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i was lookin around and i notice theirs no jang nara thread so i stared this one!!!

Name : Jang Nara / Born : March 18th, 1981
Height : 5.3" / Weight : 100 lbs / Blood Type : A
Family : Grandma, Dad, Mom, Brother
School : Chungang University
Hobbies : Cross Stitch, Watching Movies
Religion : Christian
Talent : Ocarina, Dance, Flute, Bothering Dad
NickName : Jang Nan Han Ya?(It means "Are You playing around?"), Tweety
Favorite Music : HipHop, Ballad, R&B
Favorite Musician : Park Jin Young, Park Mi Kyung, 1TYM, Faith Evans
Favorite Color : White, Pink, Sky Blue
Jinx : Before she performs or goes on a show she has to joke around back stage and her performance will go well.
Motto : Without embarassment let's live with our best
Complex : Small Mouth
Accessories : Likes only simple accessories.
Management Company :pure Entertainment

Korean Dramas
Bright Girl Success Story
My Love Pattzi
I'm Going to Love

Chinese Dramas
Silver Times
Daoiman Princess / My Bratty Princess

Oh Happy Day

correct me if im mestaken okae!!!

Hallyu star Jang Nara has been invited as a VIP to the 8th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, an event attended annually by 120 million businesspeople of Chinese descent from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

Jang will attend the opening ceremony of the event slated for Oct. 10 at the COEX Convention Hall in Seoul. A person from Warner Music, Jang’s agency, said the singer will participate as a member of the Korean-Chinese Cultural Exchange Committee.

Other celebrities who have been invited to the convention include actors Jang Dong-gun, Choi Su-jong and Ha Hee-ra, among others. But unlike other hallyu stars, Jang was invited directly by the Chinese side. The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce invited the singer for her great contributions to promote cultural and economic exchange between Korea and China since 2004.

Some 4,000 Korean and foreign business leaders are expected to attend the event, including Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Lee Hee-beom, Chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries Kang Shin-ho, Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Park Yong-sung, executives from the Samsung, SK and LG Groups, the chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, and various chairmen from Chinese entrepreneurs conventions in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Source: KBS Global

Feel free to post media pics new anything on jang nara!!

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yeah there's not much informations on her lately... since i became a fan of her ever since 'my love patzzi' like a couple of months ago... she's soooo cute!!!

i really wanted to see all of her projects except my love patzzi... i just couldn't download it from clubbox... it's too complicated to do that. -_-

and i really wanted to collect all of her songs, music videos, and performances. especially xman that has her in. :(


Jang Nara is very cute.I really like her voice.I like almost every songs by her.I'm a fan of her after watching My Love Patzzi.Well,that the first series I saw her in.hope to find more news about her.


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Jang Nara is such a cute singer! that one movie she acted in was good =) and wait--she's married??


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pii-nky said:
Jang Nara is such a cute singer! that one movie she acted in was good =) and wait--she's married??
i don't think she's married.....


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Jang Nara, is so cute and talent, love her. Hope to see her in more Korean drama and Chinese series.