Kaehard Saeng Jun


sarNie Adult
Wow...I like the title of this lakorn...but why Poo. I bet she's going to get to dress really nice in this lakorn. I watch this...because Num na ja.


Official Robert Pattinson Ambassador
noi ja...ur link for the video doesn't work when you click on it it says the video contains a malformed id whatever that means....


sarNie Hatchling
Weird. I don't know why the url isn't working. It's the same one on the page and the clip is still up.


sarNie Hatchling
Whoever want to watch the opening ceromony can go to youtube and type Num Sornram in search box. Then scroll down and look for Kehard Saeng Jun...


sarNie Elites
oh god....Num and Poo...i don't think that's a good match at all....i mean....she's almost 14 years younger than him....besides...she doesn't look mature enough and Num doesn't look young anymore...


sarNie Juvenile
this lakorn look interesting...thanks so much for the preview...Num look so handsome and Poo look pretty....can't wait to seelols...