Kaew Tah Pee (Apple Of My Eye) Ѽ [CH 1.3 UPDATED]


I know I have three other FF that I've neglected for a year or so now  :secret: I promise I'll update Wong Glom Rak, Ruk Chun Peua Tur, and Kammethep Roy Rak soon after I'm done with my Spring :flowers: Semester. SMiLeZ sun yah na  :dance2:
(For "Kaew Tah Pee," I will be incorporating Game Ruk Kol SanaeHa's storyline in it) Player VS. Player kinda thing going on here :gungirl:  :gungirl: As some of you may know, M&M was rumored to be in GRKS by P'Da. However, she came out to confirm that she will not be producing it. :cry1:Oh wells here comes a FF  :heart:  
Here I go again with a new FF ! LET'S START ROLLiN :thumbsup:
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Kaew Tah Pee (Apple Of My Eye) Ѽ
Starring: Mark Prin as Mark Prin Suwongthong
Mint Chalida as Chada Wijitpurat
Alex Rendell as Alex Suwalee
Toey as Toey Jari


Credit: Nikki Bellefire :spin:
:dance1: Game Rak Kol SanaeHa MV(S) that will be similar to Kaew Tah Pee  :dance1:
Mark: Mai dtaang ngaan !!!  
Mark raises his voice : "HEADLINES: "Mark Prin Suwongthong engaged to a girl from the streets of Paris!!!"
Baaaaa ! Baa jing jing ah. Mai ow na Mae. Mai ow. You know how discrediting my name sounds? Sok ga prohk wer !
*he rolls his eyes and tosses a pillow across the room in disgust 
Mae: Ow na lue, don't over exaggerate the whole situation. First of all, she's not a girl from the streets of Paris you silly.
Secondly, She's from Chiangmai !
Mark: Chiangmai? You already know I only dig farang gals  :cry:
Mae: You'll change your mind once you see her. And are you ready for this? :dance1:*Her eyes were beaming
Mark: Ready for what? *Mark sound the least excited
M: you're meeting her TONIGHT ! 
M: TONIGHT? *the pitch of Mark's voice was so loud even heaven could hear him
M: Please use your inside voice Mr. Mark ! mai chai serious na ! 
Mark: Not serious?? This is my life we're talking about here ! I won't marry a girl I've never met before. 
She cuts him off: "You already met her once." Besides, I believe she left a pretty darn good impression on you !
Mark: I met her before? When? Where? Here? Huh? Bok si ! 
M: Piggy Tails lue ! "Mark's mom hooks on her bracelet, looks at him and teases him with a smile. "I won't be there when you meet her." She threw Mark an envelope. "Look your best tonight because you wouldn't want to disappoint your father and I. And.....don't fall over when you see her tonight." She winks at him before closing the door leaving a thud.
:arrg: *Flashback* :arrg: 

Mark's dad: Do you remember Mr. Wijitpurat, my business partner? 
Little Mark nodded his head yes, "Mark lue, meet his daughter Chada Wijitpurat."
Before little Mark, there stood a little girl with pig tails wearing a pink ruffel dress. She smile shyly at him showing her pink braces.
Little Mark rolled his eyes as she walks closer to him.
Mark's dad: Mark take her to the rose garden, Mr. Wijitpurat and I have some important business to discuss.
M: No! I hate the rose garden! And I don't want to take her ! *Mark points at Chada
*Chada can feel her cheeks burning up
Mark's dad: Don't speak that way to your...uhm to Chada na lue
Little Mark was annoyed : I'll go ask N'Toey to take her instead. *Little Mark ran off to the yard
Chada's father: Go on na lue, go follow him *she nodded and skips away.
Fathers: This will be interesting :weee:  
M: N'Toey? N'Toey? Where are you? I want to tell you that there's this funny looking girl in our house? She looks like the little crazy girl from Nemo....you know the one that kills.....*Mark didn't even finish his sentence....he heard something coming from the bushes....
M: arai ah? Who is it? N'Toey is it you?
Little Mark approach closer to the bushes until he felt something fuzzy brush against his neck. 
............Little Mark turned around and to his surprise, he saw a big giant fuzzy caterpillar in mid-air.
MID-AIR? Mark let out a loud scream that startled Chada. She accidentally dropped the caterpillar on top of his head.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Mark jumps around trying to get the caterpillar off his precious hair.
He ran in circles while Chada giggles to herself as she watches him run around the yard
Chada finally composed herself from laughing :coverlaf:  :coverlaf: She then grabs Mark by the arm, "jai yen yen na" :dude:  
She gracefully reaches for the fuzzy caterpillar and sets it on the grass :spin:
Chada: See that's all you need to do. *She turned around and saw that Mark's cheeks were rosy red
Chada: You like to wear blush? *chada confused? :scratchhead2:  No fair, my mom told me I'm too young to be wearing blush *She pouts
M: You idiot!! Why would I wear BLUSH!! I am a BOYYYY !!! AND I am allergic to caterpilaaaaaaarssssssssssss ! 
:arrg: *End of FLASHBACK* :arrg: 

Meanwhile downstairs:
Mom: jam dai chai mai ka? *Mark's mom giggles and walks out the door :rofl:


sarNie Hatchling
Noooo way!!! Tis is toooo gooood!!! I laugh sooo hard lol lil mark n mint hehe :) cant wait for more! Besides kaew tae pee was such a goood lakorn. I loved Tik n Cherry. But im also lookin forward for tis one too!


sarNie Adult
Lol I laughed pretty good at little Mark!! He's so arrogant and childish. He somehow reminds me of Sesshomaru, though Sesshy is a lit more mature but still has pride, arrogance, and childishness. Well that was off-topic but please update!!!! I just can't wait for the next one. :D


LOL, wonderfully written. I was laughig while reading along. MM is just too cute and adorable! <3 Please update soon. :)


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Chyeaahhh! You finally post it up! Been waiting forever. 555 At least I think this is the one. Jkay. lol I like it. It's already funny. 
Anyways, I am excited! Update soon! Hopefully it won't take you as long to write this one compared to the other ones. Hehe! ;)


Here is a quick update :p
There might be tons of mistakes !
Enjoy <3
Mark parks in front of Grand Hotel de Crillon. He opens the envelope his mother had given him earlier.
Jewelry Show Starts @9pm
M: Dammit I'm too early to this damn thing.(Traffic is always bad in Paris so he decided to head out early.)
Jewelry Show? Sounds soooo fun *sarcastic tone (It started raining so Mark decided to step out his car before the rain gets any heavier. He took the mask and VIP pass out of his blazer pocket.) What's the purpose of wearing this stupid mask? 
He puts the mask on and placed the pass over his neck.
As he made his way to the front of the hotel, cameras flashed from left to right. He smirks as photographers came to take his pictures.
He nods his heads as farang ladies came to greet him. Mark was feeling rather pathetic in a mask because no one else was wearing a mask.
*Dressing Room*
Chada had just arrived in Paris an hour ago and she was already placed in the Jewelry show as the main model.
Chada was confused about all the commotion. Her father unexpectedly boarded  her a plane to Paris and now this? What else is he trying to pull?  
She was curious about the Versace gown that she was also wearin. Prior to this, her father took her to a designer for her measurements in Chiangmai a few months ago. Chada never really care for? And now she is wearing a perfectly fitted Versace gown. Well not perfectly yet because she hasn't zipped it up yet.
C: where did everyone go? Hello is anyone there? Hello? *There was no answer.
Mark was walking around the dressing room when he heard a voice. 
He looked from around but there was no one in sight.
C: Hello? Can someone please help me? *I hope my English is understandable Chada thought to herself
M: Chuay ror? I can help you alright, Mark walked in the dressing room where the voice was coming from.
C: Oh I thought no one would understand me, but since you're already here, can you please zip up my dress? 
Mark's eyes grew as he saw the naked back of this fine tall lady. 
C: **mumbles to herself**, or does she not understand me. She repeated herself: Can you please zip up my dress?
Mark walks up to her back and zips her dress up for her. He eyes her up and down "Spec kaung pom wer" (Totally my type)
C: excuse me, what did you say? I couldn't hear you. well thank yooo,
her (you) drifted away when she turned around to find a man instead of a girl in front of her !!!

C: AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Ai chuaaa ! You pervert !!! *
*Chada waves her hands in the air to strike the guy in the mask
Aiii baa aii baaaaaa Chada was getting ready to scream for help but she felt a pair of warm lips placed right onto hers. 
They both looked into each others eyes for a split second, Chada jerked back and steps onto her long trail, pulling Mark down with her.
This time the second kiss almost knocked them both out cold. 
Someone had walked in on them and screams
"OMG isn't that Mark Prin Suwongthong? Isn't he dating Marie Broenner? Omg he's cheating on her with this new girl from the block. I heard she's from Thailand." 
Everyone gushed in as cameras started flashing. Mark helped Chada up instead he got a shove. Chada picked up her long trail and took a run for the nearest bathroom.
Mark: Everyone please calm down. It isn't what it looks like. She tripped over her dress and I happened to be there to help her. 
Mark snarled at the photographers, give me those cameras. How much do you want them for?
*In the bathroom, Chada, Ai baaaaaaaa ! Who the heck is he? She touched her lips. Not once but twice? Twice in Paris and it's not even under the Eiffel Tower.
Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! What did I do to deserve this ? Chada wipes her lips in disgust....I'll get you ai jon ! 
After taking care of the photographers, Mark touched his lips. Not bad? I didn't even get to see her face that clearly. Ehhhh

*Dressing Room 
The fashion show was starting in ten minutes and Chada was still in the restroom. There was a pound at the door "Chada Wijitpurat?" Is that you in there?
Chada: Yes its me.
"The show is about to start. We need you out here right now."
Chada braced herself and decides to step out of the bathroom. The assistant noticed that the front of her gown had ripped. Khun Chada ka, your gown is
ripped. Chada stares down at her gown, "give me a pair of scissors."

*Ball Room
 *It was already 10 minutes into the show*
Mark was getting bored......."Ouiii I almost forgot about that crazy little caterpillar girl? Where the heck is she? Ugh, it's not like I want to see you anyways. I'll just
lie to Mae that we met and you already had a boyfriend. So we made an agreement that....*Mark looked like a crazy talking to himself....
While talking to himself, Mark bumps into someone.
M: Hey watch where you're going !
**They both faced each other !** 
M: "Ohhh hoh it's just you ?! I thought you were stuck in Lebanon? *Mark smacks his buddie on the arm
Dom: You think? I can't miss this show for anything.
M: what do you mean? 
D: she's my meaning...**Dom's eyes shot at the model coming out of the curtains....
She's drop deap gorgeous..........Dom walks closer to the runway...
As the model approaches closer to the end of the runway, Mark was in awe...
Dom is right, she is drop dead gorgeous. She revealed one side of her leg that turned him on !
It wasn't over the top sexy but just right. Mark eyed her as she turned her back towards him.
*Chada looks over at the crowd and saw the pervert ! She wanted to jump off the stage and give him a good beating but
instead she turned once around to show the diamond tiara on her head.

M: Heyyy that back, wait a minute, that zipper, could it be her? Mark's jaw drops to the ground,
Dom turns around and picks up Mark's jaw.
D: Ni ai Mark! you can't drool over her, she's mine !!!
M: yours? you're already branding her? 
D: if thats what you want to call it. I'm getting her number tonight.
Dom claps as the lights flashed up. 
Mark: not if i get it first *Mark said under his breath
they both clapped their hands as the models rounded up for the last walk....
Mark eyed Chada as she went backstage...."Spec kaung pom wer" he mumbles to himself........ 


- Marina ♥
Omgomgomg, if only this were a real lakornn!! I love it so much! Mark is so freakin cuuuuute :3 I love his bubbly personality.
I really enjoyed these parts! ohlala, the zipping the dress scene was too cute! Can't wait for more.
Hope Mark gets her number! xD


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Hahha! Love how he keeps saying, "spec kaung pom wer." 555 I love it so far. Competitive Mark. Well, hopefully he gets her number..that's if he can after what has happen. I can't wait to read more when he finds out she's the piggy tail girl. lol Thanks for the update and please do update soon when you can! :D Take your time na! 


I don't know where this is heading, but it's heading somewhere  :wink:
Here is something short !
*Dressing Room*
Chada was still wearing the Versace gown. She was ready to take it off when her text tone came on.
*reads the text
Chada your ride will be waiting for you in front of the Grand Hotel. 
If you call, I won't be able to pick up because I'm heading to an important night meeting in Hua Hin.
You won't be able to reach me.
Love- Pops
C: Phaw ah. that's it? How am I suppose to know what kind of car that person drives?
Or where that person will be taking me?
Ahem*Ahem someone interrupted her train of thought.
D: hello beautiful Ms. Wijitpurat, my name is Dominic Plengumiya. But you can call me Dom for short.
He took her hand and kissed it
Chada took her hand back gently, Dom? Dom Plengumiya?
D: Chai, he got closer to her and whispers in her ears, do you have a place to go tonight?
Chada pulls Dom in closer
From afar, Mark was watching. 
*He gulps, she is sassssy ! he shakes his head in aweee
C: if i don't, would you let me stay with you? she teases a smile
D: of course, anything for a beautiful lady like you......Dom leans in for a kiss !
M: Ai DOM ! You want to really test my patience huh !
Chada moves her lips away....let me change out of this gown first, you can wait for me down the lobby....
Dom pulls Chada outward grabbing onto her arms, I'll see you in a bit
Mark couldn't play out what they were talking about. He was so curious he almost knocked down a flower stand...
Ouiiiiiiiiiiii, this guy wasn't joking when he said he was going to get her number huh?
Let me just cut...........
*ring ring...........*ring *ring...... 
Ouii Mae why do you have to call around this time? Don't you know I have fast business right now...  
*Picks up the call
M: khrap Mae? What? I have to take her home? Home as in my condo? Why? I didn't even meet her yet !
Mae: what you haven't met her yet? You should've already seen her? Well in that case wait for her in the front of the Grand Hotel
M: Mae, she stood us up. I bet her weird self ran off with another man. If she can get one, Mark cracked himself up...he chuckles* 
Mae: Mark sorry to break it down to ya, but you're not going home until you find her ! *clicks
Mark stops laughing, *maeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! Why is she my responsibility? This girl is TROUBLE ! 
Dom you got lucky this time ! UGH !
Mark slid his phone in his pocket and went in search for anyone with pig tails.
*In the bathroom Chada hurriedly ties up her hair in a bun and changes into the clothes she wore before.
C: you think i'm really going with you? I'm not that easy *chada shakes her head and set foot out of the bathroom
Chada head towards the front of the hotel...
C: My ride should already be waiting...i hope....if not I'll have to find a victim
*sorry to the person who's suppose to pick me up in advance
*Mark parked in front of the hotel,
I've been people watching for a good fifteen minutes now and it's a waste of time. I should just leave...
All of sudden someone opens his back door 
*pai pai pai reu reu si !!
Mark: HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? who are you to tell me what to do?
C: I have a gun here! Chada points it at his waist?
M: dai dai dai !!!!!
Mark steps on the pedal.........
*Dom walks back and forth waiting for Chada. A couple minutes would do he looks at his watch
*In the car, 
Mark drove in still motion, he was so stiff he almost couldn't breath.
M: Can you please set the gun down? I have money, yes I have money. How ever much you want, I can give it to you
*Mark spoke in thai *poor people these days can't find anything else better to do !
C: Ni khun !!? Chada smacks him on the head ! *dont you insult me like that !!
Mark steps on the break ! You're THAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark turned around and saw a familiar face.


huajaikaungtur said:
Omgomgomg, if only this were a real lakornn!! I love it so much! Mark is so freakin cuuuuute :3 I love his bubbly personality.
I really enjoyed these parts! ohlala, the zipping the dress scene was too cute! Can't wait for more.
Hope Mark gets her number! xD
hhahha I just had to add in the Prae and SaengKla scene from NM2 555
ehehhe stay tune (;
fantastic_27 said:
OMG ipsmilez i love it..I really wish GRKS was a real one but MM is still a young couple plenty of more Lakorn to go..

Yes, they still have the future for more upcoming lakorns  :dance3:
roselovesice said:
Hahha! Love how he keeps saying, "spec kaung pom wer." 555 I love it so far. Competitive Mark. Well, hopefully he gets her number..that's if he can after what has happen. I can't wait to read more when he finds out she's the piggy tail girl. lol Thanks for the update and please do update soon when you can! :D Take your time na! 
hehehehe thank you for tuning in AHHAHAHA
Let's see if he gets her number :woot:


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Haha Apparently he didn't...yet. 555 Mark is such a nerd sometimes. I like Mint's character. Sassy yet feisty-ish. lol 
Can't wait for the next chapter! Hopefully you get an idea of where your story is and should be heading. I'm positive it's heading somewhere as well. 555 ;) Update soon when can na! 


sarNie Hatchling
It's so catchy!!!! I've got to stay TUNE. And I can totally imagined them in these role/s. Hope someday ( the sooner the better ) they will characterize or play in something like this TOGETHER as PRA'NANG !
*But since there are always obstacles in M&M ways it is a WISHFUL thinking     :rolleyes1:     :whistle:  


There's a lot of mumbo jumbo going on here..........it's starting out a bit slow but hopefully it'll pick up soon 
C: Ai Jon !!!
M: Ai jon? Pom ror? Ai jon na? oh Hohhhh who are you kidding? You're the one who threatened me with a gun !
Chada put her finger down. 
C: well...that may be right, tae khun bpen ai chua !!! You pervert !! 
M: What did I ever do to you? Did I, *Mark got out of his seat and got closer to Chada who was sitting at the back seat* do this to you?
Their faces were inches away ! *Mark did a kissy face *muahs
C: Not once but twice ! 
Mark *confuse* jing ror?
C: And this will be our third time...**Chada gave Mark a good punch on his lips**...but with my fist
C: Remember me now? sak jai maaaaak !! *Chada crackes her knuckles ! And laughs
M: Are you crazy? **Mark took off his mask ! 
Chada stopped laughing once she saw Marks face...........
While Mark was in pain rubbing his lips, Chada peered closer to his face,
C: Have we met before?
M: Chai chai chai, are lips have met before sao suay saaa
C: Hey youuu!!!
*ring ring ring ! Both Mark and Chada's phone went off....
they both sat back in there seats in search for their phones...
C: Phaw? 
P: Did you already meet him? 
C: Krai ah? 
C: You didn't mention anything about me meeting him??? Who is him?
Mark fidgeted trying to get his phone out of his pocket...
once he got a hold of his phone, he looks at the name *DOMDOM
*Mark smirks
M: wassup DOM? Did you get her number?
D: She stood me up foo, I waited almost an hour at the lobby for her !
M: oh ror?...........I've got the bait
D: huh? Bait? 
P: phaw khor thot na Chada, I didn't want to tell you beforehand because I know you'll refuse. 
C: Phawwwww ah ! Refuse? I always do everything for you. But this? This is asking way too much...of course I will refuse 
Mark: chai khraaaaaaaapppp, and she is spicyy......
D: arai wah?
C: Neung, you board me a plane to Paris, song, you put me in this jewelry show for no good reason, sam, this?
Phaw what are you trying to do?
Mark suddenly got interested in Chada's conversation, 
D: Mark spicy? who's spicy? Ai Mark ! Respond back....
M: Dom i'll call you back *clicks
C: I will not marry that dek poo chai gaem daeng na !!!
P: If you don't..........you will never get to see your mother....*clicks
C: phawww phaww...
Mark whispers to himself *marriage?
Chada tried calling her father back but he had already turned off his phone.
C: ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! She threw her phone nearly hitting Mark's face !
M: You need to watch out Ms. You have a pair of heavy hands !
C: you want to try it again?
M: I'll try it later after I figure out where you want to go? You know, we've been on the side of this road a little bit toooo long
C: pai nai gaaw dai ! At this moment I just want to drink !!!
*In his mind* Drink? I've got the right place for you !
M: khrap Jao nai suay suay  *  Mark steps on the gas pedal

**On the ride to Mark's condo, she reflected on her life.
Chada's father was always there but not mentally. He showered her with money and everything she wanted but how come
he never gave her the love any child would want from their only parent. She always wondered who her mother was. Why her
mother wasn't present in her life? Chada did anything her father asks her to do, to receive the love and care she's been yearning for.
Yet Chada gets nothing in return. In result, she became a heartless person towards any men who comes to her life. It's like a game to her.

*Mark's Condo*
It was approximately mid-night and Chada was exhausted !
Chada set her duffel bag on Mark's couch ! 
C: I need a drink !
M: I got chu !
Mark went to his mini bar and started mixing Chada a drink
Mark sings to himself *today is my lucky night whooo hoh whoooooo !!*
Chada took off her sweater and was in her tank top ! 
Mark was dancing in his mini bar and stops when he saw her walk up.
C: give it here ! *she took the shot without any chaser !
M: WOW !!! never in my lifeeeee...just wow  
Chada took a seat on the stool and starts spinning around........
She closes her eyes as tears started swelling up in her eyes.........
M: uhmmm misss...are you okay?
C: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh......
M: khraaaaaap !
Mark went ahead and turnt up the music ! 
The words repeated in her head
"The reason why you are in Paris is because.......you're getting Married, lue. You're getting married with Mr. Suwongthong's son. And tonight was the night you both were suppose to meet each other."
C: Just like that huh Phaw? Well guess what? Your plan failed. I didn't meet him.........
Mark sat next to Chada...so I heard....you're getting married?
Chada opens her eyes.......how did you know?
M: oww you announced it in the car didn't you? So i heard you...
C: I see that you're not just a pervert but also a eavesdropper
M: hey don't try to change the subject..i know you don't wanna marry that guy !!!
C: ttooooooook dtaung.......he's the biggest whimp I know ! *chada scoffs
who the heck wants to marry that little boy....I would rather jump off a bridge then marry him
M: wooowww he's that bad? He must look like the hunchback of Notre Dame for you to even consider jumping off a bridge?
C: he looks worser than him !
M: ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Well I guess we're on the same boat?
Chada stares at Mark, Same boat?
M: I'm getting force to marry this weird looking girl !!! I'd rather much jump off a bridge then marry her too !
I say we both can jump off the bridge together !
Chada raises her eyebrow.....
M: I take that as a YESSSSSSSSSSS
Mark's door bell went off....
They both turned around to look at the door....
M: who the heck will come around this hour?