James Jirayu&James Ma (KWANRUEN Vol.44 no.999 July 2013)


James Ma is co cute up there. Thats not James i'm looking at, it's ronnapee hahaha. (same person) James Looks like the character ronnapee because Pee has that haircut and that shy/blush looing face which makes him so cute. James Looks like a Kid. 555+
Jirayu looks very serious like Chai Pat. Hahahaaha He is smoking HOT.


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Wow James Jirayu is such a cutie!! So is James Ma...both James are cutie!


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I like James Ma's cover more, but I still dislike the amount of makeup used on both of them...too much Photoshop! :facepalm: James Jirayu's inside pictures are better than his cover!