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is that aff?? it doesnt look like her from the side??
it is her from the side ..
the hair gave it away along with the bang.
and her side smile with her cheek shown like that. :p

the more pictures i seen, the more anxious i get.
can't wait !!!


those pics and the synopsis makes me want to see this lakorn so bad.my two fav together but is Ken and Aff going to end up with each other or not?if not it would be so sad.i read the synopsis and i all most cry.it is so emotional.i hope it would be a happy ending for everyone.i can't wait to watch it.half of me wnat to watch but i dun want to cry cuz Vic and Oy really love each other. :spin: :spin:


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omg.. they are so kute.. >_< .. im gonna faint when this lakorn airs.. n prob sad too.. T_T...


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I'm excited, but scared at the same time...excited cuz I've been dying to see this since I found out it was being done...scared because I know what's gonna happen, but not how it's gonna end, and I don't know if I could handle waiting for it twice a week...I can barely wait for Sapai Look Toong to air cuz it's so good, let alone the only highly anticipated lakorn for me this year...I'm gonna die waiting...and die crying...it better be a good and happy ending, and it better have A LOT of cute scenes!


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Jai Rao Full Synopsis ^__^ Link
OMFG! thanks so much for the synopsis...very well written...i esp. love tis line "The loneliness and emptiness causes the tears of a man as himself start to fall" (is my stubborn Kavee back? :spin: )

yes i agree tis gonna be one hella emotional rollercoaster ride....

THank you soo much for the pictures too...all these picture...means we're getting close...ahhhhhhh! i'm so excite...w/ each and every single piece of picture! :yahoo:


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The synopsis totally got me hooked!! thank you for translating. I read it earlier today and then tonight, I remembered and I got really excited about it and then I really wanted to watch it so badly. Aff is so gorgeous in the pics and Ken just keeps getter hotter and hotter.


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thank you for the link to the synopsis!

it's sooooooo INTERESTING! i can't wait to see it...

this is my type of lakorn/drama... i really can't wait to see it...


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the more i see Ken/Aff together, the more my heart breaks! :lmao: i don't know if my heart can take all the emotional rollercoaster ride this lakorn have! sniff sniff... i might cry my eyes out :(


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Hehe I keep going to this thread.
Everytime someone posts I have to check, incase there any new update haha.