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Hello! I am a huge GG shipper and even more now since they are both possibly on The Mask Singer. I normally write fics based on lakorns, shows, or books. This time, I'm gonna write one based on real people Gun and Gam!

Disclaimer: The bad characters are made up people and in no way based on real people or celebrities of any kind.

Note******* This is going to be one of those alpha male possessive stories, so if you don't like them it is probably best to skip.


Chapter 1: The Kiss

Chapter 1:

Gun glanced at his phone for the hundredth time. It wasn’t like Gam to go hours without responding to his messages, unless she was working. He knew this day, she didn’t have anything that would take up that much time. He tried texting her again,

“Hello? Is everything ok? I haven’t heard from you in hours!” He placed his put his phone on the bench and let out a sigh. He hadn’t been this stressed out over Gam for quite some time. He thought back to the time he faced a similar issue. Another singer, who openly professed his admiration for Gam took her attention from him. It irked him that other men admired her. When really, he should expect it. She is amazingly talented and blossoming into a beautiful swan by the second.
“Hey, Gun! Are you ready?” One of the teammates on his soccer team called out. Gun checked his phone one more time and let out a big sigh, nothing. He ran out onto the field to join his teammates. Maybe after this game, there will be a message from her.

The message indicator on her phone blinked again. Gam glanced at her phone from the recording booth, but was helpless. Work, first. She knew that some of those messages had to be from, Gun. As much as she hated not responding, immediately. She knew that work must come become first, and if it was an emergency, someone would know how to contact her.

“Ok, Gam, I think that is great for the day. Thank you, for showing up last minute.” The producer yelled from outside of the recording booth.
“No problem, ka. Thank you, for working so hard on my next single.” Gam responded, leaving the booth. She quickly made a break for her phone. As she expected, there were both calls and messages from Gun.

“Hey, Gun. I’m sorry! I got called into the studio at the last minute.” She replied to one of his texts. Gun, who had just finished his game, picked up his phone as soon as he heard his message tone. He couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

“Recording studio? It took over 5 hours? No break?” He wrote. He thought it over and decided to erase the text. It sounded too pushy, too angry, too suspicious. “It’s ok, I was just getting worried because you never ignore messages.”
“I wasn’t ignoring. I was working. Talk later? I’m going to go grab something to eat, a little hungry.”
“Wait for me? I’m hungry to, just finished a game, I could use a bite.”
“Isn’t the field the opposite way from the studio? I don’t want you coming all the way here. Besides, P’ Ruj wanted to have lunch and talk about or duet.” Gam replied, then put her phone into her purse. Gun read her message and felt as though, he had been shot through the heart. As much as he hated it, he had no right to tell her where and what to do, and who she goes out with. She doesn’t know how he felt about her, and even if she did, she would never feel the same way.

Gam knew the way Gun felt about her, and she felt the same way. She was afraid, afraid of anything getting serious. If things ended badly between the two of the, she would not only lose the man she loves, but she would lose her best friend. She would rather be a friend and have him in her life forever, than to risk losing him.

“P’ Gun, are you ever going to tell P’ Gam how you feel about her?” Dome asked setting a plate down in front of Gun. Dome was the only person who knew how Gun felt about Gam.
“Dome, I don’t know if it is a good idea. What if she doesn’t feel the same way? What if they make things awkward? It is a big risk.”
“I heard that there are three other seniors in The Amplifier family, that likes her. They are waiting for a good time to ask her out. Are you going to be able to handle it?”

“Of course not, but there is nothing else I can do.”
“What if it’s P’ Aed? Everyone knows how he is, and lately he has been spending a lot of time on Line with P’ Gam.”
“Aed? The jerk that likes to collect women as trophies?”

“Helloooo.” A familiar voice interrupted. Gun’s heart fluttered as he turned to see Gam walking through the door. “I heard someone is hungry.”
Her smile was enough to dissipate any anguish he had. “I thought, you were having lunch with P’ Ruj?”
“I was tired, and wanted to have lunch with my boys.” Gam beamed. Gun felt his heart sink a little. A little part of him hoped that she wanted to have lunch with, just him.

“Oh, good! I don’t have to eat just eggs.” Dome said, excited. “I’ll go get more plates and spoons.” Dome excused himself. He wanted to give Gun and Gam a few minutes together. Nothing would make him happier, than two people he cared about finding love with one another.
“I got your favorite dish.” Gam beamed setting the bags onto the table. Gun tried his best to act normally, but truth, he was still upset about Ruj.
“Thank you,”
“How was your game?” Gam asked taking a seat beside Gun.
“It was good, we lost.”
“How is that good?”
“It was still fun.”
“Ah ok, true.”
“How is the single coming along?”
“It’s going good. We finished it today.”
“Oh! That’s wonderful.” Gun said looking up at Gam. Their eyes locked and silence filled the air. Gam didn’t like this silence between the two of them.

“I-----” Before Gam could say anything else, Gun’s lips locked onto hers. His arms wrapped around her as he deepened his kiss. Gam, stunned, sat frozen initially. As the shock passed, she kissed back. The tension that has been brewing between them all culminated to this moment. Gun was hungry in his kisses, years of one-sided love, was finally being reciprocated through this intimate action. Gam broke their lips apart and took a deep breath.

“I’ve got to go.” Gam said rushing out. Gun, shocked, didn’t know how to react to her sudden departure. Once the shock passed, Gun immediately stood up to go after Gam, but she was long gone.

Gam sat in the car reeling from what just happened. She had only managed to leave the driveway and drive one block away. She was confused, shocked, disappointed, happy, and angry all in one. Gam knew of Gun’s feelings for her, but he didn’t know of hers. She refused to let anything tear their relationship apart, and that means even if they had to remain friends forever. Gam has seen it countless of times, friends who took that next step and ended up badly. She refused to let that be her and Gun. As much as she loved him, it was best to keep him in her life as her best friend, than risk losing it all for a relationship.


Please leave feedback if you are enjoying the story. I have altogether 5 chapters written, but 2-4 is on my laptop. I will post those as soon as I get home.
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