Ken Phupoom


Expired Sarnie
I love love love love his smile!!! He has the same smile as my super adorable cousins!!!


sarNie Immature
I remember before this when most of the people here were hating and badmouthing him because of his not so handsome looks. I also dislike his sometime-Koreanly looks! :vomit: Now I take back my word. I think I fall for him already --after watching 3NNT. He's such an attractive after all. :thumbsup:


sarNie Tombstone
He reminds me of Mark. Thanks.
Are U sure :scratchchin: cos to me Kane look nothing like Mark Kane has a longer
face and when they smiley face looks completely different Kane he looks like the
3nnt original pra'ek I think U know who am I referring to


Haha, Ken P is really cute, he looks like a mix of Mark and Nadech, he's got the long face and hotness like Nadech, but then his eyes and smile looks like Mark's so he's got the kiddish boy look like Mark, haha, hope you understand what i mean. He's so hot!!!