Interracial Relationship


sarNie Egg
So I was at the mall with my bff, she went to the restroom and I told her I'm going to walk over to Victoria's Secret, meet me there when she was done. As I was walking to Vicky's, I had my shades on, minding my own business. I saw this Asian guy with a Latina. Keep in mind, I have no problems with interracial dating. Half my family is married or dating other races, myself include. Both the asian guy and his Latina girlfriend was throwing the fact they were dating in my face. We all went into Victoria's secret and as we all walk through the door they held hand so quick, fast and real hard and tight. He even pulled her in for a kiss and doing extra. I wanted to laugh and say something so bad, but I kept my mouth shut.

Why do people need to prove a point when they date outside their race, do they need validations or something? I'm not hating or anything, I can careless who people choose to date. Have you ever seen anything like that?


sarNie Oldmaid
I don't care what race people fall in love with. Love is a beautiful thing and interracial couples makes mostly beautiful babies! Haha


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Yes, love is love .. skin has nothing to do with it.

Creating beautiful babies is a generalization ... that doesn't matter to me most. What matter is a family full of love.


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My parents against black man as son in law , I don't think they racism but they stereotype black & they don't like white either b/c they believe he will divore me in a heart beat . Mexican , are maybe but not recommend b/c he will send money to his family. Overall , no interracial relationships is allow , over their dead body but I don't worry too much b/c I plan to elope !! Or get knock up & then deal w/ the parent, that's my plan lol . To me , skin color doesn't matter nor reglious , what's important he must be financial establish lol & love me of all my flaw.


My mom was against interracial dating then her kids decided not to want Asians. She's in love with her mix grand babies and the ones who help make them.
My brother = Filipino (Basically Asian I guess but the girl looks Spanish)
Sister = Black
Me = Latin
Brother = Them Kim Kardashian people
Brother = White


sarNie Adult
Nope I've never seen anything like before. But then again, I'm not the most observant person...

If it were up to me, I would marry whoever the heck I wanted. But my parents insist that I marry within my ethnicity and religion. Makes sense because it just makes things easier for everyone else. But I don't think I would do that to my kids.


sarNie Oldmaid
I won't mind having a relationship or even marrying someone outside my race. As long as he loves and accepts me for who I am, respects me and everyone else, work/family/goal-oriented, financially stable because of course we must think about our future too.

For my future kids, I will allow them to date anyone they like regardless of race/nationality as long as they know their limitations, their partner has good personality and they have goals for their future.