James Jirayu, Wanmai Chatborirak (Sudsapda vol. 33 no. 786 November 2015)


Mrs James Ma
This is Sudsapda's 2nd cover with JJ and Wanmai together. Last time they made them as koo jins (shocking theme for me). Wanmai is soo cute. She is in many TVCs and goes to events with Boy. Soon we may see her in lakorns also.


sarNie Adult
Koy123 said:
In another 10 or 15 years, you'll see them star together as the leads. Lol
Step said:
Lol I thought same
Me three!! Hahaha It must be really awkward 10-15 years from now if they are in a lakorn together, but at least finally people would say James Ji is paired up with someone who actually looks younger than him. Hopefully! (But even if they don't get paired up together, if I were Wanmai, I'd be a bit weirded out that I've been hanging around this guy so much when I was younger. Then again, maybe they'll have the Westermarck Effect)
This shoot is so cute compared to the last one. At least here, they clearly made James Ji the "BODYGUARD" (because to make him a "nanny" would be a bit controversial again, I think. though it is more appropriate, given the circumstances.  :lmao3: ) both the BTS and the actual pics are so damn adorable.