How do you see Love?


I took this quiz cause i just love to and here's my result.

You see love as private:

You are imaginative and fanciful. You can construct a whole other world inside your head.
Falling in love is special and highly emotional for you. You don't feel comfortable broadcasting your feelings.

You are a mystery to those around you. You rarely show anyone the full picture of who you are.
You reveal yourself in time to those closest to you. You think true love takes time.

This so true about me!

here's the cite:

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
You See Love as Enriching

You are highly effective in all areas of your life. You like to take on new challenges.
You don't see love as something that will complete you. Your love is never codependent.

You have high self-esteem. You think well of yourself, and that's all that matters.
You believe that you need to love yourself first in order to find you love. There is no "I love you" without the "I."

hahaha i go to that site whenever i'm bored. lol Thanks for sharing though. :)

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
You See Love as Important

The first part is incredibly wrong, i have terrible people skills. But it is true i fall with my head not my heart.