If the world end on 12/21/2012.......

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I let life just happen. I really don't believe in any of this but my mom is totally scared. She's afraid we'll run out of water and she wants me to fill the tub with water just in case. Honestly if the world is ending on Friday, i would just go on with my day like any other Friday. It's would be too late to find my true love and have my first child in just 2 days. I would be disappointed that i have never been through motherhood, never traveled to anywhere exotic and never finished my education. But i think the world ending is just a bunch of bullcrap, if the world ends it ends.


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If the world was to end.. I'll be satisfied.. because I got to see Yadech in person. That's better than seeing none of my fav thai daras.. hehe..

But, I'm not scared though.. because of my beliefs (I won't bring in my religion). If the world ends, then it ends. I feel like this will just be like another "Y2K" that never happened.


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If the world was to end.. I'll be satisfied.. because I got to see Yadech in person.
REALLY? Are you serious about this?

I'm not scared of this world ends things. The thing that I scare most is that i'll have no more chance to be a good daughter of my parents before one of us die.


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^ lol.. no.. that was just a *in the moment thing* :p

You're such a sweet daughter na Asy. <3

but if the world really was to end.. I have lots of regrets that I must overcome.. I must forgive others that have done wrong to me.. show my family how much I love them. .. Many things can be listed... but so little things can be done... since no one really knows when the world will end :( it's best to live your life with no regrets.. and take everything as a blessing because you never know what it'll be like once every thing is gone..


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Lol im not worry about the world ending. If the world does end it ends because one day all of us will die anyways thats the game of life. We have to accept that no matter what so i think if the world does end not to panic so it wont be as painful as it sounds. But truthfully i hv heard that 2016 the world will be set on fire or something like that. I am not a big christian believer or do i go to church or aything but i hv friend who are and they had said in the bible or something that one day something like the earth will be set on fire as one of the elements have been use already water. Yk the iceage, the whole earth being under water and now its going to be set on fire as it says. Like i said im not so sure about the news or not.??

But if thw world does end be pround that u get to live once!!YOLO!!! :) We may regret alot of things in life but we also can never take it back so be proud of the present instead of the past. Because the present is what u can change and make everything better!!


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Well, I I'm gonna party for my sis's bday. Party like it's the end of the world. Then get up to go to work at 6am. Boo!!


Hahaha, you guys are so funny. If the world really does end, I wouldn't do anything and just live on like i always do, because I know deep down that though it might end, there's always a new beginning. Haha.