i would love to see Rita and Aum (boy) do a lakorn together


sarNie Egg
Hope to see Rit@ and AuM (boy) do a lokorn together in the future.
who would want to watch this couple together for once.? I do. Hell yeah..



Expired Sarnie
I want her to pair up with Ken and Aum. Rome got to work alongside Anne and now he needs to work with Aff. Ken got to work with Aff and Anne already. Aum got to work with Aff and Anne. I am still hoping for this to happen!!!


sarNie Tombstone
This is my answer Rita and Aum is always stuck in my head. Rome and Aff is my next one. The huge thing one that i wanna them two pair for
once is Chakrit and Ploy. It will be a big surprise if one day there is a news that they're having one.


sarNie Tombstone
Yes I think that Chakrit and Ploy would make a HOT pair! I want to see them in a R scene lol.
Hehe indeed your right. We're all haven't seen Ploy been rape by the p'ek or in any some sort of being in a weak character. Lets just all cross our
2 fingers to Chakrit and Ploy to the near future and also Aum and Rita along side them as well.