Hmong New Year 2010-2011


it's near the time again where hmong new year festival will be held. i just wanna know if anyone has any info on where and when the festival will be held. thanks in advance. :D


sarNie Granny
i dunno what new year they're starting at this year but, chico peeps were arguing about whose gonna hold the chico new year, yeah i know its a bit stupid.


sarNie Adult
why not just let Gneral Vang Pao...hold on to all the new year sinces hes the General.
so no one cant say nothing about it.


sarNie Hatchling
anyone know when marysville new year...? please let me know... :) thanks...


sarNie Egg
Chico new year is this weeked October 2-3 but i heard they moved it to a different place from last year so i'm not sure where it is. Oroville new year is next weekend October 9-10 at nelson ave middle school.


sarNie Juvenile
Well in Fresno, we have 2 new years going on at the same time.
Dec 26 - Jan 1

1) original- Hmong International New Year held by Hmong International
at Fresno Fair Grounds
2) new- Hmong United International New Year held by Hmong 18 xeem (The 18 Clans)
at Jensen, the place where they have Water Festival held by Lao Family.


did anyone go to merced new year? if so how's it?
i'm probably going to the fresno new year at the fairground. if anyone went to the other one. please share w/ us what it is like.


sarNie Adult
It's sad that two Hmong New Year would be held in Fresno this year, usually it's just held in one place which is the Fairground, why did they have to make it so complicated, now who knows which vendor will go where and which stars are going to attend which events.


sarNie Adult
i have to cry that i didnt get to go to new year this year.
it was suppose to be me and my bf year.
gosh..i had to cry all night.