Kathreeya English


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Okay, so I'm living in an apartment shared with three other girls. They're all from different culture and they listen to mostly american music.

well, I was in my room one day and I was blasting Kat's newest Cd "Lucky Girl" on my stereo. There was a little party going on outside in the living room and soon like everyone was crammed into my room asking my about who this singer is because she is so good. I introduced them to Kat English and they wanted her music out in the living room as part of the dancing music. The vibe to her music was great and the thing is most of the people there are black and white with a few chinese/asian.

I"m really glad that I got the chance to do this and I do agree that Kat English is a super singer with great styles in her music and the fact that she looks gorgoues.

Just thought that I share with you guys about my experience here.


sarNie Adult
oh man that's wonderful!

i have always think that if other race (that are not asian) listnes to her songs then they'll probably like it because her songs are so good with wonderful beats!


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p'katreeya's newest album is definitely a great jamming album. it's more rnbish popish style that is almost more similar to the modern music that has been playing. ^_^


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the most english in p'kat's lucky girl album are these lyrics

"i think i love you, i'm falling for you"
"don't be a baby"
"burn then the rap part"