I just spammed... To say... I miss youuuuuuuuuu... lalalala


sarNie Fansubber
HAHAHAHA sorry in advance for spamming here..... But it's been a while i've not been in SW...Almost 2 years???? So just drop by to say I MISS YA!!!!!!! Hope u guys are doing good and still rock hehe... I'm still torturing and eating some yummy men somewhere in Laos haha... If any girl interested in this original activity, just e-mail me... I'm generous, i can share :)

p'Tim, Ning, Xcappy, p'John, P'Lek, P'Sam, Dfemc, p'Dyno, Tina, p'Kym, N' Nai, Momo, Kkrystal...and all other peeps...



Mr. Char
Welcome back, Jen!

Concerning our morning's discussion, I found back the videos in my HDD. I'll probably send the links into your SW or Facebook inbox.

It'll be time to plan something when you'll be back to Paris. I'm available only on weekends now. (Eh oui, le monsieur est en stage et fait croire qu'il est super busy :D).


sarNie Adult
someday s the sunshine we need to feel comes from the past in short funny memories to heal our faith in tomorrow, today rays of hope come from times spent laughing with you, miss you dear friend Jen'... welcome back!!!


omg jen! i heard u were mentioning my name so i came from the beating of my heart HAHAHAH vomits*

miss u too. hope u had a blasting party. don't work too hard and find a new job so we can chat more often lol :p


sarNie Adult
who's this Jensen person?

Mai roo wah.


Ahhh!!! JEN!!!! i miss you.... but when i saw the word p included in my name.... gawly am i that OLD?!?! hahahaa jkjk..... you sabaideemai????


sarNie Adult
kit teung jensen ta lot vay laah, but i know u must save the world, and do what's necessary to eliminate this world of useless men. so d mai waah (d is not complaining). btw, about the fun activity (of male torture) u're engaged in. if u need a volunteer, please sign me up. i'm well trained, so it'll make it easier for u. :)


Wanna-Be เจ้าชู้
roll call...

"What's up my furry transgender friend!" Bon Journo! Wee Wee Merci por que.

Bee'z here and Bee'z there.

I hope life is well.

We are waiting for you to blog about your man-eating adventures.