Internet in Laos


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I was just wondering if anyone knows how much internet costs in Laos for the people who live there? Do they pay monthly and how much will it cost? I know they have internet cafes and stuff, but I want to know how much it would cost for personal internet use at the house. Also, do they have it only in the cities, or will internet work in the smaller towns. If the price is reasonable, I'd like to get it for my fam so that we can skype or IM.


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you tell them to ask those in at the internet cafe...they dont have internet in the country but they do have it in the cities. internet in laos is mostly used at the cafe or work. they are able to get it if they have internet in the local area. let them go ask the cafe about info on it because if the cafe has internet your family should be able to receive it at the house too.


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I ask a friend once and she say it varies by cities. Installation can be anywhere from $100-$500. Monthly bill for high speed (DSL) would be around $50+. Slow Speed would be under $30 or so per month. As for the country-side, she said she don't know but if you got the $$$$$ just go ask the phone company if they provide internet. I'm sure where there is phone line, there should be internet also.


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you used internet cards, and it has like 5 hours of internet usage etc etc this is for dialup connection with a working phone line,


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If you think about it, it's the same price here in US... Instillation is about $125 and monthly is about 65 unless there's a deal with cable involved then it's about $99


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my cousin (born in lao) who has been living in japan doing is post grad and just recently came and visited here in australia said that the internet is incredibly slow in laos, slower than dial up.


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I live in Laos. Now you can access internet from everywhere in town and remote areas from 256k up to 2mb. The main operators are Lao Telecom, ETL, Tigo and Unitel (Vietnamese) who supply various internet services (mostly prepaid) including lease line, ADSL, CDMA, WiFi, WiMax and GPRS/EDGE/3G, 3.5G, HSPA or HSDPA over GSM networks. Laotel and Unitel have 3G while Planet Online Laos provides WiFi and 4G WiMax around Vientiane.

Downlink 128 Kbps/Uplink 64 Kbps/460,000 Kip

Downlink 256 Kbps/Uplink 128 Kbps/800,000 Kip

Downlink 512 Kbps/Uplink 256 Kbps/1,000,000 Kip

Downlink 768 Kbps/384 Kbps/1,300,000 Kip

Downlink 1 Mbps/Uplink 512 Kbps/1,700,000 Kip

Downlink 1,5 Mbps/512 Kbps/2,000,000 Kip

For HSPA, you can have the following packages:
Package 1 Limited Data In/Out 1 G 50,000 kips (5 USD) for 30 days
Package 2 Limited Data In/Out 3 G 100,000 kips (10 USD) for 30 days
Package 3 Unlimited Data In/Out 150,000 kips (15 USD) for 7 days
Package 4 Unlimited Data In/Out 600,000 kips (60 USD) for 30 days
Package 5 Unlimited Data In/Out 3,100,000 kips (300 USD)for 180 days
Package 6 Unlimited Data In/Out 6,100,000 kips (600 USD)for 365 days

For prepaid cards: One 4 click: in Dual Access (56 Kbps Dial up and 128 Kbps Wi-fi)
20 000 kips/6 hours
50 000 kips/17 hours
100 000 kips/40 hours