kang dong won


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ahhh... at first i saw the name on the subject which made me thought of KIM DONGWAN of shinhwa. lol however, i just saw him in 1% of anything at the moment... he's alright... but once he acts, he's pretty darn adorable. =)


1TYM hwaiting!
I've seen him in The Deulist and that was it. His character wasn't that appealing to me in that movie so I guess he just didn't appeal to me that much either...maybe if I see his other works :D

I know what you mean kitkat. Everytime they talk about Kang Dongwan, they abbreviate it KDW so I also think of Kim Dongwan everytime I see that. ^_^


sarNie Elites
^oh really? i didn't know that he played in duelist.. i'm so tempted to watch it since it has my fave actess.. HJW! =D is KDW the main character in duelist?

yeah i know i always thought that they spell kang dongwan is wrong then i clicked on it and realized it's DIFFERENT guy... i was like 'i must be thinking of KIM dongwan, not KANG dongwan' lol it's still quite confusing, though. -_-!


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"ADORABLE" with capital A is the word for this guy...just wanna squeeze him senseless :w000t: :w000t: :w000t:

Any ideas when "our happy time" is gna be out???


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KIM DANGWON...I love your acting...so far...all the films I have seen....I end up being more and more obsessed...YEAH!

So he's also in a korean drama called Magic and in a movie called "Maundy Thursday aka Our Happy Time". OMG. His acting in Maundy Thursday blew me away. I was speechless from all the goosebumps. It was that superb!

He's absolutely on my HOT guy list...yes...yes...

Anyone know what's up with him?