Intellectual Maturity between an Asian and White counterpart


maybe it is just me but I am beginning to feel like my white friends have a much broader sense of knowledge and intellectual maturity.  Does anyone else feel the same?  Like this coworker that I work with he's so professional and sounds extremely intelligent.  I am blown away by his intelligence and maturity.  I look at myself and him and feel like he's such a perfect role-model.  He shows no trait of ignorance but he also does not show interest that he likes Asian lol but he's very neutral with everything.  I think it's his work mode, professionalism and intelligence that makes me feel like maybe it's my "asian" brain that is not up to par. We are around the same age, early 20s but he is much more intellectually, mentally and professionally mature.  I also notice many other mature white coworkers too.  I guess I bring white people up a lot because where I work I see mostly whites and very few blacks. rarely any hispanic except at grocery stores. no asians at all. I wish there were asians around. homesick. lol
I suppose the purpose of this topic is to hear out people's opinions and what they think. No right or wrong answer.


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Well what I think is that it's not because of an "asian" brain. I've seen lots of Asians graduate from UC Davis in California, one of the most famous universities in California. The maturity I think it's because of the responsibility he has and wants to make up for, what he grew up around, how he was taught, and how he was influenced. But having an "Asian" brain doesn't mean you're less intelligent. Look at Dr. Meka for the example (even though he's a fictional character from Nuer Mek 2 but he's still wise and "asian"). Or look at the scriptwriter of NM2. He was wise writing those quotes. Mintwix? She's Asian but very wise. But,
1. Chinese have an IQ of 104. Strength = good at memorizing. Weaknesses = no compassion / not creative
2. Whites have an IQ of 100. Strength = most creative. Weakness = lack a racial consciousness / too compassionate
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I do agree with one guy though. Intelligence is not linked nor based on race or skin color.


I agree that Asians are good at memorizing, but def. not the most clever.  Whites may not be as good at memorizing but they still have a great IQ and they are the most clever to me.  They are quick, clever and very creative in terms of ideas, changes and nature.  IQ is only of the many factors that measure intelligence. IQ alone doesn't measure one's total intelligence I don't think at least it doesn't make sense to me yet.


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I never thought that IQ was such a big deal... I know this guy who's very very smart high IQ but may be a total jerk in life..
I'm currently living in Japan and I have to say that in Asia we make such a big deal about memorizing, absorbing the content of X theories without learning how to apply it. A lot of my japanese classmates are very smart but when it comes to general knowledge, common sense, maturity level they are close to those of HS kids and yes they are College kids..... It just felt like Westerners are more "hungry" in terms of HOW/WHY to apply/process it. Many of my classmate aren't able to participate in discussion because they do not know how to express their opinion but also how the japanese culture has been taught to them but they will be able to provide me a solution... but when I ask them why is this the best one, they can't answer. 
I wouldn't say that all westerners but in fact a good majority can stand their ground mostly because it's their belief or conviction that and they work along those lines. I sometimes have felt the same way as you but in the end as I questioned myself why wasn't I able to provide the same answer as him... it's because I was never interested in those topic in the first place or I never went the extra mile... On top of it, I felt like it had something to do with our lifestyle, my parents may not have been educated but I could say they are supportive (way too supportive) that sometimes I lack experience in some aspect of life... that why's I chose to study abroad. 
Besides there are a lot of factor that has to be taken into consideration to calculate someone's intelligence, paper test is just pure BS. I may not be very smart paper test wise but I'm very creative, proactive as for my friend (also asian) is very mature it's like whatever she say comes out from the "book of life" you know.. the been there, done that and this is the best results you can have... but she told me that it was because she constantly read the news, engaged in debate that she could sound this "smart" because hearing other opinion just help you shape yours and define who you are and what you believe in.
So all that to say... you may think you are not smart then read, discuss assimilate all those new information and opportunities your environment can provide you.. if you can do that then you are a step closer to what you want to become or achieve. 


Miss KimBarry ❤
No, i don't think at all that we, "whites peoples" are smarter or have more knowledge than Asians. Instead, we see the Japanese community as a very intelligent people.

I think the difference is at the level of education, the method of learning knowledge. Here in Europe (in France specifically) we start school at a young age (2 and a half or 3 years old) and we are taught competitiveness. Most important we are told that is having the best mark that is good and we can't make make mistakes because it's very "bad" for our future. Often, teachers don't teach us mutual support among pupils but rather individuality. So we grew up with that in mind. Group work come much later in education. This is why it's necessary to rely only on ourselves, not to depend on others. We are always in competition, even with our friends. Best students are entitled to better positions, work etc ...

I don't know if what we see in most Thai lakorns represents reality in Thailand, but if that's the case, I must admit that I have found that people lacked spirits ... No offense ... But the act of screaming all the time, the manner of speaking ... Before being used to that, I really thought that was ridiculous because here, we absolutely never see that. I really didn't want to offense someone, so if i dit it unconsciously, I apologize beforehand ...