[JMovie] Itazura na Kiss The Movie: High School & Campus


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Yup, you got that right... another remake? Yay~~ not.. LOL. :cbiggrin: I remember reading about this last year but didn't bother much to post.. until I found out that there was also going to be a new TW drama remake (which I will also post in a bit).

Anyways, this new Japanese live adaptation started filming back in 2015 with a totally new cast... so no Furukawa Yuki or Miki Honoka, our lovely pair from the recent drama adaptation. Instead, we have newcomers Kanta Sato portraying Naoki and Reina Visa as Kotoko.

The film should be coming out sometime this year. The first part is called Itazura na Kiss/Mischievous Kiss The Movie: High School and the second part is called Mischievous Kiss The Movie: Campus. I'm pretty sure y'all can tell which one deals with what arcs :rolleyes::p

If y'all are curious... here are the leads for this film adaptation ;)

*note: Sorry for my sarcasm, I don't hate the story. I really don't since I actually followed the anime/manga and a few of the adaptations.... I just don't want anymore remakes.. since they're like back to back to back... it's cr- cr- crazy~ o_O