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Ok So I just heard on the radio today that JT has been cheating on Jessica with...Guess who???...Kate Hudson and she's prego with his kid! :loool: OMG I can't believe it..I guess once a cheater always a cheater! Anywho just wanted to share this with you all..if you haven't heard it yet... :kiss:


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OK I found this @ http://www.showbizspy.com/2008/02/25/justi...ng-kate-hudson/

Justin Timberlake “secretly seeing� Kate Hudson

Pop star Justin Timberlake is amazingly rumoured to have been “secretly seeing� Kate Hudson “for the past year�.

Despite Justin’s high-profile relationship with stunning Jessica Biel, the New York Post insists he “has been secretly seeing� Hudson “for the past year�.

And the shock report comes at the same time as gossip is increasingly growing that Hudson may be pregnant.

An Insider told the Post: “Kate is very private and refuses to be seen with him in public.

“She doesn’t want to be humiliated like Cameron Diaz was when he dumped her.

“But they talk every day on the phone and see each other often.�

By Lee Brown, Feb 25 2008 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy


sarNie Adult
When was the first time he cheated?
I know with Britney, they said that she was the one that cheated on him.
That's why he had all those sad love songs out, especially "Cry me a river."

Kate Hudson? Geez, she's been getting it on with a bunch of different people lately.
I'll believe it when they confirm it. It could just be gossip.

The whole thing with Cameron Diaz had to do with her not wanting to get married I thought.


sarNie Adult
Yea Britney cheated on Justin. And the relationship with Cameron is that Justin not ready to get married. I think this is jus gossip for reals n Kate Hudson has been around the Hollywood block