Is this meant to be?

Consider the following three scenarios:
1. Two people who were supposed to meet a year and half ago but didn't because the female side gave two rainchecks to the male side for two  blind dates meet a year later and began to date. They fall in love and try to maintain a stable relationship by balancing their busy work life, building an understanding, and stablizing their trusts. The female side has never had a relationship prior to this, whereas the male side, in contrast, has been through quite a few unsuccessful relationships. His friends tell her that he loves her very much and the time that he since had his last failed relationship, he didn't have anyone else for four years until he met this girlfriend now. Do you think it is meant to be for this couple?
2. This couple met about sixteen years ago. They went to the same grade school, had naptimes together, and became best friends throughout the entire grade school years until they were departed at the beginning of middle school when the female's family had moved. Fast forward sixteen years, the female is engaged and arranged to marry a guy her parents had picked out for her but this guy lives across the ocean on the other side of the world. The guy that she used to be close with is finishing up high school and is on the verge of graduating. The two recently met and re-established their childhood connections. She tells him that she has no feelings for her fiance. Is there a chance of the childhood friends to end up together? Is this meant to be?
3. There is a guy who has had the longest crush on this girl that he grew up with. He recently confessed his feelings to her but she says that she sees him nothing more than a brother. Yet, he continues to try to win her heart. Within the last three months, this girl has had two failed relationships with two different guys; one cheated on her and the other was a jerk. Nevertheless, the guy who had this longest crush on her still loves her but is now afraid to talk to her since she had turned him down. Everyone keeps saying that they will end up together but the guy is losing hope and the girl is taking him for a friend. Do you think they will end up together? Is it meant to be for them?
*Fun fact- all of six of these individuals are related in some way.*
By the way...
- Couple #1 never met prior to their relationship; they were set up in two blind dates but the female refused to go on both occasions; they met later
- Couple #2 met in grade school and years later after they reunite, the female is ecstatic to meet her best guy friend from childhood but the guy doesn't remember her, yet, he is slowly falling for her
- Couple #3 grew up together but through a few unsuccessful relationships but the guy is always there for the girl.