Ken Teeradeth & Aff Taksaorn (Pics Updated)


sarNie Hatchling
i think that Aff looks like a clown in this shoot. she's so beautiful and then they put THAT makeup on her??? crazy.

Ken is definitely HOT. he melted my whip cream on my pumpkin pie. DAMN! now i'll have to have him lick up the mess. :loool:


sarNie OldFart
yay more pics :DD love it! they are so good together. too bad not alot of pics together but this shoot is so nice!


sarNie Elites
Aff looks fierce in the shoot, she can do no wrong. Yes the make up is heavy and very stylish however there aren't many girls that can pull this off. I think she looks very glamorous and versatile.


Staff member
ooo damn HOT.. ken n aff.. damn.. HOT.. mighty handsome n beautiful lady.. ^_^.. hehe..