Isn't true?


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I'm just curious...I saw this cover on Oops...what was this mean...Chakrit/Jakarin broke-up. I hope it's true...she's too ugly for him. I just hope it's true. Anyone knows please do post here......really wanted to know. Thanks:)!


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I agree she is ugly. Dude plays with some of the prettiest girls out there and he chose her but if you notice most of the girls he dates look similiar, they all look have the same physical characteristics (is that how you spell it? )


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no they didn't break up. fact. they set to get married in march 12th of 2007... not sure of the date, but somewhere around there.


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i think jakkajun looks like chakrit ex fiancée the one he was almost about to marry, they had a condo together and everything they slipt after he starred with Marsha


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what p-chakrit dated marsha ewwwwwwww sorry but i like him iwth jukkajun shes so cute and his a hottie liked him now every since watching poo pitak ruk tur his my fave actors now 555


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Hey guys! its true, Chakrit and Jukkajun are officially over...I thought they were soooo in love, but i guess not, maybe just a lakorn that they played to make it seem like they were truely meant for each other...but I dont know who broke up with who... but she makes it look like he was the bad guy cuz she was crying about it... <_< I'm sooo glad their not together! Now he's all mine again!!!! :yahoo:


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Can somebody translate this for me???
dont have to be the whole thing just a summary! please
Thank you! its about Chakrit Yamnan thats all i can read!

ใน “เรือนรักเรือนทาส” ละครพีเรียดฟอร์มดีของช่อง 3

ด้วยความที่เป็นลูกชายคนเดียว แถมยังแอบมีใจให้กับสาวใช
้หรือทาสในเรือนอีกทำให้นายหนุ่มอย่างชาคริตต้องถูกพ่อแม่จับแยก จากความรักครั้งนี้ โดยให้เดินทางไกลไปรับญาติสาวถึงต่างเมือง ซึ่งต้องใช้เวลาเดินทางนานพอควร แม้จะเป็นการฝืนใจก่อนไป
จึงจำเป็นต้องฝากจอยสาวคนรัก ไว้กับทาสหนุ่มผู้ซื่อสัตย
หนุ่มสาวทั้งสอง คือคุณพัฒน์(ชาคริต)กับจำเรียง(จอย) แอบนัดพบกันจนถึงขั้นทาสหญิง ยอมมอบความสาวให้นาย
ด้วยความเต็มใจ ส่วนคุณพัฒน์ก็มีใจรักจริงกับจำเรียง
เช่นกัน กว่าคนทั้งสองจะสมหวังก็ฝ่าฟันอุปสรรคร้ายๆมากมาย
จนแทบเอาชีวิตไม่รอดทีเดียว.. คงต้องรอติดตามเรื่องราวของ
หนุ่มสาวคู่นี้ได้ใน ”เรือนรักเรือนทาส” ออกอากาศทาง
ไทยทีวีสีช่อง 3 เร็วๆนี้.....

“เรือนรักเรือนทาส” สร้างจากบทประพันธ์ของ”ชัยเจริญ ดวงพัตรา”
บทโทรทัศน์โดย “ปริศนา” กำกับการแสดงโดย”ยุทธนา ลอพันธ์ไพบูลย์”
ดำเนินงานโดย”ไก่ วรายุธ กับแหม่ม ธิติมา” แห่ง “โน พรอบเบลม”
นำแสดงโดย จอย ศิริลักษณ์ ผ่องโชค – ชาคริต แย้มนาม
– ธัญญาเรศ รามณรงค์ – พิเชษฐไชย ผลดี ร่วมด้วย
ตั๊ก นภัสกร มิตรเอม – สินิทรา บุณยศักดิ์
– สันติสุข พรหมศิริ – กมล ศิริธรานนท์ – ปิ๋ม ซีโฟร์(ตรีชฎา แสงอุทัย)
– พศิน(เอราวัต) เรืองวุฒิ – จาตุรงค์ โกลิมาศ – เรืองฤทธิ์ วิสมล
– ดุสิตา อนุชิตชาญชัย – เพชร พุฒิพงศ์ – จิ๊ อัจฉราพรรณ
- เหมี่ยว ปวันรัตน์– โอ๋ อานนท์ และขอแนะนำนักแสดงหน้าใหม
่“แป้ง พรรษชล สุปรีย์” รับบทเป็นสาหร่ายเพื่อนรักของจอย


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yeap! its true :D i saw her on ruk euy telling about it.. gosh she made it seem like it was chakrit`s fault sorta but shes DUMB for accepting in the first place and not think THEN! ahah but wait.. CHAKRIT dated MARSHAAA??? WAHHHH!! O___O oh hekk no. haha well hopefully he will open his eyes and get with katreeya English! haha 8] that would be so cool.


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Hi, everybody. I'm so glad that I find this web site where all Shahkrit Yamnarm's fans ( this is the correct way of spelling his name in English. I watched him in the program " See San Banteung (live)" and he talked about his new film with Nicolas Cage, A Time to Kill, then he hoped that his name would be written correctly on the screen) can join and chit chat about him.

I really feel sorry for him at the moment because he is really a bad guy for a lot of Thais now. When they broke up, a lot of Pan Tip's fans all called him a bad name. They hate him so much and want him to quit acting because of his bad mouth about her. They want all producers to ban him from acting by setting a good example to the audience due to his bad behaviour.

I watched his interview and I didn't think he meant to reveal that they had already lived in together. The Thais take this so seriously that he doesn't behave like a gentleman. He shouldn't have told the world that he's already slept with her even everybody knows what the fact is.

At the moment, his show with Joy and Tanya on Channel 3 "Ruen Ruk Ruen Tas" is on. In Pan Tip, quite a lot of people there hate him and they always criticize him about his looks and his speech that he can't speak Thai correctly. It makes me so sad to read all those mockings and comments. They can be so cruel. I'm glad that he can't read Thai but I think his mother and his friends must have told him. (I love the background song of :Ruen Ruk Ruen Tas while I'm writing this to you guys,my friends)

Hope that the ratings of this lakorn will be quite high. Even Joy (Siriluk) is afraid that Shahkrit's scandal will affect the ratings. A lot of people don't want to watch it because of him.

It's pretty late now and I'll drop by again tomorrow. Nice meeting all you guys. Nite, Nite



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Hi Avan,

This article talks about Shahkrit has to ask Tan (or Mitre in Ruen Ruk Ruen Tas) to take care of Jamriang while he has to take off to the Northern part of Siam to fetch his cousin,Tanya. He knows so well this is the way of his father, Khun Nop, to separate him from Jamriang because it will take a long time to finish the trip. Before the trip, both Khun Pat and Jamriang secretly met each other and Jamriang willingly slept with Khun Pat who truly fell in love with her. Both have to go through all obstacles and risk their lives before they will find happiness in the end. They they list all the cast and production crew.

Good night Ja[/size]


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i heard the break up is because of Jakarin not chakrit...she was the one who call it everything started out from her so i guess she should be too sad about it.


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thanks for the update....he was going to get married right...i don't know who....anyways chakrit can be all mine heehee