K ( I love this singer...he's got an awesome voice)


sarNie Egg
i only heard his only human song sung in 1 litre of tears.. i didn`t even know he was korean until like a month later haha... his voice is really goodd!


1TYM hwaiting!
he's korean? I just realized that now..lol, I mean I've seen his name a lot in other korean forums but I didn't realize that he was the same K who sung "Only Human." I thought they were two completely different singers with the same name. ^_^


sarNie Hatchling
Nope same singer. He just sang for the ablum of the movie. I think its quite frequent too. I mean I've heard a song Rain sing in Japanese too.


Staff member
he was in this one talk show..and he sing RAIN'S version of ''AVOID THE SUN'' which btw is VERY GOOD..the acappella part is just awesome..he's a great singer..

*i upload this file in sexybi clubbox..if you can download from there ^^


Are you still looking for his songs? I have his second album (Japanese) that I could upload if you still are.


sarNie Egg
Seriously that would be awesome, upload it, I too don't mind that it's Japanese I am a fan of his also :)


N i n j a
yea i agree. good singer. although, he's not as popular, and very underrated in Korea before until now. his popularity rose after his japanese singles releases.