How do you thank your guest during a wedding ?


sarNie Hatchling
Hi there,

I would like to know what kind of favor gift brides and grooms in your country gives to their guest ?

I mean, usually, during a wedding, the bride and groom give a little something to thanks guests for coming. What kind of gift is it ?

In Thailand, I found that it is mainly salt and pepper shaker.. but in other country ?

Please tell me ;)
I'm sure that they have companies that have catalogues of various types of gifts like that. Some give out picture frames, some give pens, it really depends on the bride and groom's preferences.


sarNie Adult
most wedding i've been to the gift that i received was shot glass printed bride and groom's name and the date. you can give out candles.


sarNie Hatchling
Yes thanks
But I mean in a "traditional way", maybe there are more traditional gifts..
like in India, bride and groom give Ganesh statues


sarNie Oldmaid
In the U.S. it depends on the theme of the wedding. Most Lao weddings I've gone to have had little rice basket keychains or kaen keychains.