johnny efrone adn his wife


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does anybody have a pic of johnny efrone and his wife oh yeeah i heard they played a lakorn together if so whats the title of the lakorn?

Mara Phang

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Here is a picture of Jariya Enfone at the Channel 3 36th Anniversity. Jariya is a beautiful and talented actress/director who stars in a series of interesting lakorns including Kow Warn Hai Nu Pen Sai Lub with Jakrit (the remake of Pete and Kathaleeya's lakorn), Kleun Cheewit and Pleurng Ruk Pleurng Kan both with Johnny. She is the director of Ruen Naree See Chompoo starring Tye, Yardthip, Pat, and cast. She is my first most favorite actress. I still idolize her. Johnny and Jariya makes the most beautiful couple!!

Here is a picture of Jariya and her kids: James, Jenny, and Jamie. They are all so adorable. This is an older picture of them. They all look like their parents. How cute!!



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aww what a lovely family!! of their daughter came in as a guest in Ruk Lamoon..kong/ann lakorn..


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the second daughter there alway shut her eye in both photo .. so cuteeee i love babies!! so cuteeee


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wow... very lovely family... i'm so jealous now... i want a family of my own... but first... i need a guy.... hmm....


I have that family portrait Nat posted...Johnny and Jariya's kids are so cute....and their lakorn was very good also


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Awww thank you so much for the pics. I've been looking for their family photo every where but couldn't find it. They are such a wonderful family.


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The family looks so cute. I didn't even know that they were together. The kiddo that closes or was about to close her eyes in each of the pic is the cutest. :wub: Gotta love the squinting of the nose.


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wow, very cute family. their kids are all so cute.
I love her, johnny wife. no wonders she's no in lakorn anymore.
Thanks for sharing!


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OMG!! :shocked: She is married to him?!! I never knew that!! They're a beautiful couple, indeed!! They're kids are cute. I knew that Johnny Enfone was married but I never thought that she was his wife. I've seen her in 2 lakorns so far...she played the bad lady though...unles...i'm seeing doubles.