joy or jakjaan?


sarNie OldFart
both of them are his ex-girlfriends, which one do you like with krit better?

when i first saw krit and joy i thought they were so cute together, i liked them also. did they ever had a lakorn together?

but i fell in love with krit and jakjann though they're so cute even though there lakorn looked lame. i loved that one shoot they had together.


sarNie Oldmaid
I love Chakrit w/ Joy Rinalee...I think Krit matches lady-like woman like Joy Rinalee...and it's also a plus that they both are super hot...I think Joy Rinalee is one of the most beautiful daras in Thailand...honestly

I dunno...first of all..not a fan of Jakjann...and also to me Krit and Jakjann's relationship move too fast, lasted too short and was very fishy..somehow it didn't seem right...and wenever i see them on the news or something together...they seem soo weird..cold..not warm like a couple...for example Ken & when Ken looks at Noi you can see his feelings for her...Krit..i didn't see anyting in his eyes..nor Jakjann..and then it ended in like the worse way too...made Chakrit's fame take a dip down..but fortunatly it was only briefly...and now he's back on it neva happened...which is a plus for him..and also me..eheeheee

but i'm like...i hope he gets back w/ Joy..i tink they make the hottest couple ever!! but Joy says there's no chance of that happenning...**tears**


sarNie Adult
i never see a picture of both chakrit and Joy R. So i can't say plus i didn't know how their relationship started and ended and how long did they stayed together? Anyone know, please share with us becasue i'm interested in anything about my chakrit lol..

And for jakujan and him, yeah i agree with kashie that their relationship is weird...started too fast and lasted too short...and even in their lakorn, i don't see any chemistry between feeling and no sparks in chakrit's i was glad that they didn't last together but was afraid at that time that chakrit's fame will drop down too because of the scandal...but luckily now he's back up on the top...and i'm glad that now he's free...hehe