Hua Jai Chocolate


sarNie Adult
awww i havent seen mos in ages!and aom soo pretty i cant wait!but whts the story line!!!!lol thanks for shaing Ana...

wow ur soo busy postin pictures and sc everywehre!


sarNie Elites
I seriously cannot wait for this lakorn. Aom and Mos, together again. They're so cute together. I love these kind of lakorns in that kind of setting. It kind of sucks that they kind of all came out at the same time though. (I.E. Hua Jai Lud Fah, Ruk Lamoon Lun Lamai...) People might get tired of seeing the same thing, as in setting. But personally, I love it. The snow just makes everything even more beautiful.

The picture in the right hand corner is just way too cute! :wub:


sarNie Egg
Aom and mos were in a movie together before this??? I thought this was their first pairing. But i do wanna see this aom is really cute.


Finally Mos! I really miss seeing him in lakorns. I haven't seen him in one ever since the one w/ him and Kob. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one! :)


OMG!!!!I can't wait for this lakorn to come out.I miss both Mos and Aom on screen.Both of them look so cute together!