If you were a lakorn writer...


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If you were a lakornpeunbarn story write what kinda story would you write to be a lakorn..? Just place your comments on what kinda storyline you'll make for this kinda lakorn...I know I have a lot but I want to know what kind of story us SW people wanna write..Have fun with it though..! :p


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revenge type of plot or a hate/love between the leading couple . I do get tire of their love at first sight LOL>> come on now hahah i knoe every girls want a prince but gosh ... not so fast hahah.


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Hahahaha omg, for my Creative Writing class in college one time, I actually wrote my own boran lakorn. Our assignment was supposed to be a short story, but I ended up writing the lakorn anyways. Except I rushed it, and only got the kids part done, and that was it. Everyone was wondering..."That's it? Where's the rest of the story?"

And they kept talking about it the whole class period, and it was my teacher's favorite story. They were saying how I should be a writer and get that published because no one's heard anything like that before. I tried to explain to them that stories like that happen all the time in Asia, and that my story wasn't anything good compared to what's out there. But you know how American people don't watch anything else outside their Hollywood movies. -_-

Yeah, my story was NOT original at all anyways so it didn't matter. I was just looking for an excuse to introduce Thai lakornpuebarns to American people. You know how Borans these days take something out of different lakorns and make a new one? That's what I did. I took some storylines from a couple lakorns like Kror Pet Jet See, Bua Keaw Bua Tong, etc, and blended them all into one story. :lol:


Hmmmm if i were to write a boran lakorn i would write one about i don't know...one that nang ek is strong and can fight...lolz...rather than weakk....lakorn boran nowadays mostly have nang eks being hella weak.


sarNie Hatchling
Yah, I mixed those 2 along with some others. It was pretty fun.

So the story starts out in Heaven. Two angels, Anyanee and Wong, fall in lust when they weren't supposed to. So as punishment, God tells Anyanee that she'll be sent down to Earth to be born as a human. He turns her into a white magic ball and puts her in a giant water lily (from Buakeaw BuaTong). Then the Buakaew goes flying down to Earth and lands in a river in the forest. An old monk finds her and decides to raise her.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Spades (made up name), a King James and Queen Aom want to have a baby but the Queen can't get pregnant, so the King gets another wife. In comes the 2nd wife as Queen Au and her son, Prince Lek. And this is where Glor Petch Jet See comes in. So Prince Lek hangs out with the soldiers and becomes a bad boy. Queen Au wants to be the only wife in the Kingdom, so she does magic and causes trouble in the local village.

God watches from above and is mad, so he decides that Wong should be born as a human too, to go stop the bad guys. So one night, Queen Aom watches the sky from the window, and a bright star comes at her and she faints. Next morning, she's 9 months pregnant.

A couple years pass, and this is where the kids' part comes in. Anyanee is flying around in her Buakeaw Jukgrote. Back at the Kingdom of Spades, the King and Queen have paid more attention to Prince Wong than they have to Lek. So him and his mom get jealous. Prince Lek starts bullying James. Queen Au does more magic, and makes everyone think Prince Wong is cursed. So he has to get banished far from the Kingdom. The soldiers get Prince Wong and Queen Aom on a raft and float them out to the ocean.

Queen Au does more magic and causes a big thunderstorm. The raft breaks, and Prince Wong falls off and into the ocean, while the Queen faints. God decides to send help. Up above in the sky is the Kingdom of Hearts, which floats around in the sky. This is just like Nakorn Glanghaow in the boran, Manee Nopa Gaow. So God makes a rainbow appear which goes over the Kingdom. Soldiers slide down the rainbow, grab Queen Aom and head back up.

Meanwhile, Prince James is underwater. Some mermaids grab him and take him back to their Mermaid Kingdom where he will live until he grows up.

So now many years pass by, and the kids are all grown up. Up in the Kingdom of Hearts, lives a King and Queen, and their son, Prince Phone. Queen Aom lives there too, and she's always depressed from missing her son and her old home. One sunny day after raining, a rainbow appears. Prince Phone isn't allowed to go out of the Kingdom, but he does it anyway. Sliding down the rainbow. Down on Earth, he travels around and comes along to a beach where he sees mermaids swimming. One of the mermaids is Princess Monthra, who Phone falls in love with.

But before he can go closer, he hears a noise in the woods so he goes in and sees pirates robbing a small village so he tries to help but gets his ass kicked by the Lead Pirate. Up in the sky is a flying white ninja, Brinya. He looks down and sees Phone in trouble so he goes down to help. His weapon is a big magic necklace, like the ones they have in Manee Nopa Gaow. So after blasting power at the pirates, he grabs Phone who is all beat up, and runs off. They go up the rainbow.

Princess Monthra goes back to her Mermaid Kingdom. Prince James is in his room, looking out the window at the ocean. He's now just like Veelatep from GPJS. Angry all the time and wants revenge against Queen Au and Lek. So him and Monthra have a brother/sister relationship.

In the woods, where Anyanee and the Old Monk live. They are training. Anyanee is now like the tough nang-ek, Karaket in GPJS. She knows how to fight and is a tomboy. Later on, Old Monk tells her that it's time for her to get married, and she's all sad and doesn't want to. So he sends a bird to the local village to tell all the young men that a beautiful girl lives in the woods. Prince Lek is there with his soldiers, and they decide to go see.

Well I guess that's it for now. Hands cramping. :lol:


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hehehe..Pretty cool and interesting lol..Keep it up..I'll like to read more na..At least your nang fah had a reason why she had to be sent down to born unlike most lakorn now adays..They get sent down for no reason and get punished in earth for no reason..555++


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i TOTALLY agree with BabeeLaiLai :)
lakorns always make the nang ek's WEAK. so if i were to write a boran lakorn, i would DEFINITELY make the nang ek STRONG, such as Mekala from thep sam radoo :)
however, i can't really think of a storyline yet, but all i know is that the nang ek will be different from most other boran lakorns :)


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secretagent: I like your story you wrote for class... wanna share the rest with me? you can pm me if you like or plz post it here...

if i would to write one... I'll make the ne'k strong, tomboy, and have magical power, the pe'k a little weak and have power but not as strong as ne'k.... and he'll need to find out who she is...


sarNie Adult
secretagent: I like your story you wrote for class... wanna share the rest with me? you can pm me if you like or plz post it here...

if i would to write one... I'll make the ne'k strong, tomboy, and have magical power, the pe'k a little weak and have power but not as strong as ne'k.... and he'll need to find out who she is...

hehe interrested i would be the same lke you ..


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To be honest, i think most Lakorns are good, but what really tick me off are the rivals. Why are most rivals are always bad? they're evil for evil reason. why can't the rivals have a past that actually prove that they're once innocent. lol.

Anyways, back to the topic, if i can write a lakorn, i would write about a love story that started since childhood. No, they are not close but rather distant strangers. They speak very few words to each other since they first met. The Ne'k (if I am correct, it is the leading actress?) build up feelings for the P'ek for many years until she overheard him talking shit about her and how she always walk so weird and she looks funky.

She was heartbroken by this man that she idolized and since then lost her feelings until a dramatic event happen


sarNie Egg
Here are the titles to my story:

“A Dream Fantasy”

“I always have a dream of a Naga laying it’s golden egg. I hold it in the palm of my hand. I break it and a Naga princess is in the egg waiting for someone to help her out. Her name…is Chansatimaneesetirot Sawanprapai-Kanchansima.”

“Songs of a Kinnari”

“Behind the mountains, the Chenmanee River flows and the Kinnaris’ are flying everywhere. The youngest sister KeawManeekenda Saowaree Chatri-Chola, of seven sings so peacefully. The gods and goddesses are amazed and relaxed when hearing this.”

“Elegant Like A Swan”

“Long gorgeous torso, with the hair of a goddess. The status of a Princess, the face of a swan. Princess Namtong Maytinee Samnaikonvong Duangjenda-Piphatsirikatjorn. Suited for someone to love and cherish forever.”

“The Endless Ocean”

“I once dreamed of a beautiful Mermaid who was stuck on shore of the ocean. I came to her slowly and had asked her if she needed help. She quickly dragged herself back into the ocean. She turns around and says thank you, my name is Sairong Chanbuathomepongsita.”


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similar to some they wrote

also have a character in there who always know when is the rite time to pop up


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i started writing one since 2003 and it goes on for generations :p . Anyways, what I'd like to see in the new ones would be something like the Disney Swan Princess. Kind of what someone else mentioned earlier. The stars see each other, but then the N'Ek changes into a beautiful swan when they're older. But, then she over hears P'Ek talk bad about her and decides to disguise herself so that he doesn't get to see who he could've married. Now, it seems like I'm talking about Malaitong. Haha.


I don't know if anyone thinks the same as me, but ever wonder if the ending of a good boran actually didn't end the way it did? Or if there's a way to re-write a good boran and make it so much better, just the way you want? I'm not talking about the new remakes because the remakes surely isn't as good as the old ones. It would be interesting to know. =) For instance, in Nang Sib Song, what if Maree didn't die? How would you change the ending of that? LOL. I know I would do SO MUCH, but my mind is not thinking well at the moment. :)


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i love secretagent mix of boran lakorn. It's so cool. If only it can be make into production.


sarNie Egg
i would write a revenge story in which the guy would be a playboy but not marry a lot of wife jux na'ek but itll be had for him to win her over...and the parents are enemy but end up happy...sort of a happy kind like sung tongish....

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
I got tons of ideas but most of them wouldn't be love at first sight...it's more like hate at first and then like later on...and then maybe a sequal one too sort of like Romeo and Juliet. Oh man, I just love writing up my own boran lakorn fanfics. ^^


Yeah I like the love hate ideas. That's why glot pet Jed see, nang paya prai, nam jai mea, andtep sin interajak are all such good boran lakorns. Oh yeah and tep swam ladoo too.