Honeymoon in Thailand


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I'm thinking on going to THailand for my honeymoon, where would be a good place to go? I was looking online and there isn't a lot of the ALL INCLUSIVE ones..i want to go somewhere where it is all inclusive because its cheaper that way...


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phuket is a nice place for romantic times.. i went there with mine and ma gf one year we went to the marriott resort


one of the members of my family had their honey moon there too and another of ma friends had a wedding there


ohh congrats babyT....ehh chiang mai is a really nice plae to go and have a honey moon there is quiet and peaceful and the scenery is breath taking


all inclusive packages? um, wow, that might be a bit pricey, but what are u looking to spend for the 2 of u? and what type of honeymoon do u want? adventurous, relaxing, private, tour like? lol there are so many different things to do, and with the things u want or not want to do, the prices varies...

if u want quiet... phuket is probably not the place to go lol... because it's very loud and active, and u will feel like u went to a beach down ur nearest location because it's infested with foreigners and food for foreigners aka tourist trap area!

however on the same note, krabi, a nearby location to phuket is quieter, and if u wanna visit the phi phi islands u can still go from krabi... but if u want to just escape all loudness... the other beaches-samui, with koh chang, koh kood and stuff are nice too... and i think there aren't as much foreigners and tourist traps.

chiang mai is nice too, i wanna go someday. just don't go during their winter because it gets really cold... like right now, i hear it's freezing cold.

i think there are many companies providing all inclusive packages, but they are quite pricey. so yeah, it's up to what u are looking to spend, or what ur budget is... and what ur expectations of your honeymoon are...

haha for what i know... honeymooners barely leave their hotel rooms/suite... :lol: