Homeless Woman Lands Elle Internship


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Congrats to her, but what happens when she gets all that money from Elle and is not homeless anymore? Are they still going to pay her to blog about being homeless? Besides, it says she was homeless for 6 months, pretty much the same story for most us Americans these days. My sister and her 3 children are on the brinks of becoming homeless.

She is one of the lucky few that was still able to save her laptop and other fancy electronics. She's single and have no children, so go figure. I'd be more surprised and at awe if it were a homeless woman who has been homeless for years and have children to fend for.

But all in all, good for her.


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True Lome, but I think that intrigued me about this story is that in this world there are still some happy endings. With all the rough times people are going through right now it's hard to find light and it's good to see someone has found light somewhere. I am going through a horrible patch right now and barely making it to the end of the tunnel to find light. Hopefully after these next few months I'll be happier =/

Although, her story may not be completely sad and movie making material it still seems like a story to keep people's spirits up.

I never really thought about the blog is still about her being homeless. Now that wouldn't make sense if she continues to blog about being homeless. I didn't read the full article I guess. I thought that they would hire her to write about other things because of her job qualifications. Basically, I thought she was getting hired for the field that she was laid off from =/


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Great story. I'm happy for her.

As for what Lome said, that's true, it's harder with children but at the same time it's slightly easier for women with children to find work and a place to stay if they're homeless. They have programs made especially for homeless women with children.
As for your sister, I'm sorry about that but she still has family, she still has you right?

This girl may have her fancy electronics but only because she knows she needs it to keep fighting. Smart woman, she used her brains and kept what she needed to get back on track. She had no one but herself. Her dad killed himself, her mother apparently was no help.
Being homeless is easier when you have friends and family to rely on until you can get back on your feet.
I remember when I was 7 and our house burned down, for the second time. Oh yeah, it happened. My parents spent a lot of money rebuilding it after the first fire and when the second happened they wouldn't give him insurance money because they thought he did in on purpose! <_<
If it wasn't for my grandparents and uncles taking us in, we would've been homeless too.