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i remember this. . but i don't have it tho. . never recorded it. .

well. . if i remember correctly, the p'ek Kawee is played by neung. . and can't remember the other p'ek, Honwichai, and can't member the n'eks. .

but kawee is a cow, and honwichai is a tiger. They were turned into humans after studying with the ruesee. . something like that . well, anyways, they were both young, like 6 or 7, and i remember that kawee killed something or someone, and his sword 'tasted' the blood, and it cause both kawee and honwichai to grow older. . .

the n'ek has nice smelling hair, and the other n'ek is her cousin( not sure). . well,. . there was also this other king who fell in love with n'ek cause of her hair, and he kidnapped(??) her. . and the p'ek decided to disguise himself and went to help n'ek. .

sorry if the storyline is confusing. . .i can't really recall it myself, so just summarized bits and pieces. .


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ThanamasFanclub said:
There are 2 pra aek and nang aek..There not cousins though...But the other pra aek is Boy Brinya..
the pra ek was the guy from blah boo thong and the other pra ek was the guy from si yod ku marn


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Yea..Thats what I said...The pra aek from Bla Boo Tong his name is Boy-Brinya Boonsakul..But anyways the other pra aek is Neung-Mapisorn Cheuysopun....As for Neung's nang aek she was new..I forgot her name...She had only one lakornpuenbarn.As for Boy's nang aek...It was Dear Barisa something something lol..I forgot her last name..But she was the nang aek from Tepsingh-Intrajuk..


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anyone have this lakorn?? it's good?? or pics??


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I have watched this lakorn more than 20 years ago. It's not Boy Barinya's version. It was older version.

It is a story of a baby cow and a baby tiger who are friends because
the baby tiger drinks milk from mother cow. They are sworn brothers. The mother cow and mother tiger vow that they will become friends and not hurting each other. However, the mother tiger breaks the promise. She kills and eat mother cow. The baby tiger and baby cow arevery sad. They left home and meet "Ruesee". Later they become

That's the beginning of the story that I can remember. I didn't follow
the storyline when they grow up. ^_^


yup yup yup i totally remember this movie...it was really short...i think it only had like 7 parts or something..it was like one of the shortest boran lakorns out there!


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The only thing I remember about the lakorn is that n'ek's (Jansuda) hair smelled really nice and they kept saying it over and over. Hell the theme song would also talk about her hair. Also the guy that kidnapped n'ek was like 70years old and she wasn't a typical soft spoken n'ek. She would always insult the old guy and it would crack me up. If anyone remember Aump/James/Oil modern lakorn she was one of the n'rai in it, Aump's half sister I think. She was also in the remake of Nam Sai Jai Jing


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oh yeah... i remember that lakorn... the plot wasn't too good... but i only watched it because of Boy Blinya.... haven't seen him for so long, that i was willing to watch this lakorn just for him.... so good... but i hated him with his long wavy hair... eww... he is better with his hair up in a bun...


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I watch this boran lakorn again. Boy and his na’ek was hecka cute. Love them together. It sucks because they got so little of time together.


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The original storyline-fairytale is a whole lot better than the lakorn..It makes a lot more sense then the lakorn too..