I Hate Love Story


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Anyway, I'm anticipating this movie -- can't wait it til it come out on DVD .. they looks so cute together.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsTFIz5Y6CE
Cast: Imran Khan (Aamir Khan's nephew) & Sonam Kapoor (Anil Kapoor's daughter)
Song promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfGK4SIcPVo
Sonam Kapoor on the story line

"It's a fabulous film,'' she says. "And, it has me playing me. I'm playing Simran who advocates love stories, whereas Imran Khan is Jay, and he's a cynic. Of course, everyone knows that opposites attract and that is what happens in our case.''

Imran plays a compulsive womanizer

"Imran plays a flirt or womanizer in my film," says director Punit Malhotra, He's a 23-year-old boy who looks at, and flirts with every pretty girl that comes his way."

Imran says he drew inspiration for his character from Akshay Kumar. We are wondering if Akshay is going to take that as a complement or character assassination!

"I was at a loss how to play this confident and suave character, a hit with the ladies," says Imran. "After some deliberation, I decided to base it on Akshay. I have met him twice and I have found him to be very cool and chilled out. The character needed to be like that, so it was a good fit."

Past Plot Speculation

There have been various assumptions going around the film's plot. In the beginning there were rumors that the film is about a love triangle with twists. Sammir Dattani is the love interest of Sonam Kapoor. Then appears Imran Khan who falls in love with Sonam.

A Mumbai Mirror source has a different take on it: "I Hate Love Stories is about a film director, Samir and his two assistants played by Imran and Sonam. It was Karan Johar who decided to have a character based on him in his own film. Karan is especially known for making romantic and family-based films. In I Hate Love Stories, TV actor Aamir Ali plays the romantic hero in Samir's film. Although Imran Khan plays Samir's assistant director, he hates the idea of making love stories and that's how the film got its title. Karan has already briefed Samir about his role in I Hate Love Stories. The film will soon go on the floors."

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i finally watch this two days ago and happen to love the later half of the movie .. the first half is a bit stupid with all those 'suppose' funny humor.

Aside from this .. the OST kick butt!!! simply romantic and yes, IMRAN is quite handsome -- remind me so much of his uncle in his younger year .. AWE, I MISS AAMIR Khan and his simple love look in the olden day (he's alright now aday as he age). Sonam, she's gorgeous but i still can't get over the fact that she said 'SHE'S BASICALLY BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON' just b/c she's Anil kapoor's daughter .. she's taking it too far with this whole too PRIDEFUL thing. i understand but she could at least be considerate like some of the other top actor whose parent are famous as well.



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i usually have the hots for bollywood actresses but without makeup, they are pretty average and sometime scary to look at.

anyways imran khan looks so much like his uncle.


just watch this movie last nite...borring i may said..lol...the soundtrack in here are ok though...


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Saw dis movie recently, nice movie but nothin grt. Imran was so cute n acted well. Sonam was alright.