if u have like $100,000 what would u do


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if u have $100,000 would u invest in stocks (gamble it maybe u could double triple or just 10xs more) or u would just buy a house worrying about the monthly costs


Since I'm still young, I definitely would invest it in stocks or do bonds because I mean you can make more dividends then worrying about your damn house payments right (yes I'm greedy lol), except bonds do take long to grow. Now, if I was say 22, I'd invest it in an IRA so I can have money when I retire...can't secure my financial future with social security especially when I retire. Now, say I was 40, I might buy the house but I most likely will not invest all 100,000 on the house. Gotta save some for the home decor lol.


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I don't do stocks that's my bf's thing.

If I had $100,000. I'd start by paying off all my debts so I can have a clean slate to work with. Then I'd put some money away and spend some on traveling and a new car. I don't think I'd want to buy a house though, at least not yet. I plan on living alone and the less space I have, the less I have to clean. ^_^ I'd be happy with a loft or townhome. I don't have to worry about when I retire because my parents took cared of that. If all fails and I need funding I can always pull it out from my life insurance (I've had it since I was about 8 years old).

- $5,000 (credit card)
- $23,000 (student loans)
- $20,000 (savings account)
- $10,000 (traveling for a few months in Europe, maybe backpacking)
$42,000 (new car, what's left from that goes to my checking)


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invest. invest to secure my future. IRA, Money MARKET, and certified deposit are good choices ..


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Go back to Laos .. Buy a land ... Build a house ... and ... enjoy the barn-nork life (countryside) with a joint in hand.

oh yea, what left of the money goes into my bank account.


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I'd invest the money in some kind of business and then when the business grows, that's when I'll buy a house, a new car, vacation... and all the luxuries people dream about.


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Nothing much, I am satisfy with my life though I don't have much. I don't want to be naming stuff since that will never be true. Who would throw that much money down to my feet. LOL I must be dreaming. Lottery and gambling don't count. LOL


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**rubb hands together** dirty thought...100,000 crap i'll hire Ken Theeradeth for a one night thing! lol j/k

i'm still young very bad w/ money...hmm..probably keep it for my future...to pay for my tuition...lol


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Clear all debts, which include Paying off students for sis. and I and after that down for a house; since the market is so good to buy. Than if there is still any left, travel the world for a month or two.
I would invest the majority of it (say $90,000) into some good stocks or, even better (since I can't really pick good companies for myself), I'd buy Class A shares of Berkshire-Hathaway (Buffet's company), which are sure to go up over the next 30 or so years...

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^as if you couldn't buy a plane ticket. why not invest in a brain? i kid. i love you =D

I would buy my college degree some how some way and then pay a good job to hire me LOLLL and then they put me in a few weeks training while i get paid :p . I catch on fast so i'm good to go.

Muddie Murda

You talking about the insect fly then?

*Planning a trip to San Francisco*
Lucee: What? You've never seen a fly before?! WTF LOL

true story


i'm talking about flying as in flying like an angel with wings you idiotic fool LOL jkk i love you . now go away =/ and look at my signature.


i was thinking maybe towards the house or stock, but i'd put it towards the house. so i can buy another house, and rent one out. easier for me to think that way. :huh:


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I'll invest in the stock market and create businesses so the flow of money will be unlimited and I'll still find a job so I have multiple streams of income and then I'll also use it in order to migrate to another country with my whole family and travel the world. I also plan to get a master's or doctor's degree. I also plan to help the needy.
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