Interesting picture of Benz Pornchita

pink mafia

sarNie Juvenile
that is a funny shirt!!..i love it...but i would never wear it...i don't thin benz is that pretty..but she looks pretty in the second pic.


sarNie Egg
benz is very pretty it depend on her face expression.... I'm not very fond of benz's shirt just seemed a bit wierd on her.


sarNie Adult
I'm not a fan of Benz..but for some reason I like her silly facial expression in the first pic. She has nice complexion though...

That shirt is all kind of weirdness...


sarNie Adult
muahaha i think shes some kind of sex idol man lol ive seen a pic of her just in a united kingdom bra lol


sarNie Hatchling
i think it would be fun and “cool” to wear that shirt, but mostly for a laugh. ...there alot of these kind of shirt in japan.... i say benz got guts to wear it for the photoshoot..