Khun Chai Puttipat vs. Khun Palad Saran

Khun Chai Puttipat Jutathep vs Khun Palad Saran Siwavhet - who has your heart?

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sarNie Adult
This is just for fun guys, it's not  REAL fight. Hahaha. I just want to know among Jiranee fans, or even those not into Jiranee or James Ji for that matter, which character they like more. Both characters are flawed and both have very different backgrounds. SO if you were to choose, who would you pick? 
By the way things are going at the Padiwarada thread right now, I'm thinking Puttipat might just win this one, but I don't know, I just might get surprised!
-edit- I think we should have a lowdown so here is
the tale of the tape! 
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Khun Chai Puttipat Jutathep

photo cr: screen grab by JJ Vietnam FC
Name: Mom Rajowongse Puttipat Jutathep, M.D.
Nickname: Chai Pat
Profession: Neurosurgeon
Educational Background: Finished medicine at Oxford University and residency at Guy’s Hospital
Birth Order: Middle Child
Best friend: Chai Ruj, and his other brothers
Family Background: Orphaned at a young age. Was raised by 2 grandmothers together with his 4 siblings. Said to be the most obedient among the brothers who never gave his grandmothers any trouble.
Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, playing the piano and hanging out with his brothers
Interests: Medicine, constellations, sciences?
Likes: peace and quiet, seeing his patients are well
Hates: Marathee. Beautiful superficial women
Favorite food: Kaew’s Chinese Dumplings (same recipe as his mom’s)
Special skills: Piano, getting his younger brothers to do his bidding (especially Chai Lek)
Secret weapon: Dancing skills
Weakness: Having to cope with frilly women, running and shooting
Theme Song:
Love Interest: Kronkaew, Miss Thailand of 1958 (?)
Love Story trope: Beauty and the Geek – Geek falls in love (at first sight) for the first time
Main conflict: Chai Pat’s inner struggle between logic and his growing feelings
Rival: Dr. Yodsawin
Ex: No one, although he supposedly was the crush of Sylvie (and the medical students) and he had to deflect advances of Marathee.
Ultimate Line: “Kaew, Marry me. Since I was born, I never loved anyone before. You are the first one that I love and you will be the last.”
Chai Pat developed from a sharp tongued, stiff and unyielding prude to a devoted prince charming to his one and only Cinderella, Kaew. While he is kindhearted and upright, he initially had what seemed to be disdain for women as he saw them as a waste of time. Even Yodsawin had to say he was surprised to hear Khun Chai Mor say that he loved Kaew as he thought he didn’t have a heart! Yet when he did fall in love, he was so smitten and so adorable with his innocent and genuine love for Kaew. He loved her and that was that!
Being a logical person, he tried hard to resist his feelings for Kaew, to no avail. He also drew the friendship card early on in the relationship to earn her trust. But ultimately, he wanted to be her husband and “schemed” to get Kaew to marry him so he can be her husband for real. When he did become her husband, he did not hesitate to tell the world (when necessary) that he loved her and nobody else. Whoever thought he was a weak four-eyed geek is in for a surprise. He said so himself, Chai Pat gets what he wants and no one can stop him. 
His “logical” side is both the source of his endearing quality, but it likewise serves as his flaw. It was fun to see him soften up and be taken by love completely. At the same time, it’s his logical nature that makes him appear to be so arrogant to the point of being overbearing. He also has deals on how men and women should act in society and his imposing moral standards only have very limited exceptions. His propriety likewise made him quite tactless. Who didn't cringe (and cheer at the same time) when he told Marathee to her face that he never made it unclear that he bore no affection for her. Ouch! The greatest irony in his life is his greatest triumph – and that is falling in love at first sight with a woman who is stunningly beautiful both inside and out. 
Khun Palad Saran Siwavhet

Name: Khun Palad Saran Siwavhet
Nickname: Ran
Profession: Sheriff
Educational Background: Scholar at the State University, passed the Civil Service exam
Birth Order: Only Child
Best friend: Chalad
Family Background: Only child of Khun Kaew. Father died when he was a teenager and he had to be a temple boy since they suddenly became poor. When he was younger, he fought with all his friends because they messed with his toys.
Hobbies: Training
Interests: Flowers, Khun Chot said he has the heart of an Artist
Likes: Duang, doing calming mundane tasks like cleaning his gun and hanging out with Rin
Hates: Criminals and Superficial people who “abandoned” them, liars
Favorite food: Rin’s pepper sauce
Special skills: Guitar and singing, picking the lock to Rin’s door
Secret weapon: the “look that kills women”

Weakness: Duang, Random fangirls, cooking
Theme Song:
Love Interest: Rinrapee/Bralalee Bumrung Prachakit
Love Story trope: Arranged Marriage. Once burned, twice shy. But when true love comes, it will bloom naturally over time
Main conflict: Saran being wishy washy about love
Rival: Arunlerk
Ex: Duangsawat
Ultimate Line: “Today we don’t have an answer for each other. Please, stay with me first. Find your meaning and I’ll find my feelings. Let’s stay with each other first all right?”
Palad Saran is the ultimate lover boy – he would literally die for love. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you, he’s actually as sentimental as guys can get. He will not only give you flowers, he’ll stay up all night to make a fence in your garden. He’ll give you his whole salary and serenade you once in a while as a bonus. He knows what it’s like to have loved and lost so he won’t tell you he loves you outright, but you’ll see it in his eyes – he does. And when he loves, he loves completely.
While he can be very tedious and thorough in his work, in the end he’s brash and impulsive. He faces danger head on, with little regard for his own safety, due to his dedication to his duty. It is this same impulsiveness that makes him come off as short tempered and illogical. But in reality he takes matters to heart – perhaps a bit too much that his feelings get in the way. He knows it too – that’s’ why he goes to great lengths to protect his heart. He will not trust you until he is sure that you are worth giving his heart to. Yet when he does give his heart, he remains loyal for life – he will never abandon a citizen in need, or stop caring for a friend even though she practically ruined his life. Ultimately, he is a vulnerable guy who is eager to love and be loved in return.
He swore to never love again, but his big heart was powerless against Rin. Rin had an equally big heart and an equally urgent need to love and be loved just as he. Fate brought the two of them together, but it is faith in their love and in each other that would make them stay that way forever. It was only a matter of time before he realized that in his second chance at love, he has learned to give his heart completely to his beloved loyal wife. 
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Mrs James Ma
Nooo why did you ask this  :weee:  :weee: I cant choose   :facepalm:
I think its Saran for me. Cos in Puttipat I was not his fan so I did not feel anything. Now as his fan, Im enjoying Saran more :ghehe:
Mine is first vote :wink:


sarNie Adult
Wahahaha. I would have thought you'd choose Puttipat N'Step, because then he was related to the awesome guy that is Ronapee! hahaha. I'm still undecided. I'm so torn between Chai Pat and Saran. Chai Pat is a good guy but he's a high handed chauvinist then Saran is a loser but he loves purely and sincerely. I can't decide. 


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
How dare you do this to me?!?! Hhahaha! I love my Khun Chai but in all honesty, I love my Palad Saran a whole lot more. Despite his depress ways and the way he handles depression...and all that jazz, Khun Palad Saran just know how to steal my heart. Who he is just excites me. Haha! He's as real as it gets.


sarNie Adult
OH NOOOOO I still haven't cast my vote! hahahaha I agree with you roselovesrice, but Chai Pat has a special place in my heart. I don't know. First love never dies. But... SARAN! haaaaaaaaa!!!! I can't decide! Right now it's a close fight. 2 vs 2 


sarNie Adult
I don't know who to vote. I haven't caught up on Padiwadra! And Saran has those looks that can kill me. But I also like Khun Chai Puttipat. Ugh these are the real problems I have to face.


sarNie Adult
Okay! I've cast my vote! I always said that although I love Puttipat, I'll never marry a guy like him because we'll end up fighting. hahahaha. He's perfect for Kronkaew, but not for me. So I picked Saran. 
missstaceythao, you have to catch up! It's ending this week! 


sarNie Egg
What a tough poll, it literally got me sweating. Thank you 040156 for creating this!
As much as I love Chai Pat, I think he is perfect for Krongkaew. He’s the knight in shining armor, a tough, and righteous individual who will go all white hat on you. I love his confident, determined mentality- he’s a man who goes after what he wants and usually gets what he wants. Relentless, undeterred, like a bulldog with a bone. Yet often times that kind of man ends up thinking he knows what is best for you. Regardless, he’s admirable, I love his guts, and I love how he stands up to everyone, even his grandmother. Brownie points for defending the underdog. You can’t win with him, but it will be the best surrender J
Khun Saran on the other hand is the best fight you’ll have. You have to be strong for him and for yourself. He is a man full of contradictions, and you find yourself peeling away the layers, being a sucker for his lonely and lost soul, his flawed yet perfect imperfections. Most of all, we see what he needs despite what he thinks he wants, and we want to build a home for him, feed his soul and love him unconditionally. Because in return we’ll unleash a man so full of love: a man who will cook with us, write poetry and hide them in our suitcase, a man who lets us be in charge and does not feel less of a man because of it. This is the man who has my heart! My vote goes to Khun Saran. But I still love you Chai Pat!


sarNie Egg
I haven't seen Khun Chai Puttipat yet, so if I cast my vote it would definitely go to Saran lol!!! 


sarNie Adult
I haven't seen Khun Chai Puttipat yet, so if I cast my vote it would definitely go to Saran lol!!!
You should really check it out! Though if you've seen Padiwarada before Khun Chai Puttipat, you might think James Ji's acting wasn't that good in the earlier lakorn. He improved a lot in Padiwarada.


sarNie Egg
I love Khun Chai Puttipat because he smart and calm but i Love JJ as Saran
He totally so in to Saran...ya i agree with u Greta...his acting skill improved a lot in Padiwarada
I'm so in to Saran now...hahahah