Itriya Saisanan (Ae)


sarNie Elites
Ae is so beautiful! I love her! I agree that she does look like Aff, especially in the second picture next to the cover. Thanks for sharing ^^


sarNie Hatchling
I love Ae!! She's gorgeous! Love her outfits in the second pic! Thanks for sharing!


sarNie Hatchling
She's pretty and looks so lovely ! She reminds me of Aff, I guess it's because both of them look very "Thai" if you see what I mean.


sarNie Adult
the truth is that ae look alot like aff t.........because they both have the same hair color........but now that aff change her hair color.........i'm not that confused anymore..AE look so her second to right picha.


Staff member
lol.. ae is so pretty xp lol.. hmm i never thought she reminded me of aff until now xp lol.. but not that much though xp lol...