How can you tell if a guy likes you?

Never thought I would ask this question but my fellow ladies, how can you tell if a guy likes you? A lot of people like my family and close friends say that this guy takes interest in me but I don't believe it. I really can't tell because I've never felt this way before. It's weird! Lol. They're just hinting at me like "Go for it!", "Why does he always agree with everything you say even when you yell at him?", "He seems like a sweet guy."...etc. It's only been a week since I've known him but he's asking me random and non-random stuff like:
- "Are you hungry?", "What do you want for lunch?", "Are you thirsty?", "What did you have for lunch?", "Want some coffee?"
- "Do you want to go shopping?"
- "When is your birthday?"
- "Do you play sports?"
- "What kind of music do you like?"
- "Do you like comedies?"
- "Do you want to go eat after work?"
- "Do you want to go see a movie?", "Is there a movie out that you want to see?"
Other things that I've realized:
- He smiles and laughs at nearly everything I say.
- He gets mad when I answer "no" to the questions above.
- He says things like "If I was your boyfriend...", "You need a boyfriend.", "I'm so tired; I need a massage."
What does this mean? I mean, he doesn't text or call me but I assume that because he rarely has time due to his businesses. What do you y'all think? Any personal experiences similar to me? Any ideas, suggestions, comments? Thanks.


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You guys have known each other for a week only?! Haha Don't worry. That happened to me ONCE this year. It was a pain. 555 
Anyways, I would say yes, the guy does like you. But then again, we don't know what his intentions are. There are so many guys out there who acts this way but doesn't see you more than a friend, which is a shame. 555 
Based on experience, if a guy always talks to you and it's not entirely normal, then yes, he is interested in you. Be cautious also. Do ask him of his past relations such as if he has just broken up with an ex or whatever. You don't want to be a rebound just because the man can't take being single for long. 
At this stage, he's probably trying to pursue you. He's trying to learn what kind of a person you are and so forth. 
Sometimes it's good to approach the guy and ask him as to how he feels towards you and vice versa. You don't want him to lead you on. If you think you do like him but isn't entirely sure, tell him it is best to be friends for now and try to get to know one another better first. You don't want to jump into a relationship only to find out that you both are the opposites from one another. That'll leave to a broken friendship. 
Do give it some time as well. :) 


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Awh, that sounds so adorable!!! :wub: Well, to me, sounds like he's interested in you! :D :clap2: Do you like him? Anything good about him? Hmm, but guys are mysterious, too. :huh: Who knows what they're really thinking... :shrug: Are you direct? Sometimes it's better to ask him straight out if he likes you that way...but then, again, he can lie to you so easily... Aah! Sorry, I'm not too experienced hehe. But if you're not interested in him, be firm about it and let him know indirectly that you're not ready for a relationship, only wanting to be friends... Eh, my sleepy brain isn't thinking too properly. :yawn: I'm going to hit the hay right now... :sleep: :goodnite: And good luck! :grouphug:
He's actually my boss. Lol. I've seen him before but we've never talked or anything. He wanted a friend of mine to hook me up with him but I told my friend to tell him no. Haha. I didn't know he was this laid-back. I mean, he's really cool and all but sometimes, it seems like his life is just so busy and I don't know why but I feel so bad for him because he really doesn't have time to do anything. He doesn't get enough sleep and he lives like an hour or two away from work. Still, he manages to smile and laugh when I speak to him which is weird because when he works with other people, he doesn't talk to them more than simple everyday questions. He also likes to add "sweetie" and "darling" at the end of most of his sentences when he speaks to me.
As for me, I like him as a friend and respect him because he's my boss but he doesn't act like a boss to me at all. He speaks to me mostly with smiles and when I say "Huh?", he quickly turns around, slightly laughs and just says "Nevermind" or "Nothing."
I also learned that we have a lot in common:
- We don't like most of modern music but is more interested in international music.
- We both prefer staying home and watching movies than going out and partying or clubbing. Lol.
- We both like working.
- We both have similar thoughts on life.


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Wow. What a boss he is. Haha That's actually very cute of him and you also. :D lol
I think he wants a friend yet is trying to pursue you still. If you're pretty laid back like him, he's bound to take interest in you because of how laid back you are. But like said, I think because of his busy life, he wants a friend in his life to keep him entertained and so forth. Someone who shares the same interest as him. :) I don't really know what else to say other than to talk to him about how feels towards you and what are his intentions. :)
This kinda reminds me of Saam Noon Nuer Thong how Kirtchai acted to Arunsi
But I think that your boss do have a feeling for you:)


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Hey. That is like what my soon-to-be cousin-in-law actes to my cousin. He's all piled up with work but then when he met my cousin again after a few years, BAM! He acts all annoying, lovery dovery, sweet, etc. I say he does have interest in you or he must be lonely since he doesn't have much time for relationships and chose you which means he might have interest in you. I guess the way he talks to you, acts, and LOOKS at you. I can see when p'din looks at p'nat that he really (in her case) loves her. In your case looks as if he has a crush that might go deeper. Ugh. I've been in ur position before. Bit he wasnt my boss, but my friend's ex boyfriend. It was awkward. Thank goodness got rid of him. But still.... Anyways, just ask him directly. You don't have anything to lose.
"Okay I respect you as my boss and everythong but some people keep saying you like me, you act somewhat cheery than most people when around me, you bombard me with questions, and more. So let me ask you directly; do you like me in a position more than a friend?"
If he says no then thank him for telling you. If he says yes, thank him for being honest and straightfoward with you. And if you like him, well that's just interesting. If you don't, ouch. Dramatic. I would love to film that as a lakorn lol! :)
However, he could just be a lonely person too desperate for a relationship/someone he could spend time with that he thinks he likes you. Anyways, do not over-think it. Just ask him directly. That is the best thing to do. To pull him over to an isolated place from other workers and ask him.
Well he has a 4-year old daughter and he's 8 years older than me. Lol. He and his baby mama are no longer together and have been separated for about three years now.
Yesterday, he randomly massaged my shoulders and said "You're tense and that's not good. It means you're stressed. What's been stressing you out lately?"
I said "nothing." and he's like "Omg, don't tell me nothing. Your answers are always negative."

Then he was like "You wanna go see a movie tonight?" I was like "Uhm..." Lol and a customer interrupted us.
As of right now, I like him as a friend and a boss. But, I've never felt this way towards a guy before. I mean before, some guys ask me directly to out and I automatically tell them "no" but for some reason, when he asks me questions like that, I hestitate first and then decline. I don't get him and myself. Lol.
thatsouthernasianchick said:
Well he has a 4-year old daughter and he's 8 years older than me. Lol. He and his baby mama are no longer together and have been separated for about three years now.
Yesterday, he randomly massaged my shoulders and said "You're tense and that's not good. It means you're stressed. What's been stressing you out lately?"
I said "nothing." and he's like "Omg, don't tell me nothing. Your answers are always negative."

Then he was like "You wanna go see a movie tonight?" I was like "Uhm..." Lol and a customer interrupted us.
He is tooooooo cute. I think that even if he has a kid already, 8 years older but if you guys have feelings toward each other. Lol!!! A customer interrupted!!!
Here's some other things that I've observed about him:
- he seems really sweet towards other girls as well (most of whom he knows and are younger than me)
And instead of keeping a normal conversation with me, he's silent most of the time but every once in a while he asks things like:
- "Are you hungry?"
- "Do you want something to drink?"
- "Do you want to go see a movie tonight?"
Then he asks me random questions like:
- "What sports do you like?"/ "Do you play any sports?"
- "Do you like fishing?"/ "Next time when I go, do you want to go with me?"
I wonder if he asks other girls/women that too.
I'm so confused because I think he likes me AND sees me as a friend at the same time. Not sure which one he is leaning more towards but his random questions and smiles and laughs just makes me wonder. Lol.
I see him every single day and he asks me the same questions every day from day two. Yes, day two. Lol. Day one, he was just quiet and normal but day two and afterwards, he started to behave differently like he's interested with my personal life.
He also cracks dirty jokes every once in a while, which I do find funny sometimes and I'm not even the type of person that laughs easily. 
And just today, he asked me "What kind of stores do I shop at?"/ "What stores do I like?", "What size clothes I wear?"...just different random questions he asks at random times. Lol.
NO guy, I repeat, NO guy has ever asked me questions like these.


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Thatsouthernasianchick: Oh, my GAWD, he's your boss?!!! :eyetwitch:, and he's actually "hitting" on you?! I thought that isn't allowed at most workplaces! And he already has an 8-year old daughter? Not that that's bad, but I hope he's not hitting on you for the wrong reasons, especially if he's sweet to other girls... :eek: But despite the precautions, hehe, your situation still sounds so cute and exciting! Well, it's nice to let things go on a little bit longer so that you can distinguish his true intentions. Good luck! :grouphug: I'll have to keep an eye out for your future updates on it. :)
He seems to be a nice quiet guy but since he is quiet he can't tell you that he had that feelings for you... Or else he is like chalidaluvprin whenever she talks to a guy she starts asking questions:D randomly that people think she likes the guy who she was talking with but she sees him as a friend

Good luck


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He's most likely interested but to what extent? Mere interest, pursue for a relationship, or a passing "possible" option? That is what you have to find out. I'd say give it a couple weeks and if you feel like he's still showing interest in you, just ask him straight up. I am not sure what kind of person you are, if you're confrontational or not but there's really no reason not to ask upfront. I realized that if I had just done that in my past, I wouldn't have wasted time on certain guys. Be careful of your own feelings also. Don't put too much on the line. If you fall for him too hard, you might get hurt if he denies feelings for you.
I've had a guy lead me on before. He flirted with me and was seemingly interested. He asked questions and showed concern, but when I told him I liked him he totally flaked on me. So, whatever he says, just take into account that it can be 50/50 half true and half just words. Get to know him a little. I think you'll be able to tell if he's sincere or not if you spend a little time with him.
So far...
-He asked me out to eat to which I finally agreed because I was starving that day after a busy day at work and a full day without food. I tried to pay but he wouldn't let me and I asked to pay next time and he said "no".