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sarNie Oldmaid
same here, heart breaking news. they SERIOUSLY need to change it ... i was looking forward to this but now .*sighed* THANKS for the spoiler na kha :wub:
:eek: I hope they chang it too. I want they first lakorn together to be good.


Mama Noy ♥️
i love lakorns with twist ^_^ i wouldn't mind if aff & ken doesn't get together. as long as they're some sweet scenes between them in the lakorn then im okayyy! :D


sarNie Adult
Cant wait to see more clips of this lakorn...

Ken and Aff together.... please change the ending!!!!


sarNie OldFart
This is so upsetting. I hope they do change the ending!
Aff seem like good person they should give her a happy ending.


sarNie Adult
omg..they dont end up together???!?! makes me not wanna watch the lakorn...lol...i hate when p'ek and n'ek dont hook up at the end


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Aff looked nervous when she had to stare into ken's eyes. :lol:
well the way HE is looking at her, man, i would be nervous too, lol! Ken's so sexy in those pictures! i'm melting over here! :p HOTTIE! I am liking Ken's look in this lakorn lol. however for Aff i think she's still gorgeous though i don't know, the bangs will take some getting used to, hehe!
neways, they look so cute together!!!! :wub: I haven't seen pix of Aum with Anne but i keep imagining Anne looking more mature than Aum....hm...


You're Average Person :)
Ken is going back to his gentlemen character in here....
he will be playing a celebrity in here...cant wait


sarNie OldFart
So he's not a breakdancer but star?
WOW. That sounds more like a romantic/comedy but its not :(


sarNie Hatchling
I hope this one doesn't follow the book too much.

Like the majority of folks I want them to end up together lol, but it's whatever. I understand not all endings are happy ones, so I'll wait until this one is over (and I know the ending lol) to watch it. I hate getting really invested in a drama and the lead couple doesn't end up together. I did that with the Korean Drama The King & The Four Gods (and countless others) and was totally pissed off by the ending...never again I tell you...never again. :lol: :lol:


SarNie Adult
can someone please share me the storyline or summary of this lakorn....i can't wait for this lakorn to be on air because of ken and aff...


sarNie Egg
other pics...this pic is nicer cuz they're smile together.....

her bangs made her look younger.....but I prefer Soraya....^__^


I got the novel book already....I'm reading now ...about 35% already ...haha....
But I heard It was so sad ending....I sneaked to see the end.....It look like wishbone said...
but I like the begining.....They like each other already.....I felt warm with the begining plot...
Just imagine It have ken-aff there...haha.....Okay,just on reading.....


sarNie Oldmaid
omg..they dont end up together???!?! makes me not wanna watch the lakorn...lol...i hate when p'ek and n'ek dont hook up at the end

^ im with you on that...i dislike (*hate was such a strong word) those kind of lakorn too..

lets petition for an alternative ending!!!!