How To Talk To Your Crush???


Hey, well like i have a crush and he likes me back. And like we don't have any periods together beside 6th period and lunch, and he comes up to me and i try to talk to him but how. I mean we barely have classes with eachother and we both don't know what to talk about, Someone give me advice besides "How was your day" Lol, Thxs for the one who is willing to give advice. Hehehe.


sarNie Oldmaid
Have confidence in yourself and talk about what you enjoy doing, maybe something not too stressful but more fun. Usually if I don't know what to say I start asking question, about anything really just to get the conversation started...but usually I talk a lot because I don't like to hear the silence because then it becomes awkward. You can ask him about what plans he got for the weekends, what he enjoys doing and ask him to get into a little more detail about that...although don't forget to give him a chance to ask about you or don't miss the chance to talk about yourself. This way he will get to know you ask well. Maybe you guys can hang out more too, the good thing is both of you feel the same so it shouldn't be too hard.

Wish you lucky, sorry my advice isn't all that great lol.


Just talk to him like how you would normally talk to any person or your friends. You don't have to be nervous or shy if you both have the same feelings toward eachother. If you want to know more about him then just ask him and give your perspective as well. Hope my advice helps. :)