"i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"


sarNie Adult
...ok i just thought of this because i wanna say somethings some times and don't want to interupt someones privacy or life so i have created this thread good or bad to say something instead of being quiet... :rolleyes:

...when the silence finds you in a room do you think of me and your decision to leave me behind...

...when the sky turns grey and it looks like rain i think of you to bring the sun out again...

... when i see the girl on tv and she twerls her hear in circles i pause and remember you...

... when i run in the morning and face the sun while it blinds me as i cross my world to stay fit i wonder why...

...when i sleep at night i prefere to keep my window closed but i remember your window stays open for the space it brings... you always are looking for a way to escape but you still peer in another window...

...do the numbers really matter that much...

P.S. a moment of weakness and ismu...


Wanna-Be เจ้าชู้

numbers count, because virtual reality has nothing else to be based on

If they only knew the things you could show them, the jewelry you could buy them, or the trips and glamour you'd gladly provide them.

They would surly forget about the numbers.

Let's have a party at Kymmy's house. 555


The Things I Want To Say To Someone:

- Get Over It, it's a Damn Joke
- Is it Possible to be intrested in something that doesnt exist???
- Is it okay for me to tell u i like u???
- wait who is she, now i hueng u.....lmfao
- I'm So Sorry, Please Forgive Me
- want to go grab lunch with me...lol wink wink


omfgggggggg..................ay kon baaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Staff member
Pink .. white .. yellow.... lavender... lime green... all the bright colors you bring into my life .... i admire you with passion and love so.. my little one..


sarNie Adult
Good job!
Very nice!
Very cute!
I think you're a great person.
You're doing a good job!

Dream on! I'll never say those things :D


u make me crazy.

u make me lonely.

u make me confused.

u make me urge.

u make me happy/sad at the same time.

u make me restless.

u make me believe there is something called mutual love, rather than just the one-sided, heart torturing love. :D


Mr. Char
"I bet, I call, I raise, I check, I fold, I won, I lost, You won, You lost ..."

"I was wrong"
"You were right"
"You are not fat in this pants !" :D


sarNie Adult
At a HiM:
-lIvE WitH It MaN i Do iT to beDifFrEnt DudE---LmAo :tease:

at Her:
- when the sunrise is at the end of a day and i feel less when i don't feel you in my heart i have failed to change... :(

at a lil' her:
-diversity is the aspects of life we accept in a society to grow to our maximum potential and drop our prejudices and bigotries and treat others with respect for all the differences we have from our own culture and up bringing that allows us a bigger pool of ideas to draw from to solve problems… john’s definition,,, i practice every day… ;)


sarNie Granny
leave the Mexican folk alone :dude:


sarNie Hatchling
I want you to know that i miss you, every little breath you take i miss, the smile in your eyes the flash of your carefully aligned teeth the way it reflects the sun in my eyes, i miss you. and there are times where i find myself asking if i was stronger i should have held on, but i didn't and it's ok. it's nice to see you happy with her, day by day sometimes i wonder if you're ok out there somewhere wherever you are, seems like your'e fine, last time i heard you were doing great, married i believe. that's great. but i just wnated you to know that you stink and you're a jerk and an asshole no matter what. HAHAHAHAHA


Mr. Char
Person 1 : "Still beautiful, live your life, be happy, I was glad to see you again..."

Group 1 : "You guys rock ! Long time no see, and this open day in our old high school brought me back so much memories, all these rooms where we laugh like crazies about dummies things ... I'm looking forward for our next meeting, my phone is always on !"

Person 2 : "Good luck my Ragazza Italiana"