Hugo's New Single 2012?


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I'll post this here, since there's no western section.. and also.. hugo is thai.. hehe.

Anyways, I'm excited, I love Hugo.
He was a decent actor.. and of course a talented singer.
I loved his "Old Tyme Religion" album, and even got a copy.
I'm glad that he's in the process of making a new album? because I've waited far too long :)

Hugo - Don't Start
credit: huliocruz


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Hugo truly is an amazing artist. i had the opportunity to meet him twice and get his autography when he toured the U.S. i hope he returns to give us another tour! his music is addictive and very different, which i love. i heard another single he did a collabration with Palmy for Big Mountain festival. this was recent and a very good song as well. their duet is great, wish they would tour here together one day!!!


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^ thanks for sharing na Neena.
And I am jealous of you! I would love to meet Hugo one day.
I love love love his music. It's different and addictive indeed.
It's like a clash of oldies mixed and mashed, with unique tunes and lyrics.
He's truly talented and his collab with Palmy is great as well. I knew they were going to collab one day. <3