Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia


sarNie Hatchling
i heard it was stupid...

and i heard that sue yaj (tub's brother) is tub yaj's father in the movie...
how gay is that??? why would they make the younger brother the father of the older brother in the movie??

anywho... i heard it's not that great. it was from the same director who directed the innocent cyclone. and i didn't like the innocent cyclone.


sarNie Juvenile
i saw part 1 & 2 already and it's a good movie and i like it a lot. So, part 3-5 already out and yeah since I haven't saw the "Nplooj Siab Khaub Lig Cua" and I think "Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia" is way more better


sarNie Juvenile
My mom really love this movie but i don't like it cause of the storyline..also, i really love the song that TOu sings in here..Does any of you guys have this song..if you do then please sharing for me. thank you


sarNie Adult
Isn'T tHIs tHE OnE wItH cHeNg aGaIN???
Is hIS bROtHeR gOInG tO pLaY iN tHe mOvIe tOO???
juSs wONdeRInG...


sarNie Adult
I saw clips of it at my mom's place.. The storyline seems pretty ok - It seems more interesting than the innocent cyclone.. but I don't know about the songs in it- haven't heard it yet.. because I know I liked one of the songs in the innocent cyclone :)

anyways... The video graphics are just amazing, that's what I like


sarNie Hatchling
Haven't watched Nplooj Siab Khaub lig cua except part 1...Gave up when 7 parts came out :p

Borrowed the rest of Hlub Tshaj Txoj Sia from my friend...It's pretty damn good! (And I'm not a Hmong movie fan). Except I would have to say it's more about the family relationships than it is about love triangles or whatever...Quite sad, in a lot of ways...Some of it was rushed and some dragged on too long, some of it was kinda stupid, and I hated the ending the way it was too convenient...but overall, very good. The director is a graphic artist so it is a very pretty movie, sometimes too pretty, and lacking substance. Plus it left some questions unanswered where I was kinda like "eh...wtf? What about *this* or that*?" But Tub improved a lot from his "crying" movies and there are some parts that tug at the heart...The two girls annoy me with their bad Hmong, but they're prettier than the ones in Cyclone.

BTW, can someone tell me what Nplooj Siab Khaub Lig Cua was about? *scratches head* Since I will never watch it and since I can't find it on discount at the markets anymore...?