Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [ Starplus ]


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One thing that's sadden me out of this friendship is that ... she came back to destroy the fond memory he had for her b/c of money ... if she have enough pride .. she could still be his friend and not do this. who knows ASR might reach out to help her in hard time without having to break their friendship. Shitall wrong herself this time.
I agree with you on this! Yeah, Shitall dug her own grave. With their friendship intack, ASR would have help her whenever she needed it! Shame on her!


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i cried watch all this...
waaaaa....... what if one day i just can't see Sarun as Arshi anymore???? :teary: :teary: :teary:
:rant: :rant: :rant: :smack: :smack: :smack: wake up Rehann!!! Stay Positive!!!
These days, I can't help but cried too! I'm all choked up with all that is happening! Hearing this song "Rabba Ve - Kyun Dard Hai Itna" and watching these mvs made me cry even more!! :cry: :cry: :cry1: This was with the heartbreaking scenes when ASR left and got kidnapped. We knew that Barun was taking some time off to film a movie and would be returning. Now watching these scenes again hurts 10 times more because Barun might not come back! :cry: :teary: :tearybye: It's really hard to stay positive with the current moods! :teary: :teary: :teary:

This airport scenes were so heartwrenching!! I feel like Khushi here crying her heart out for Arnav to come back!! :cry: :cry1: :cry1: Crying for Barun not to go!!

Very painful to see him walk away!! :cry1:
Hen yang nee jai ja kard laew! :cry1:


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Monday - i'm waiting for Monday (don't want it to get here b/c i don't want to go to class and work but for BARUN'S final answer i want it to be here soon)

*I did this awhile ago but finally finished it today ... reminiscence of the old time <3

*Have my own mv on repeat for the last four hours for 'my heart'

You know -- watching old mv of them two - I DON'T WANT THE SHOW TO END AT ALL :cry: My heart hurts!
Beautiful artwork Ceci!! Thanks! I don't want the show to end either!! I'm so depressed!! :cry: Will cherished the amazing artworks and fan made mvs of Arshi forever!!


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:cry: - praying for lots of miracle to happen on Monday
IPKKND has the best cast - can't accept reality ... yet.

Bringing Pangia's mv back : Story of a boy and girl -- hard to understand :(

*hoping THE CREW INV0LVE IN THIS PRODUCTION come together on a understanding to do what's best for the fans.


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no comment for this spoilers... not that i want to run from reality...
but i try to breath just for today...
the next week spoiler sound great...

cr to IF

cr as related
Can u imagine this song with arshi wet in the rain??? :heart: :heart: :heart:

about mishti i hope she make mistake on that... still got time since they will announce their final desicion on Mon/tues...
whatever it is... i want to say that i love Sanaya n Barun equally....
if barun ever leave this series.... i will stay with Sanaya here... so sweet of her... stay with us till the end!!
so for that effort i will be with her.. even if it sinking... i will stay with her...
with all of this... actually u all can say i love Sanaya more than Barun... but will love Arshi forever!! hahahaha
I hope the spoiler for Arshi romancing in the rain with "Saans" is true and would be so amazing as well as the long awaited honeymoon!!

Here's the translation to the beautiful song!


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:cry: - praying for lots of miracle to happen on Monday
IPKKND has the best cast - can't accept reality ... yet.

Bringing Pangia's mv back : Story of a boy and girl -- hard to understand :(

*hoping THE CREW INV0LVE IN THIS PRODUCTION come together on a understanding to do what's best for the fans.
Thanks for sharing the videos, Ceci!! They do have the best cast and I love your friend's beautiful mv!

Can't wait to see more of his interview!
Don't know what's going to happen. Maybe all this is just to hype up the show!! Some fans are mad at Barun for not coming out to clear everything but people should know he's unable say whatever and whenever he wants! We don't know what happens behind closed doors!! People are thinking there's a conspiracy to make Barun the scapegoat! Don't know what to think anymore but know for sure that we feel sad, disappointed and hurt! All we can do is hope for the best! Hugs for everyone! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:


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I want khushi to be pregnant -- why must this turmoil comes at this time :(
i want she to get pregnant also~
about all this stupid turmoil... just put it aside~
who know miracle will happen...

for now....
i really in love with Sanaya performance in Star Diwali...
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love 'woh radha tera dhumka...'movement... make me remember one of dhumka scene....
anyone remember this scene? NK n Khushi first meeting n they already make a brilliant joke!!!

love sanaya figure... she got a really sexy waist/belly...
watching behind the scene n red carpet also... everytime she pass... everyone will stare at her!
she look really gorgeous... i believe most man there drooling for her... n the dancing...uffff....
i had hear from one interview that she said she did't take a formal class for dancing...
she just love dancing n will crazily dancing in her room~
but look how she dancing i'm stunt! even if u can see...

camera most focus on Sanaya than KD...
SP even use sanaya as the 'highlight' of the event... she n barun totally a lucky charm for SP...
if they don't stop Barun... they totally idiot!!!
BTW love sanaya in both performance... also in her goddess Laxmi performance...
she just perfect as our dearest Dancing queen...

sbb for future IPK's diwali ep~
cr as tagged
love how Arshi look like!!
hate how they said bye-bye to Barun


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look like the official confirmation already out...
here the link~ check this out...

laugh a lot... read all those comment on the link...
SP should shut down right now!!

but weird na... i'm not cry... already sick of that i think!!
just let he leave... even i think it quite risky to leaving teledrama n move full time on movies(that u not even know it will floop or success) but respect his desicion...
one thing how about Star Parivaar live that will air on 25 Dec??? don't they think for that... all fans will ask for money refund if Barun really quit IPK... they will not attend this function!!! believe another chaos will happen soon!!!

but for now as he move on i think we also have to move on...
hope another new chemistry is build up in IPK... i believe in sanaya... this Viraf also one of the most promising lead in indian teledrama industry... since he accept IPK i believe they have keep 'something' for us...

just curious how CV will change the actor here...
will make Asr dead n then Khushi get new love? -this a big no!!
will they just bring Viraf in after Arnav leave... n evryone will just start to call him Arnav? - this will look awkward!
will make Arnav outstation for a week... n bring Viraf in as Arnav when he come back?? - look 50% awkward for me!
or they will show that Arnav got in one car accident... her face got totally scratch out n he had to make a plastic surgery... n then we got a new face Arnav - aww... this one acceptable!

another thing that i doubt... after they brought in Viraf... will they end the show in Jan??
i don't think so~ nothing confirm on that for sure... if Sanaya-Viraf chemy working good... i believe the show will not end that easy!! i love to see this series to run more longer than that~

**not that i'm happy Barun leaving but this all to avoid of being so devastated with the news...
also try to lie to urself is not an easy thing to do! but being sad n sad make me sick!! for now let it be like this...
if some miracle happen after this... i'm the one who will jumping all around crazily!


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kya episode tha!!! i'm proud of my Arshi...
so happy to see Khushi give Sheetal a tight slap!!
she deserved that really bad...
I'm proud that Arshi had adopted Aarav as their own son...
when see Aarav n arnav at their knees in front of Khushi... i should have guess this to happen!!!
they fated to be a family... mum, dad n Aarav...
so lucky Aarav to meet Arshi... he got the best mum, dad n a very warm family...
so happy for Aarav...

we will have a very warm, cute n sweet family of Arshi after this...
the track move so awesome... just have to pray that Barun will have pity on us n decided to stay!!
Someone update one Hour before... the meeting already on!


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I thought they said he quit?
If this is the case - since this happened today - i want the show to end .
i have a feeling we might get the ending to our liking ..

Honey moon track -- we'll find out Khushi's pregnant and end the story there (i really hope so otherwise i'll end my story there since they now have a FULL FAMILY despite knowing that Aarav is not their biological .. i still am happy with the final conclusion of mine IF Starplus decided to carry drag the show with new replacement.)


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So this is it...the end of a beautiful journey? Girls, this is so unreal!! It's hard to digest and I can't accept this reality yet!! I am so sad and completely heartbroken! I'm crying as I'm typing this comment! :cry: :cry: :cry1: :teary: I've have never been this attached to a show before and it's all because of Barun! He is a brilliant actor with such amazing screen presence!! I will miss him immensely and Sarun/Arshi!!! :cry: :tearybye: :tearybye: I'll need some time to get over this!! Hugs for everyone!! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Maybe we still have a bit of hope?!! I don't know anymore...

Watching this made me cry even more... :teary: :cry: :cry1:


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with the leaving of Barun, i really hope they end the show instead. It's jsut not the same. plus,i think having more tracks with a different man as Arnav will really destroy the whole series.


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With or without Barun - the show ended for me when Barun is done with his last episode. I will continue watching but it will not be IPKKND - it'll be whatever ... i already made up my mind that ARSHI are happy with adopting AARAV and HAPPILY enjoying their honeymoon somewhere in hope of creating baby ARSHI -- the end lol

I will still support Barun though (even though my mind said not to -- my heart can't help it. I feel he's a victim of some sort of crime here).


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Ladies, I am sooo extremely sad with the news Arnav Singh Raizada is leaving the show.. But I'm sure he must have a good reason... IPKKND really blossomed his stardom! All I ask is that they do not kill off Arnav... I just want StarPlus to end the tv serial on a really happy note :) That's all I'm asking and I'll be happy... Even if the show continues, I will not follow if there is no Arshi....don't get me wrong, I love Khushi too..but it's not the same without them both!!!


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No ASR - NO KUSHI ... he can't live without her so how can she live without him too?
EH! PH needs to go back and reiterate this line lol

I'm literally in tears watching this :cry: Their dance was so sensual and sexy at the same time <3
i'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG -- HAD IT ON REPLAY for the last few days!
I swear .. ARSHI made everything so beautiful and romantic for me :wub:

I'M SO DESPERATE that i just want the BODY DOUBLE to do all the BARUN take .. then EDITOR can use old scene of ASR to add on for his reaction ... just to satisfy my thirst for ARSHI in the future :(


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What a perfectly beautiful episode today!! Just loved it so much!! I'm so proud of Arnav especially when he defended/praised Khushi that "Being good is not wrong." :thumbsup: :clap: He had nailed that Shital's coffin so tight that she didn't and couldn't make any excuses about her misdeeds! He lined up all the witnesses so well and exposed her motive! Thanks Khushi for the slap and Arnav for putting Shital in jail! This is such a very satisfying and emotional episode! I'm so glad they adopted Aarav. He is really lucky to have them as parents!! Loved Anjali too and she could help Arshi take care of Aarav!! They will make a really cute and loving family! Thanks Arshi for saving an innocent soul! Hats off to Sarun!!