Khun Nu Shantana (CH3+TV Scene)


sarNie Coma
im sure its confirm cuz Oho mag usually is reliable with their news

glad donut is back to nek! this year is gonna be a great one


Yay! Donut back to n'ek again! So happy! Miss seeing her being n'ek! The title sure does sound like it's going to be a comedy!

Thanks Jakjann!


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Aweee! Donut? i miss her so much!
Yeah i'm glad she is back to having the Nek role now.
it's always great to see new couples on screen!
can't wait for this one.
hope it gets confirmed XD


sarNie Egg
can't wait to see the pic love them both
i'm waiting for them to play together and now it come true.
i'm so excited :wub:


sarNie Coma
opening will be on june 13th same day as the other 2 new lakorn of tv scene

other 2 couples are kik-oh petchala, aof with some other girl

credit to aya


RujRasa Fan
yay, donut is back in nang ek role. i've been waiting until she gets back. yes, definitely going to watch this lakorn because it is donut and tye.