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sarNie Coma
Ever since i could remember i was told that education was everything. It was the key to life, you will need it for respect, jobs and etc. My parents have told me "we have nothing to give you in life, only the money for education, please don't let us down" well throughout my life i now firmly believe education is what everyone needs. If i were to live life alone, i will have a good life with a good job and the good knowledge for life. The only thing valuable you can take with you is your education. So what do you guys think about it?


Not only education, but experience. One might have the education, but no experience. Just because one gets that degree, one is not entitled to a six figure income. Hopefully, one gain internships and job/career experience while getting an education. Nowaday, one needs that college degree to get on top hand in hand with experience. If one can not afford education, one can seek public free libraries to gain more knowledge as well as community courses, etc,...

Yes, education is very important! I believe knowledge will be with you for all time and eternity.


Staff member
It really is important b/c it provide security in your life. Along with Dal, I agree that experience needs to be include to get a big demand pay. I feel education along with experience will get you far -- unless you're born with a golden spoon and doesn't have to lift anything to make your next day better than yes, education is not important -- however, some golden spoon children still attend school as they see it's important as well so i suppose, it really is depending on how you view education ... but to me, it is my key to a beautiful and successful future. I like that it'll give me confidence to stand tall among my peers.


sarNie Hatchling
I think it's important but it depending on the person and how he/she view education. If the person trust it, know that it can be good for him so his life can be successful .. But someone who has education but no respect on it, you can send him to every schools in the world, it will never be helpful...


I used to think education was the most important when I was younger (because that's what freaken Asian parents tell you! lol) but now since I'm older and have done and seen more in life, I don't. I actually think experience goes farther, depending on which job industry you're entering. If it's technical careers, a college degree is required. However, if you have the degree but no experience whatsoever, you're most likely not going to get the job you want right away-think about why people get promoted and why recent college grads get entry level positions. I've also met several successful people along the course of my life who have never received any formal education whatsoever, but they impress me so much with their knowledge and are highly skilled in what they do because of their experiences. So yes, to me, education is important because it opens opportunity doors for you, but whether you're gonna survive once you make it through that door, depends on experience.


The Realist guy here period
Education is only important if you do something with it. It does not matter where you go to school if you cannot apply what you have learned. Harvard can open doors for you if you seek the help from fellow alumni and if you're willing to strive for your goals. Without goals or a purpose in life, we are blind because we do not know where we are going. It is like an individual going around in a circle.

The Law of Success 1925 Edition:
1.) A Definite Purpose
2.) Self-Confidence
3.) Initiative and Leadership
4.) Imagination
5.) Action
6.) Enthusiam
7.) Self-Control
8.) Habit of Performing more service than paid for
9.) Attractive Personality
10.)Accurate Thought
15.)The Golden Rule

I have read up to chapter 4 at the moment. Education opens the door of possibility.


Education well more like knowledge and experience goes hand in hand. You need both to actually succeeded in life. There are very few people who does happen to make it big without a college degree and vice versa. I am always skeptical about the term education. Does it mean knowledge or does it mean a written paper that says degree?


sarNie Hatchling
Education is important to everyone. In order to get an education, you must gain experiences and knowledge from whatever you would like to do. Education is a key to success. Education is apart of life. And even if people that doesn't attend college or whatsoever, I believe that they are educated also. Everyone is, it just depends on the person too.


great thread, an education can enable a person to reach their goals faster ;)

without an education, another person can reach that same goal also, but it'd probably be a lot longer and tougher to reach that goal. :wink:


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^ Like Ning said education will speed things up for you.

there is one thing though that some people are't aware of. There are more than one type of education. Some people aren't cut out for the University life fresh out of high school. So the best decision would probably be community college. Some aren't cut out for Community College either so Trade school is always an option. It doesn't matter how you get your education because it is all valuable in its own way. Everyone learns differently. Some fit with the uni, some with ccollege, some with trade school. My friends a majority of them dropped out of college and completed a trade school program. They are working now with decent pay but a majority of them regret leaving a full ride at their uni for trade school. Some realize they had more potential and continue to support themselves through college and uni after finishing their trade school programs. So it is pretty much all about timing whatever works best for you.


sarNie Hatchling
Education is very important. Very important. Since I grew up and lived in the United States, all of my classes involved with American History. But it is also very important to learn your own culture. Education makes you a better person. It's worth it. :w-scene-pop-corn: to learn more into my future.

There was a story about blueberry education. It taught me a lot that education is no business. Ah, I found it.below.


I think having the knowledge for your field regardless of how or where you gain that knowledge and being able to cease a good opportunity are important. My uncle took a few classes in college, speaks English with a heavy accent, but the man makes over $100K as an engineer. I'm busting my *censored* in school, hoping to make as much as he does.


sarNie Elites
in my opinion, everything is a learning experience. 'education' happens before you even 'think' about it...your first steps, your first spelling test, your first job, even your first relationship are various examples. you're always getting educated in one way or another. in this particular thread title, 'education' takes on the tone of technical certification. it is when you get a degree or certification of some sort that suddenly sets you apart from others in a technical sense. everyone is correct in their regard to 'education', but that's what makes the word even more profound. life and the acquisition of knowledge balances out in the instances of various encounters...and the choices that you make thereafter. whether you are inside or outside a formally established learning environment, you will always be in the position to encounter 'education'.

So, is 'education' important? heck yeah, it is. or else you'd be dead. haha


sarNie Egg
Education is important as it gives you something to work towards,, gives you knowledge and discipline. But I don't think education is everything. Experience plays a huge role in how you live your life and what job you end up getting. I think education and experience goes hand in hand.


sarNie Hatchling
Definitely YES!!! Just imagine yourself being without education or knowledge, no one would want to hire you for important positions. To me, the most important thing is having my degree. That would help me finding a good job in the future. Therefore, everyone needs to go to school until they earn their degrees. Don't drop out and start working when you have the opportunity to learn!!!


I know people who are successful without a college degree. not having a degree doesn't make them any less educated. being educated would lead to a good healthy lifestlye. and people are learning on the go whether it be in school, or just about anything.