueng as if she is personally intimating her. The cold wind blows beside Aim, as she doezed off; Pueng tipped the plate off her hand; shattering on the floor scared Aim.

" I'm sorrry; i'm so clumsy " Pueng squatted down and started to pick up the pieces; she purposely touched the sharp piece. " Ow. . "

Aim squatted down to her " P' Pueng !" holding her hand " you bleeding. . let's go clean it out" standing up; they went to the living room, Fai & Jeed was there also along with Din.

" Sit here; i'll go & get the medcine " Aim hurried upstairs.

" What's wrong?" Din coming inside; she looked at him with her innocent eyes, he walked & sit next to her side. " what happen to you !? " taking a look at her hand; Aim camed with the medicine but paused when he shouted " Why can't you be more careful Dao!? " Pueng looked at him; Aim looked at them. She was pissed; she was breathing hard at what she see's .

" I"m sorry; i've mistaken " he said turning his head backword, he wasn't surprised to see Aim.

" Bring me the medicine " he said pointing at the box & then to the table; instead she handed to his face.

Din opened the medicine box.

" I'll clean your wound "

" Aim dropped the dish I wanted to help and wasn't careful " Din didn't look at Aim at all, instead he just rip the bandage.

" I'll . . Go and clean up the rest " he didn't reply back to her; when Aim walked away Pueng smiled to herself.

The kitchen she was on her knees picking the broken pieces of her broken heart ; because now; She no longer exist in his world; it was as if she was mirage for him where he don't see her and only her can see him; she laid her head on the kitchen chair and listen to the conversation that the person who is now intrude the lifes of two person who were madly in love.


Fai and Jeed left to Mrs. Adisuan house to tell them there good news and Aim life;

" twins? " Mr. and Mrs. Adisuan yelled out.

" chai ka; "

" this is bad. . Really bad" Mrs. Adisuan said puttin he hand on her chest.

" how about Aim and Din? Fai "

Fai sighed; " it was if Aim never existed, like he don't know her; Din even pulled me and Jeed to come home, "

" oh god; what kind of son is that? "

" honey what will happen; if Din can't control himself? "

" well have to see . . . "


Night came by fast; Din sends Pueng home l, even when he knows that he have a wife who is being well educated here. Aim sit in the frontyard looking at the gate constantly to see if Din have come home yet. Quietly she looked at the stars, as Uncle Siam opened the gate; Aim stood up and smiled.

" Mike! " as Mike walked across the grass to her, she hugged him tightly.

" do you miss me that much Love?" she let go of him

" Nee; where have you been ? "

" I just got back from work ofcourse . . I thought I paid a visit " looking around " what are you doing? Am I bothering you? "

Aim shakes her head " nope; I'm doing nothing ja' " pullin Mike to sit in the sofa

" where Din? Is he inside? "

She looked behind her at the house and looked back " let's not talk about him . . " as they did not talk about him but about Pueng. And Aim learned alot from Mike too; before anything else she was already fast asleep on his legs.

" Aom. . Is he treating you good like I am? " touching her hair; Mike carried her to sleep at the sofa inside and walked out the door to his car parked outside.

To be continue to the NEXT CHAPPETR


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Din is being sucha jerk! First he rapes her, well even though they're married and now he's breaking her heart with Peung around. Poor Aim. Thanks for the updates!


sarNie Adult
din is so bad... i really wish that aim really leave him because she will suffer more with din already... how can you treat your wife like she didn't even exist.. T.T pity aim so much...


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CH; 3 ♡ the _____

Readers catch UP! So what's happening so far; Din and Aim married on the Jan. 18; Mike came back and can't propose to the person he love; Pueng is Dao's twins; who shows up unexpected and this proves that Din still have so feeling for Dao, Cha-Aim is heart broken by it; but is still going strong, Fai and Jeed are gonna have a cute baby together ;4 which everything would fall in to place or fall out of place? What secrets would be reveals and what will bring each of them down? Ahh! Keep reading:]?

Jan. 29

The sun was up and shiny, Din woked up half naked with his back to the sun like always; looking around the house for Cha-Aim; because Uncle Siam and Aunt Kanya went back to live with his parents; and Cha-Aim doesn't know about that; but before he notice he was already late for work. Cha-Aim constantly looked at her watch; but because of traffic and all that carrying of food; when she was at the door it was already around 2:30 pm and for Din who couldn't contact her at all was impatient to get home ASAP!


Cha-Aim was infront of the gate ringin the bell; no one answered; or opened the gate at all; walking backward and tiptoeing to see over the gate with her heels she tripped on a rock and falling back; Mike saved her.

" clumsy " he laughed with the cute smile and Cha-Aim thanked him with an arm slap. Moments later Mike climbed and jumped over the gate, opening the door for her.

" thank na' " tappin on his baby like shoulder;

" I'll help you carry; " grabbin the bags Cha-Aim says no but since he wants to help; so why not. Going to the kitchen, Mike puts the bags on the table and looking at Cha-Aim.

" Ah . . immmm . . . ! " he did the slow motion talk; Cha-Aim came running in.

" Are you hurt? " standing at the door; Mike smiled big;

" nope; " bobbing his head; Cha-Aim smiled weirdly to Mike. Cha-Aim was there to put the groceries away while Mike was in the restroom.

" Mae . . Do you miss me? " Kati and Jeed came into the kitchen holding a bag of food. Cha-Aim jumped and hugged Kati.

" Eh; why is my lovely friend home so early? Huh. . " looking at Kati and Jeed.

" uh . . Um . . " Kati and Jeed looked at each other;

" don't Cha lie . . " pointing her finger at them; Jeed & Kati eschange eyes.

" Aim; I think I broke your bathroom. . " Mike then looked up and paused with an expression on his face, Kati and Jeed also paused with there mouth alittle open.

" whose he? Aim " Jeed & Kati both asked at the same time; Aim looked away touching her neck awkwardly.

Mike meet Kati and Jeed; they were all having fun talking about how clumsy and cute Cha-Aim was back in London.


Din was at his work place and Natee came knocking on his door, putting his binders on the side.

" come in " Natee opened the door and sit on the opened chair.

" What is it Natee? " Din fold his fingers;

" Did you see that? " one hand over the side of his mouth whispering.

" See what? " squinting his eyebrows. Natee sighed; & looked out his window.

" That; my buddy " Din looked out and it was her.

" Pueng? " Din sofetly whisper her name.

" I knnow right. . man. . . she looks- " but before Natee could finished his sentence Din was already down at the lobby; catching up to her

" Pueng !" Patphee yelled she smiled & turned back.

" you call me? Pataphee " she pretends to look sad.

Din smiled alittle " why are you here? "

Pueng took a deep breathe and sighed " i . . i thought i'll come & work here. . . but i. .

" Really ? " Din asked excitely

" But. . i wasn't except so i'm going home " walking to the door; Din stops her again.

" Do you really want to work here? "

Pueng nodds. " Okay. . you can start work the following next week "

" Really ? Thank you " hugging Din like the way Dao used to hug him;


" Really? Thank you " holding the cute puppy; & hugging Din.

End of Flashback

" Uh. . Pueng. . . you can let go . . " the workers are all looking; with Fai; and Lom;

" Pataphee. . . " she smiled & let go of him.

" Huh? . . I see, no wonder you've not answer my call " Lom said sacarsticly coming along with Fai; Lom frozed to what he see & for the moments everything was in slow motion. Lom was confused & all; Din & Fai have to teach everything to Lom so he'll understand; while Natee introduces Pueng to everyone else.

" She's pretty. isn't it Khun Bualuay ?" Pudding said; happily with his hand

" She's okay; nee . . i'm not trying to be a bad mouth; but. . "

" But what? "

" That girl . . she's seem bad. "

" Khun Bualuay; what did you eat today huh? "

khun Bualuay didn't answer Pudding but kept looking at Pueng. When Lom finally get and understand the story it was already late.


For at the house Kati and Jeed left already; it's already 8:46 PM; Mike was washing the dishes and cleaning the house spotless.

" Mike! I told you to not wash the dishes I'll come and do it myself; " Aim shouted from the kitchen while Mike sleep on the sofa.

" Mike . . " slowly moving her head to him, " are you sleeping? " looking at his baby face.

" I'm not sleeping " Aim stood up instantly and blinked her eyes alot,

" Nee . . Don't play like that "

" why . . Usually you would smack me on the head for fake sleeping back in London . . "

" I . . I " trying to find the right word she touches her hair and neck.

" yah; I was only kidding " Mike laughed, and Cha-Aim sighed in reliefs,

" are you going home? " Cha-Aim asked him constantly

" do you want me to go home that much? "

" no - it's . . " Aim putting the no sign;

" Aim; I was only kidding silly " tapping on her head.

" I'm leaving now anyways . . . Can you . . ? " Mike said it awkwardly and scratching his hair alittle.

" send you out? " she smiled and arm his hand.

Walking out to the garden with the swimming pool over to the parking lot, Mike stopped and hold her hand;

" Aim . . If I can turn back time " looking at her and ups and downs; but her hand was on his lips

" Mike; we've talk about this already; when I told you that when you leave; I don't know if . . "

" if you can wait for me? "

" I'm sorry; no matter how many time I say sorry; I know it's never enough. . . I can only love you as a best friend by my side and protecting me. . "

Hugging her; she hugged him back with his arm around her waist and his head planted on her shoulder. Pataphee and Pueng came out of the car, looking over the flowers.

" Pataphee . . Isn't that N' Aim? Who is she hugging? " Pueng mocked up to Din; holding his fist he walked up fast to them and pulled Mike.

" Why are you hugging my wife?! " and punched Mike in the cheek, Mike touched his bruised lips;

" no one punched me for no reason " standing up; Mike land an punch also on Din as Cha-Aim pulled Mike back.

" Mike stop it now! Don't hit Din " but then Din thinks the other way;

" you care for that more than your husband right here? "

Getting off of the ground he punched Mike; the fighting was scary and fierce; Pueng also came and she pretend to help but instead; she pulled on Cha-Aim hair and pushed her into the pool, Mike and Din was to busy trying to punch each other like little kids; before Mike notice that Aim isn't there anymore an willing to take a punch; he fell to the ground. Mike looked over to the house and there;

" Aom . . " he stood up, and ran to the pool; he took off his shirt and jumped into the pool; Din was confuse why he jumped into the pool until Mike pulled out Cha-Aim and unto the grass. Din ran up to then as fast as he can but Mike was already holding her;

" wake up . . Aom wake up " putting his head to her chest. Din pushed Mike over.

" she my wife I'll help her " squatting down and put his hand on her nose and mouth; he did CPR; and pumping her chest; until she coughed out a bunch of water that she have swallowed.

" Aim; you scared me , " hugging her and holding her tightly, Aim was slowly breathing in the air. She looked up at Mike and passed him she see Pueng as Pueng smiled to her.

" Aim . . Aim! " pulling her out of his chest; Mike wanted to help but he knows he have no rights to. Mike picked up his shirt as Din took Aim inside the house.

" Din! Din! Where are you going?! " Pueng yelled from behind with her hand flicking everywhere;

Mike walked to his car and droves off leaving Pueng to catch a taxi.


Mrs. Audisuan was please to hear that Mike was only a friend and nothing else but her ear was displeased when Din excepted Dao's sister to work with him; it's not that she don't like him but it was that, she can sense trouble coming. Kati and Lom and Jeed and Fai was out at the yard talking.

" she's pretty . . " as Lom daydream about Pueng; Kati pinched him.

" reaaallyyy? Huh " from behind Lom made faces and yelled that it hurts.

" that what you get e-Lom ! " Fai laughed;

" Fai ! You dare laughed at me? You dead meat when I get you" pointing at Fai; Lom and Fai rained around Kati and Jeed, atleast some people . . There love is going to end in happiness.


Pataphee came out of the bathroom; and looked at Aim.

" Nee Aim; you don't have to pretend . . " looking over to her with a towel wrapped around his waist.

" do you want to watch me change? " but Aim didnt answered. Din walked up to her and feel her head.

" why are you so hot ? " going into the bathroom he got change and brought a bowl of warm water.

" wait . . Clothing " going into the hall way and infront of her door.

" Lock? Are you serouis Aim? " he sighed and walked back into his room taking out one of his working shirt and boxer from the freshly washed clothing; bring it over to the bed.

" um . . Aim . . I'm sorry but if I don't do it. . You might get worse na? " Din did a full cheek of air and change her clothes. Throwing the wet ones in the basket; Din washed her with a warm towel and fix her hair.

" your alway beautiful . . Whether you sleeping or awake yelling at me . . " leaning closer; he kissed her, holding her hand " I wonder what your heart is really made of? Because I'm only human; my heart is flesh . . . Aim . . My heart loves you. . . But now I'm dying. . Aim . . I'm dying . . I want to love you the fullest I can; . . But everytime i tried; it seems like you have someone else by your side and you . . You dont want me? " with tears in his eyes; he looked at her and got on the bed, getting under the blanket; her head was to his embrace and sleeping well. He whispered to her rabbit like soft ear. " I really really . . Love you "


Jan. 29

Waking up first Aim was in Din arms; she was mad at him but smile to him, lifting her hand up alittle to touch his hair.

" what are you doing? " quickly pulling her hand back into it's place;

" nothing " Cha-Aim secretly smiles, Din caught that smiles and hugged her tighter.

" Nee let me go, "

" why should I ? . . "

" I'll go make us breakfast . . "

" oh . . It okay I'll have breakfast here with you " kissing her lips she kissed him back and he let go.

" oh . . Your not nice " Din shouted from behind, but Aim returned kisses back to him; it seems like they've completely have forgotten about yesterday.

After Aim was done making breakfast; Din made her feed him, it was sweet and cute as for right now, going out the door, Din holds Aim hand and sending him like everywoman would; he kissed her, and she smiled in between.

Going inside the bell ringed; and Aim went back outside to see who it was. Opening the door, Aim stood there quietly and confused.

" sawadeeka N'Aim " holding a fruit basket " am I intrrupting you ? "

" No . . Why are you here Pueng? " Aim putting her hand infront of the sun.

" I'm here to see how you are doing? . . " looking over at the parking lot. " is P'Din home? "

" he left to work away ago. . Do you need to talk to him? " Aim asked cluessly

" no, I'm here to see you " looking at Aim with her vicious eyes.

" really . . " Aim looked behind her and look back at Pueng. " come inside "

Going inside; Pueng put the fruit at the table and went into the kitchen; like she knows this house so well; coming back with wine, 2 plates and a knife; Aim looked at Pueng and smiled alttile.

" you seem to know this house well. . "

" heh; yeah ive came here before ; so I know it very well, " pouring the alcohol into the cup.

" drink some Aim " pushing the cup over to her.

" it okay. . I'm allergic to alcohol " Pueng raise her eye brows and smile.

" really? Is it serious? " Pueng put her hand on her laps like she is taking good notes.

Aim laughed; " not really; it's only serious when I have too much " Aim stood up and walked to the kitchen.

" humph . . Not effected? " pucking her lips she walked into the kitchen as Aim was taking out the vegetables and washing them, Pueng was behind her holding a small kitchen knife; she hold it up and was ready to strike.

" what are you doing!? " Kati and Jeed yelled from behind, Aim looked back and Pueng was chopping the meat.

" why are you here Pueng? " Aim asked her confusingly; because Aim didn't hear her come in, Mrs. Audisuan also came too; and Jeed and Kati did " I know what you thinking " look to Pueng.


Pataphee was working hard and hard on all of the paper that he have to work on until Fai, Lom, and Pruek came in.

" sawadeeka Khun Pataphee " Pruek is always sweet and handsome.

" Pruek you don't have to greet; Din like a god; " Fai teased,

" shut up Fai! " the laughed of how much Din is alway being teased.

" sawadeeka Khun Pruek why are you here? " Din asked unexcitedly;


Mike was at his place;

" yes . . Mom I know; but have Peck know? . . . That you and dad ? "

" no. . But you must not tell him, "

" God; Mom! Why the hell are you guys trying to do? "

" Mike . . Everything will be okay . . "

" NO! Nothing you and dad do; can ever be okay! Nothing! " throwing his phone into the pool; Mike drowned himself into his blanket of tears. Moments later his home phone ranged.

" Yepasayo ? " in his running nose tone.

" Mike. . Can you come over to the studio please? Like now" Mike's agency said over the phone with a not so nice tone. Mike got up and put on his shirt and left.


" Jao chai ? Can we go and visit my family? " Nam said looking out the window. As Jao Chai puts her jacket on her; and a peck kiss.

" As you wish; my queen " his sweet word made her smile,

" thank you; " Jao chai helped her up and into the warm air.


Jeed and Kati talked freely and suggesting this and that to make Pueng leave; also Aim was uncomfortable she feel like someone is always looking at her.

" then I'll take my leave Aunty; Jeed, Kati and . . Aim " looking at Aim and walked away.

" mom; I don't trust. " both Jeed and Kati says at the same time.

" oui; Kati . . Jeed"

" Aim the TRUTH hurts; she was going to hurt you; me and Jeed saw it "

" if I have my gun . ." Jeed add it to the funny side,

" okay; you two. . Aim how's Din? Is he treating you good? " Mrs. Audisuan asked sweetly. Aim just kept on smiling.


" WHAT? work in another place? Khun Pruek! " as Pruek swallowed

" I'm sorry Din, it only for a 3 days ok? " doing the okay sign.

" Oh; Pruek you don't have to ask Din. . His scared his woman would be with another man " Fai whispered to Pruek as Fai and Lom high five

" you hit the note Fai "

" shut up; urgh; ignore those idiots "

" were smart Din, Din we can see through you " makin the eye sign. From there eyes to Din eyes.

" what do you say? "

" well . . Okay . . But only for 3 days ?"

" okay! Thanks Din "


Mike arrived at the studio; going inside the office.

" what is it boss? "

" here . . Your mom told me to get you a new phone; " Mike rolled his eyes.

" Uncle; please don't do this; . . . I know that you love my mom " His uncle stood up;

" but because it is love; . . You can go " doin the hand thinging Mike stormed out; getting into his car he zoomed off.


Night was came and Din wasn't home yet; leaving Aim to be alone; and she was scared. A car came and stopped at the gate.

" Din ! " Aim jumped up and looked over the gate. It's really Din. As he walked in.

" did you already eat? " he asked her taking off his jacket.

" I did ; did you? " putting her hand together.

" not yet. . " taking off his tie and sitting on the sofa.

" I'll go cook for you okay? " doing her okay sign, he smiled and pulled her back; sitting next to him.

" I rather eat you " he said teasily moving his finger up her arm; she laughed.

" that tickles . . Go and take a bath; when your out food would he ready " she smiled and stood up to the kitchen.

Washing the vegetable; Aim was so busy she doesn't even notice that her nose was bleeding, before she could tell it was dripping on the sink. Slowly breathing Aim wasn't shocked to see her nose bleed; but was scared.

" it can be . . " going back to cutting the vegetable. An hour later the food was ready and on the table and Din was out watching movie.

" eat Dinly " she said handing the spoons to him but he refuses.

" please feed me; my hand hurts all day " doing his big puppy eyes and whining, Aim smiled and took the spoon picking up a piece of meat and veg.

" ah " Aim said putting it inside his mouth as he smiley eat it.

Going to sleep Din sneaks into Aim room and hugged her from behind.

" Din! Go back and sleep at your room. " Aim scolded him as he uses his whining technique.

" Aim . . Your not going to pity me? I had a bad dream "

" bad dream my butt; if you have a bad dream go and turn on your light and sleep "

" don't be mean; let me sleep here okay? . . "

" fine . . Loser "

" I'm the loser but you love me . . That means you must the loserest. "

" Bah; " smiling in the dark.

" Aim I'm going out of town maybe for 3-4 days; can you stay alone? "

" really ? I can " she said bravely but inside she already as scared as hell.

" when are you going? "

" Maybe after tommorw? "

" oh . . Din can you tell me storys ?"

" storys? . . . Okay " Din told his story as he did Aim was already fast asleep after he was done with his story.

" Nee you slept throughout my story? " looking at Aim; he kissed her forehead and hold her tight.

" goodnight princess. "


Din is being sucha jerk! First he rapes her, well even though they're married and now he's breaking her heart with Peung around. Poor Aim. Thanks for the updates!
It's okay chubbycheeks; Din really heart Aim :) Thanks for reading

din is so bad... i really wish that aim really leave him because she will suffer more with din already... how can you treat your wife like she didn't even exist.. T.T pity aim so much...
I know; i wanna go in threr & slap him but i can't i feel bad for him :*(

I'm so mad at Din. Poor Cha-aim<3
it's okay blissfulxoxo; your gonna like him alittle more. this chapper./ :]

Very interesting... Loving it.... Update anytime soon???
Thanks for reading; yes i'm updatting today. ;]


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din's behaviour is so confusing.. in the beginning, he shows that he didn't really love aim but now from this chapter i can see love showing out..

peung is really a bad case... i have a feeling aim will one day be harmed by peung.. T.T


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Posters;Hey; thank for reading & supporting' i'll update ASAP; :] Muuah;

din's behaviour is so confusing.. in the beginning, he shows that he didn't really love aim but now from this chapter i can see love showing out..

peung is really a bad case... i have a feeling aim will one day be harmed by peung.. T.T

- i see. im confused alittle too; but then you'll understand; later on the next chapter;
Thanks for reading&supportuing!

more updates, yess! lol my fever for mteam is still as high as ever. thanks

Thanks for reading; my firend. :]


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POSTERAS; P) hey' thanks for readdin sorry; long timwl; NO update; but i will be updaing soong.


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